Pleasure and Handcuffs

Handcuffs are a favorite tool in B&D (Bondage and Discipline) as well as S&M (Sadism and Masochism) role plays. But even if you are not into role plays, handcuffs are a great tool to have in the bedroom to add a little kinky flair to your sex life. Handcuffs are used when one partner plays the submissive role while the other partner dominates over the act. Here are 2 ways to use handcuffs to give you and your partner a really intense sex experience.

But before everything else, know that there are special bedroom handcuffs. Do not use real steel handcuffs (the kind used by the police). Not only do those things hurt if you try and struggle against them, but in the event that you lose the key, it will be really an embarrassing trip to the locksmith.
Also, be with a partner that you trust and know each other's' limits.

Handcuffed standing up
Both of your partner's hands should be handcuffed above her head, find something to handcuff it to; something sturdy like a towel rod or a metal hook against the wall. With both her hands restrained, tease her and pleasure her body until she screams and squirms in pleasure. Eat her out and make her orgasm through oral sex. The experience can be really, really intense.

This process can be tried out in reverse, with the male tied up and the female doing all the domineering.
Try doing this in the shower and be really creative if you have a removable shower heads.

Handcuffed in a sitting position
This works best with guys since girls are less visual. With the male handcuffed on the chair, allow to be teased by your partner. Her creativity and imagination is the limit.

Handcuffed lying down
The most traditional way to use handcuffs. Handcuff your partner to the bed. Works best if your head board is made of metal railing. Play with your partner and tease your partner. Girls can sit on top facing away from him while she gives him oral sex. She can tease him by bringing her vagina to his face for some oral sex. This can be really intense for the guy, so when he cannot take it anymore, she can either take his cuffs off or continue to have sex with him (girl on top) while he is still restrained. Ladies, if you choose the latter, be kind enough to let him finish.

Handcuffed sexual positions
These sexual positions that involve using handcuffs require some flexibility and two sets of handcuffs.
‧ Have her bend over and cuff both her hands to her ankles and you can take her from behind. Make sure you support her by holding her hips so as not to fall over or accidentally hit her head on the wall.
‧ With the woman lying on her side, cuff each of her wrists to her ankles so that her back is arched. This position can really be tiring so make sure you give her a break every ten minutes.

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