How to Make a Girl Orgasm - Fastest Way to Make a Girl Orgasm (Guaranteed)

How do you make a girl orgasm? It is every man's wish to see their lady orgasm during lovemaking as the satisfaction it brings is addictive and wonderful.

You have spent lot of time and effort researching the Internet to find out how to make a girl orgasm. You found some information, went back and tried, but the end result is still the same. Your girl still can't reach an orgasm.

Worse still, your girl commented that you have done a good job in bed... Is she joking??!

Deep inside your heart you know that you have underperformed. Yet, she lied to protect your ego. You cannot convince yourself to believe her white lie.

As a man, you feel that you do not need your girl to protect your ego - you are determined to prove it to her that you can satisfy her in bed.

To make a girl orgasm quickly, you need to understand that women are very different from men. Women are emotional creature and they don't get turned on by seeing a man's naked body.

When a woman is not turned on, she can't reach orgasm.

So your best bet is to stimulate her emotionally, arouse her and get her into the mood for sex.
When you conquer her mind, orgasm heaven is near for her.

Now, let me share with you some tips to make a girl orgasm fast:

1. Stimulate her emotionally. Be romantic and loving by putting extra effort that you normally won't do. During the date, send her a flower and text her with some dirty messages. Be fun. Place some aroma candle inside your bedroom, play some music and dim the light. When she is ready for some action, don't give it to her immediately. Tease her a little and talk dirty. Tell her how much you want her and list the things that you are going to do to her later. This will set her mind thinking and pave the path for her to reach orgasm.

2. Prolonged foreplay. Foreplay is a very important part of great sex. Do not rush through foreplay. Spend at least 10 minutes on foreplay by teasing her erogenous zones with your hands and tongue. If she wants it before 10 minutes is up, do not give it to her. Make her wait a little longer to increase sexual anticipation.

3. Go down on her. Most women can easily reach orgasm from cunnilingus. If you do not have the habit to perform cunnilingus for your partner, you are missing a huge opportunity to make her orgasm. Her clitoris consists of more than 8,000 sensitive nerve endings. When you use your tongue to stimulate it, you will cause intense pleasure to her. With the right techniques, don't be surprised to see her getting into a mind-blowing orgasm.

Making a woman orgasm is not rocket science. By following the tips above, you can bring your girl to orgasm too.

However, if you can't last at least 2 minutes during intercourse and ejaculate prematurely, your girl will be extremely disappointed.

Don't get yourself into this embarrassing situation.

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