Kivin Method - Give Her an Unforgettable Orgasm With This Powerful Technique

The Kivin Method, as far as I know was discovered and invented supposedly after 30 years of research by the sexologist Dr. Patti Britton. Also called "Tahitian cunnilingus," the Kivin method is a technique that's simple to learn and causes a woman to experience an intense orgasm in a short period of time.

Here's How You Do It

The secret to great cunnilingus is the tease. Make sure she is highly aroused before stimulating her vulva and clitoris. Make sure she is in a comfortable position, preferably on her back with her legs spread or her feet flat on the bed. Place your body perpendicular to hers while placing a finger on either side of her clitoral hood with one hand.

Begin licking her clitoral hood. With your head perpendicular to the shaft of her clitoris, lick it back and forth (for you it would actually be up and down). Also, lick her clitoral frenulum (the area underneath her clitoral hood) and lick the area above the clitoral shaft as well.

Do not lick her clitoris directly at this point, but begin to slowly increase the speed of your licking. Place a finger or two on her perineum (area of skin underneath her vulva, but above her anus). I like to place a flat thumb on the area. Carefully add more pressure if she responds positively to the pressure increases. As she gets closer to orgasm, smoothly transition into licking the head of clitoris while continuing to stimulate her perineum. Continue this until she has an orgasm.

Taking it Even Further

Establish a licking rhythm that is somewhat varied in the beginning but begins to settle into one licking stroke as she nears orgasm. Lick her clitoral shaft back and forth a certain number of times. Then apply that same licking rhythm to the areas above and underneath her clitoral shaft. A licking rhythm allows her mind to more easily follow your stimulation and get into the groove of relaxing while allowing her arousal to build. If she doesn't have to track all of your tongue and finger movements, her mind is free to focus on her pleasure.

There are many different ways to stimulate her perineum which can boost the amount of pleasure she is feeling. Stimulate her perineum in circles while alternating between increasing and decreasing pressure; it seems to be a favorite for a lot of women. Another stimulation method is to create "perineum pulses" by carefully pressing into the area and releasing that pressure. A favorite of mine is to mimic on her perineum the same stroke I am performing on her clitoris.

Go try this method and report how it works for you and your lover.

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