Sexting - Sexual Explicit Texting

Sexts can be sexy and can be used as a preliminary to actual sex, sort of like virtual foreplay. Sexting may lead to actual sex but not always as it can also occur between total strangers who may never meet at all.

It has become so popular because, admittedly, it is easier to flirt and be all sexy behind the walls of technology than it is in real life. Sexting is less awkward than phone sex. By texting, you can review your message first before you send so you can be sure that you sound as sexy as you want to be. As opposed to sounding incredibly awkward or silly when you try to sound sexy over the phone, through text, you can be as raunchy as you want even if your personality is really timid and quiet.

For example, if you are not very sexually vulgar by nature, saying the phrase:

"I am so horny! I can't wait to feel you big, hard cock on my dripping wet pussy"

Will either make you feel thoroughly embarrassed or you won't even be able to get the words out of your mouth without feeling utterly ridiculous. Because honestly, the above phrase is raunchy and even tacky to those who don't like to talk dirty.

Through sexting, you need not be very sharp as to think of sexy comebacks at a drop of a hat. Not like in phone sex that you are on real time, sexting gives you time to think of a reply.

It has become such a fad with the younger generation, not only because the youth of today are more sexual but also because during the awkward years of adolescence there is a strong desire to experiment, a need to be socially accepted and a great fear of rejection or humiliation. Technology has opened a way to allow the teens of today to experience sex virtually first, either as a way to "learn" or "to familiarize themselves with their partner/s" before they go on doing the real thing that.

No one knows exactly how sexting became a phenomenon, but what we do know is that it has now become a problem especially for the parents of the youths who are sext-ually active.

With the advent of such technology that allows you to send photos and videos through mobile devices, such as BBM (Blackberry messenger), teens and even pre-teens have become so sexually open and brave that many of our youths have taken to sending nude or semi-nude photos to their sext partners. And to keep their parents from discovering their sexting activities, they have created cryptic acronyms as a means of practicing "Safe Sext".

But even if you are of age, sexting can still pose some issues. As sexting is a nice way to release inhibitions or to spice up your sex life, some may let their guards down. Always remember that once you send something to another person, for example a video or photo, its distribution is no longer within your control. In this digital era, be vigilant and be smart. If sexting is your thing, only send a sexy photo or video to somebody that you really trust unless you don't mind displaying your wares to the whole world.

Also, make sure you send to the right person. It would be deathly embarrassing to accidentally send a particularly vulgar description of what you are doing or imagining... to your boss.

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