How To Improve Sex With The Same Guy

Speaking from personal experience, it's difficult to maintain the flame when the sex is monotonous and the relationship has a few years behind it. It's easy to begin thinking of "alternatives" to your sexual woes, perhaps with a new partner or a slew of solo sex toys, but don't stray quite yet! There is hope for you and your long-time love! Re-establishing the passionate sex life you had before the stress of everyday life is completely possible if you know where to begin. First, before you ponder about your same ole' sexual problems, rethink your position in the bedroom. Are you willing to go the extra mile and do anything to spice up your love life, or do your problems delve deeper than the bedroom? If you've answered yes to the second question, you may want to seek help from another source. While if you're interested in putting the zest back into your intimate time and living a happier sexual existence, this article is for you! So, how do you do it?

Discover what's missing from your sex life and change it! If your problem is the same position every time, do your research and kick things up a notch. Most men and women are naturally adventurous when it comes to sex, especially if this person has stuck around long enough for the sex to become monotonous. It can be something you talk about with your partner over a fully illustrated edition of the Kama Sutra, or it can be a complete surprise the next time you're getting frisky in the bedroom. Just going from missionary to doggy-style can do wonders for your pleasure and the pleasure of your companion. Don't get stuck on the same positions for too long because that can mean your body will get used to the stimulation; meaning less intense orgasms and erotic sensation for you and your partner. Every position offers new stimulation, so trying something a little different could mean discovering new favorites to add to your sexual repertoire.

Another common issue is placement and timing. Are you always in the bedroom when you have sex? Is it always at night before bed or early in the morning before work? Quickies are fun but they're meant to be an occasional thing! Love-making should be long, luxurious, and pleasing for all parties involved; so take the initiative to be enticing and spontaneous. Is your guy taking a shower? Step in behind him and suds up, being extra seductive and attentive to his erogenous zones. Is your man stressing over work? A massage can do wonders and if you're accurate enough to hit his pleasure points; it could lead to the best sex you've had in a long time! The element of surprise and spontaneity can be a magical and improving factor in a relationship that's gone sour in the sexual bliss department.

While some couples are different, the fact remains the same on one verdict: Most couples who consider their sex lives boring are the same couples who need to be more intimate together all the time, not just in the bedroom. If you're constantly cuddling, kissing, and touching in some way throughout the day, it's easier to have a more active and uninhibited sex life. A little physical or emotional love during the day can lead to stronger amorous feelings and desire when it comes to getting freaky between the sheets. The stress of everyday life is always going to be there, while time with your partner (inside and outside of the bedroom) is precious and should be cherished. If someone feels protected and loved, they're more apt to feel sexually content later on.

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How to Make a Girl Climax Perfectly

As much we are now living in an era where people are more open to sharing information regarding sex, there are still many men out there who have no idea how to make a girl achieve climax. Of course most would not admit this for fear of being ridiculed. Girls on the other hand won't admit publicly to not having experience orgasm for fear that they might be labeled as unusual. Most girls also don't have the guts to tell their partners outright what will make them achieve orgasm either because they don't know it themselves or just too shy about it. This is especially true for those who are not yet sexually attune with their selves. Thus, they end up faking orgasms just to please their partners.

What could be more daunting for a man to know that his girl was just faking her climax? Could this be attributed to failure on the part of the man to satisfy his partner? Well, yes. In order for a girl to climax, her man should know how to give her the correct loving to make her orgasm. That is why there is a need for these men to know a little about the sexuality of women. Knowing a female's basic anatomy will come very handy when it comes to sexual gratification. If you know how a particular body part of a woman behaves and responds to your touch or kiss or caress, then you can add this information to your arsenal of data as you go into the actual lovemaking scenario.

No two women are alike therefore men should vary their techniques depending on what best suits their women. However here are some solid tips which would help any man make a girl achieve orgasm, no matter what techniques to employ.

First of all, you have to make a girl comfortable and well-settled before you even begin foreplay. A relaxed and comfy girl will not be difficult to stimulate. Whereas, an agitated and tense girl would probably take hours of foreplay before she will even begin to melt down in your arms. If you don't know what makes your girl hot and you are time-constrain to test every technique you know on her, better ask her outright. Asking a girl what turns her on, or does she want you to do something particular to boost her libido is a manly thing to do. Unlike what others believe, asking her is actually very considerate and kind of sexy when done appropriately. It shows that her satisfaction is uppermost in his mind.

Putting on a musky scent would also be a great aid towards increasing a girl's sexual desire. Smell plays a powerful role in sexual context and can trigger lasting and unforgettable memories. Musky scents are very male in its essence and would actually boost up her libido. It would also trigger some sensor in her brain that will remind her of your last sexual encounter and what it feels then.

Keeping your woman's feet warm will also definitely aid her to achieve climax. This has been proven by Dutch Scientists who conducted research on the connection between having cold feet and orgasm. Thus keeping her feet warm by wearing socks, or giving her a foot massage with a warm gel before the act or sporting stiletto heels is a must. If you want her to reach orgasm, you must not fail to massage and stimulate her erogenous zones. These would include her neck, the small of her back, breasts, thighs, buttocks and of course her clitoris.

Going down on your girl would be the best way to make her climax. After you have stimulated her sensitive spots, turning your attention on her triangle area between her legs would boost her sexual anticipation. Multi-task and be versatile when performing cunnilingus on her. This means using your mouth, tongue and hands in making love to her down there. You can stimulate her G-spot using your hands while you suck on her clitoris and labia. Alternately sucking and flicking your tongue over her clitoris can produce sexual jolts that would definitely up the notch higher towards orgasm. You can also stimulate the insides of her vagina with your tongue. Use it like a penis and thrust it into her in the same rhythm and pace as you would during intercourse. Since it's more pliable than a penis, it can reach territories inside the vagina that a male's sexual organ could never explore. As an added sensation, you can even insert your finger in her anus as she is about to orgasm. Of course, you should not force this on her if she does not like it. You would know soon enough if she's into this or not by the way she reacts to your gesture.

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Kivin Method - Give Her an Unforgettable Orgasm With This Powerful Technique

The Kivin Method, as far as I know was discovered and invented supposedly after 30 years of research by the sexologist Dr. Patti Britton. Also called "Tahitian cunnilingus," the Kivin method is a technique that's simple to learn and causes a woman to experience an intense orgasm in a short period of time.

Here's How You Do It

The secret to great cunnilingus is the tease. Make sure she is highly aroused before stimulating her vulva and clitoris. Make sure she is in a comfortable position, preferably on her back with her legs spread or her feet flat on the bed. Place your body perpendicular to hers while placing a finger on either side of her clitoral hood with one hand.

Begin licking her clitoral hood. With your head perpendicular to the shaft of her clitoris, lick it back and forth (for you it would actually be up and down). Also, lick her clitoral frenulum (the area underneath her clitoral hood) and lick the area above the clitoral shaft as well.

Do not lick her clitoris directly at this point, but begin to slowly increase the speed of your licking. Place a finger or two on her perineum (area of skin underneath her vulva, but above her anus). I like to place a flat thumb on the area. Carefully add more pressure if she responds positively to the pressure increases. As she gets closer to orgasm, smoothly transition into licking the head of clitoris while continuing to stimulate her perineum. Continue this until she has an orgasm.

Taking it Even Further

Establish a licking rhythm that is somewhat varied in the beginning but begins to settle into one licking stroke as she nears orgasm. Lick her clitoral shaft back and forth a certain number of times. Then apply that same licking rhythm to the areas above and underneath her clitoral shaft. A licking rhythm allows her mind to more easily follow your stimulation and get into the groove of relaxing while allowing her arousal to build. If she doesn't have to track all of your tongue and finger movements, her mind is free to focus on her pleasure.

There are many different ways to stimulate her perineum which can boost the amount of pleasure she is feeling. Stimulate her perineum in circles while alternating between increasing and decreasing pressure; it seems to be a favorite for a lot of women. Another stimulation method is to create "perineum pulses" by carefully pressing into the area and releasing that pressure. A favorite of mine is to mimic on her perineum the same stroke I am performing on her clitoris.

Go try this method and report how it works for you and your lover.

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Sex and Power

According to a recent study by a group of investigators from the Universities of Tilburg and Groningen, power is a stronger predictor of infidelity than gender. They found the incidence of infidelity to be relatively equal among men and women in similarly-powered positions. The reason we hear more about men committing sex scandals is there are many more men in powerful positions than women.

Studies indicate that celebrities are no more likely to have affairs than the average person. But they live in a world that commonly presents opportunities for casual sex, making it easier and less risky and sometimes, even enabled. Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT, Director of Clinical Programming at Life Healing Center in Santa Fe says that public figures feed off the constant attention and validation from others. On the other hand, Ronald F. Levant, a psychologist at the University of Akron says that power facilitates bad behavior; it doesn't cause it.

In addition, powerful people often receive little to no honest feedback. Most everyone in their circle is dependent on them for something. This results in making them less likely to receive truthful analysis or criticism. They're often protected from suffering the consequences of their transgressions, which causes them to feel invincible. Thus, they never learn from their mistakes.

Sometimes, the feeling of invincibility leads directly to powerful people thinking they'll never get caught. Their feelings of strength and fearlessness coupled with not suffering consequences often creates great, powerful leaders, but problems may arise when these leaders no longer see themselves as human.

Successful, powerful people, namely politicians, celebrities and sports stars, usually need to take more risks than the average citizen. The qualities that make them good at what they do, including confidence, charm and charisma, and high risk-taking personalities, also increase their likelihood for infidelity. Often, instead of caring for themselves by slowing down and attending to their emotional needs, powerful people may become maladjusted and engage in temporary, superficially satisfying practices as a means for entertainment, stimulation or stress release. The less their emotional needs are being met, the more prone they are to look for immediate, but largely empty, comfort to feel good. They may not even realize, or acknowledge, that anything is missing from their lives. This could lead to feelings of emptiness. Then, their feelings of entitlement and invincibility can lead to poor decisions and over-indulgence.

Regrettably, celebrities resist seeking treatment for sexual or relationship problems due to societal stigmas and/or publicity damage. This is, in part, an unfortunate result of today's information age. However, untreated sex-related disorders, whether physical or psychological, could eventually lead to serious consequences: broken relationships, arrest and disease, and even destruction of careers and financial ruin, and should not be ignored or minimized. Sometimes even a heartfelt apology at a well-time press conference won't do.

Nancy Travers, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializes in all types of relationships; dating, existing relationships, family relationships, and relationships with friends and business relationships. She also helps her clients overcome anxiety and depression through talk therapy as well as through hypnosis. What sets her apart from many other counselors is that she has counseled in the gay/lesbian community for over 10 years. She also has experience counseling families with elder care issues. Nancy has been in practice for over 15 years and can provide you with the tools you need to approach dating and relationships with confidence. Visit her website at http://www.nancyscounselingcorner.com/.

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China detains 52 in fake drug, Viagra crackdown (Reuters)

BEIJING (Reuters) – Police in China have detained 52 people in a crackdown on fake drugs, including the anti-impotence pill Viagra, seizing pills for other illicit aphrodisiacs and pornographic pictures in the process, state media said on Tuesday.

The police operation centered on the teeming southern metropolis of Guangzhou also netted thousands of fake pills and packaging, busting a ring that sold to both the domestic and overseas market, the official Xinhua news agency said.

It named another fake drug seized as "man coffee," without giving details.

Police also confiscated almost one million pornographic pictures used for packaging and shut down the printing press, Xinhua added.

China's food and drug sector has been beset by a series of poisonings and toxin scandals that have shaken consumer confidence. Numerous government crackdowns have apparently had little effect.

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Take Your Climax Up a Level

When it comes to making love most people are concerned or fear that they are doing it incorrectly. This is because they feel as though their climax is never reached, or they feel unsatisfied upon finishing. It is important to keep in mind that reaching climax is not the ultimate goal of sex; it is having fun throughout the entire process. This is not to say, however, that reaching orgasm is not fun, because it is definitely one of the best feelings! Even though some people are incapable of reaching climax with their partner, they can definitely increase their level of "fun" for the whole process.

Do you feel as though your climax or your sexual experience can be kick started a bit? Oh, it can! Any sexual experience or climax can be brought to a new and exciting level with the simple task of breathing. Deep breathing is a huge relaxing exercise for the body, and the way one chooses to breathe during sex influences the outcome of the act. This is a really simple method and all it takes is for you to try out different breathing techniques while making love. Try breathing really fast, slow and deep, or quick and breathy! It is varies from person to person, so breathing technique is something you have to try for yourself.

If you feel as though your orgasm is not exactly what it used to be, don't be afraid to get a little crazy in bed! You know what parts of your body get you the most excited when touched, so why not try different moves that increase the stimulation in these areas? Do something you and your partner have never done before; try a position you have been dying to test out, or make up one of your own! The excitement that comes from trying something new can be exhilarating, and can really increase blood flow, which can make your experience more pleasurable.

On the note of trying something new and getting a little crazy, aural stimulation is something that is very effective. Having a sex scene play in the background is something that numerous couples do. Having the moans and groans coming from another couple on the screen makes your playtime into a sort of game; like you are competing with the other couple to see who will climax first! Also, try using different tones of voice during sex, and even different words. It's a huge turn on for many women to be called beautiful while making love.

The ideal solution to reaching a new high when it comes to climaxing is trying new things and being spontaneous. It is easy to get scared and a bit timid in a situation such as this, but letting loose will make the experience that much more pleasurable.

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2 Secrets to Being a Great Kisser

Being a great kisser can enhance your sex life beyond imagination. Imagine being able to give women orgasms from the way you kiss, or to have her so aroused that she orgasms with a few strokes of her clitoris or as soon as you begin intercourse.

Kissing alone can have a woman aroused in minutes and nearly ready for sex without any foreplay. It is also an excellent way to build sexual tension partially because of the variety of ways it can be leveraged and the heightened mental aspects.

Kissing serves as a proxy to your sexual skills. Women judge a man by how good his kisses are, very rare is a man who kisses horribly and then proceeds to blow a woman's mind in the bedroom. The way you kiss is proxy to sexual skills because the same principles that make a great kisser also make a great lover. Paying attention to her and calibrating, communicating with your body, conveying passion, and creating a strong emotion connection are all characteristics of a great kisser and a great lover.

Secret #1

Realize that kissing is an exchange of emotion and a form of communication, not simply mechanical lip action to turn her on. Let that mentally marinade and then go kiss your lover with it in mind. Begin by teasing her with a few "almost kisses." Women intuitively understand the language of kissing and teasing says all the right things.

Secret #2: Listen to Her Lips

The second secret to kissing is to begin with mimicking how she kisses you and then transition into your kissing style. As your faces draw near each other, touch her lips as lightly as possible and allow her to lead the kiss at first in order to sense the following:

1. The amount of pressure she is applying

2. How are her lips pressed against yours (i.e. wide, slightly parted, etc.)

3. The intensity of her kissing

4. Her lip and/or tongue rhythm

Don't focus on kissing her just yet, focus on how she kisses you and echo that back to her for now. She has a model of how a perfect kiss is supposed to be and you are exploring that model by demonstrating with your lips that you are listening to and understanding her. After following her, begin to take the lead but continue to pay attention to how she responds to the changes you make.

Take the lead by breaking the kiss and slowly begin again but suddenly increase the intensity. If she begins to follow your kissing style, you can be sure that she feels or desires to feel a strong sense of connection with you.

Kiss with your entire body; want nothing more than the kiss in that moment. Enjoy the sensation of her lips on yours and always be sure you are synchronized in your kissing.

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The Best Sex - Position By Position

Not only are complicated sexual positions, well, complicated, but they are also strenuous and distracting.

When you and your partner play bed twister, you often slip back to the tried and tested when climaxing or nearing climax. This is because the simple positions are the most effective in bringing your partner to climax. Complicated positions keep your focus away from enjoying the actual sensations, taking you out of your orgasm zone.

There is a reason why certain "simple" positions are bedroom staples; it is because they work. Here are tips on mastering the two classic positions to up your pleasure meter.

Slowly burning the CAT missionary

Missionary position (girl on the bottom, guy on top) has its many advantages.

One of the best things to do during missionary is putting a pillow under your back to help your body become more arched. When the back is arched, the penis hits the G-spot even better because of the angle (remember that the G-spot is located along the underside of the belly or roof of the vagina) and this also allows for deeper penetration. Raise your legs up towards your shoulders, as far back as they can comfortably go, keep the legs open. With your hands, hold on to the back of your knees to support your raised legs. This position increases sensitivity as it hits the G-spot and cul-de-sac. Sometimes you may even feel the head of his penis when you touch your belly. Keep your bodies close to each other.

Once this position has sufficiently stoked your fire, (don't hurry because this is a slow burn) you will feel the urge to stimulate your clitoris. While keeping the thrusting rhythm, lower your legs and keep them straight while raising your pelvis and clenching your butt muscles. Have him lift his pelvic bone upward so that the lower portion of his abdomen (base of penis where pubic hair grows) is stimulating your clitoris. This is called the coital-alignment-technique or CAT. With slow, smooth, rocking motions he should be able to penetrate you while stimulating your clitoris. Move with him in order to get the sensation that will help you peak. Doing kegels and moving your hips slightly up and down to meet his thrusts will give you an orgasm that is truly mind-blowing.

The Lazy Doggy

When doing it from behind, it is very important that you keep you back arched and butt raised for deep penetration and surefire G-spot stimulation. One advantage of this position is his or your freedom to reach over and stimulate your clitoris. But don't just stay in all fours, slowly slide your knees down and lower yourself on the bed until you are lying on your stomach. Keep your back arched and your butt raised so he can continue thrusting in a slow sensual motion. He should prop himself up like he is doing pushups. Not only does this kind of lazy doggy provide increased stimulation due to more friction but you can still continue pleasuring your clitoris in this position either with your fingers or by bumping and grinding on your faced up palm.

These classic positions are not limited to what is mentioned here, you will have to experiment to find out what will maximize the pleasure you and your partner receives from each. So long as you stick to the fundamentals feel free to explore with different speeds, degrees of penetration, and breathing techniques.

It is a good idea to set the stage as it were with the appropriate lead ups and foreplay. I encourage you to think about what is on your partners mind, and communicate what feels pleasurable with each other.

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Okay - I Faked It!

Making love should be a pleasurable experience for both partners, but there are times when it may be necessary to stroke more than the other person's pleasure zones. Sometimes if you love someone, it's necessary to stroke their ego as well, especially if they want to make love and for whatever reason you don't feel like it and are only going along for the ride.

The truth is, you love them and don't want to hurt their feelings, so you have to come up with a plan to make it seem like you are enjoying the whole thing just as much as they are. It's not that you want to be dishonest, but it is better than rejecting them and making them think you are mad at them or don't desire them. In reality, you are faking it because you love them so much!

There is also the chance that even though you aren't in the mood and may be planning on faking it, which before things are said and done, your partner may be able to get you into the mood and it may surprise you that you do get excited and end up not having to fake it at all! You should never give up a chance for this, as making love can surprise you when you think you can't even think of doing it because you are too tired or too busy.

Many is the time when I woke up in the morning to see my husband with a huge hard on and that look in his eyes when all I really wanted to do was go back to sleep. But I put on my best come hither look and went along with him and we made love. Sometimes I had to fake the final outcome, but there were at least as many times that I actually ended up enjoying myself after all. I can honestly say that at least a few times, the experience where I thought I would have to fake it actually became one of the best times of my life!

If you do end up faking it, be sure not to make it so obvious that it is happening. Don't do stupid moaning or other antics that are over the top and will be completely obvious unless you really think your lover is stupid. If you fail and he figures it out, it could just make him angry and that is worse than you telling him you aren't in the mood at all in the first place!

The best way to handle it is to try to put yourself into the mood and make an effort to not seem like you are going through the motions. You can wiggle your hips, and at least make your partner feel good by stroking his penis or balls, scratching his back, holding him tight, telling him you love him, etc. This will make the experience one that can bring you both closer together whether or not you have an orgasm or not.

While women can usually manage to fake an orgasm at least some of the time, it's a pretty difficult thing for a man to fake it. Most women can feel when a guy comes inside of her, and if you don't feel that gush of wetness or have it dripping out of you when it's done, then there is no way he came. Plus, a guy has to be erect to make love in the first place and there is no way to fake an erect penis, so if he isn't in the mood you are going to know it pretty quick!

All in all, the bottom line is that there are times when faking it can be a good way to save face and save your relationship, but don't do it very often.

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Benefits of Giving Her Great Sex

It would seem that this topic does not even need discussion, but statistics I have looked at recently say otherwise. Why would you want to give her wild, orgasmic, white-hot sex? A better question would be why not? The following tenets will motivate you to improve your sex life no matter if you have been consciously or unconsciously ignoring it. This article is mainly directed towards those who are oblivious to their female lover's actual sexual satisfaction.

Drastically Reduces the Chance of Her Cheating On You

If she is experiencing great sex with plenty of orgasms, variety, and emotion then there is little reason for her to look elsewhere for gratification. Her sexual needs are most likely met. Become her best lover and know that she will never forget you. Great sex causes us to turn a blind eye to bad issues in the relationship for a while. If on the rare chance that you separate, know that she will crave you. It's hard to forget someone who can completely satisfy you sexually because they know your body better than you and constantly give you different types of orgasms.

She Will Crave Sex More Often

The simplest way to make her want sex more often is to give her great sex. Rare is the human being who only wants a great thing once. Improving your sexual knowledge and skills will cause her to desire more of these mind-blowing sexual experiences with you once she knows that you can give them to her.

Great sex doesn't simply mean having sex in new positions, new location, or toys. It means giving her a variety of strong emotional experiences. Strong emotional experiences can drastically enhance any new positions, toys, or locations you try out. Dirty talk can be a great way to elicit strong emotions and arousal.

She Will Be More Open to Experimenting With New Things

Think about it, if she knows that you safely give her mind-blowing experiences, when you mention something new she will trust you. She will even begin to bring up new experiences she would like to have.

Having a woman's sexual trust is the result of safely and pleasurably giving her new sexual experiences. Giving her different types of orgasms, mastering the tease, and learning vulva/vaginal massage are all things that implicitly let a woman know that she can trust you with her sexuality. She will feel your nonjudgmental attitude towards her sexuality and begin to open up and share fantasies and turn-ons that you never knew she had.

Learning how to please a woman sexually is one of the greatest things you can do to improve how you relate to women. Sexual confidence is something that all women notice and are attracted to.

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Great Dates That Will Lead To The Bedroom

A woman decides if she's going to have sex with you within the first few minutes of a date so it's important to make sure the date is appealing to her interests. Don't get me wrong, men need something appealing too on dates; but a genuinely interested man will worry more about the woman he's with rather than his interest level in a date activity. Finding something your date can be passionate about is a great start! Some people are the typical movies, popcorn, and cuddling types who will gladly follow you back to your apartment after a in-the-dark kisses. While others need more caress and time to decide if you're bedroom material; this means uniqueness, imagination, and creativity may be the key to ensuring your night ends with a bang; instead of a fizzle!

-- If your babe is a partier, then get into the party scene. A little alcohol will loosen everybody up and make lust fulfillment a bigger possibility. Plus, if your date sees you interacting well with others while keeping your interests in her, she'll be head over heels and ready to make the commitment for a late-night tryst. We're not talking full-on college keggers, but a nice casual party with friends or a local costume/wine-tasting party advertised in a newspaper could be your ticket to bedroom success. Remember to be thoughtful and attentive throughout the night. Flirtation and teasing is far more seductive on a date than just being flat-out perverse.

-- Think your place! Or an extremely nice, very upscale hotel room if you have a roommate. The location usually implies the intention but having a romantic evening isn't all about sex, even if that's one of your goals for the night. Cook a nice, healthy dinner for your date. That's right. Cook! No eating out or ordering in. When you prepare a meal, it shows you're taking the time to make a lasting impression. We give you permission to order amazing room service though if you've opted for the hotel idea. For dessert, try a bottle of champagne and chocolate fondue with strawberries. It's a sensuous way to wrap up the eating portion of your evening while having personal conversations that could lead to intimate physical contact. Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac which means you'll both be in a loving mood before too long.

-- Hit the dance floor! This is a classic date that will get almost anybody lucky. Women crave seduction so slow dances are ideal for the mood, although the club scene works well with daters who are into the usual bump and grind. Your bodies are pressed tightly together, staring into each other's eyes or nuzzling necks, you're swaying and before you know it, your bodies have responded to each other in a very sexual way. A woman can tell how you'll make love by the way your body moves against hers. She wants fluid motions and rhythm, not mad-dog humping brutality! After dancing, invite her back to your place for a night cap and before long, you'll be doing the horizontal mambo!

If you're interested in sex with your date, then it's crucial to get to know them first. The third or fourth date is when you should probably start implementing your bedroom savvy techniques. A one night stand will only get you an angry date who hoped for more, unless both of you are on the same page. Don't extensively talk about sex unless the subject comes up and let the best of your personality shine. Dates that end in sex are usually passionate, hot, and very personal.

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3 Ways to Tease Her and Drive Her Crazy

One of the marks of a great lover is how well they entice. How well you create anticipation can influence the strength and duration of her orgasms. For powerful orgasms through oral sex, teasing is vital. Orgasm is practically guaranteed if you can tease her masterfully before you even touch her vulva and clitoris.

It is fairly common knowledge that women loved to be teased and the longer you tease her, the more intense her orgasms will be. The tips below will show you how to build anticipation that will drive her crazy. The things to keep in mind while teasing her are: go slow, pay attention to her responses, and move from slow to fast.

Dual Stimulation

While kissing her, rub her back slowly at first and increase the firmness as the kissing becomes more intense. Press her into you. After kissing for a while, slowly lift her shirt and caress her lower back in a circular motion; alternate between kissing her lips, neck, and the area where her jaw meets her neck while doing this. The aim is stimulate two erogenous zones at once. This works especially well during oral sex because all erogenous zones seem to amplify the pleasure she feels from her clitoris.

Massage the nape of her neck and then begin to kiss her breasts and nipples while you pin her arms above her head with your free hand. Alternate between soft kissing and hard passionate kissing; this contrast is what arouses women. Apply the principle of contrast when you are stimulating two spots simultaneously. Create a contrast stimulation pattern. For example, stimulate one spot slowly and the other one fast. Then, rub them at the same speed simultaneously. Finally, stimulate the spot you were rubbing with its opposite speed.

Talk Dirty to Her While Teasing Her

Use dirty talk to describe what you are going to do to her, and then actually do it. Give her commands or get her to repeat certain phrases by telling her to "say it" or "tell me." Whisper the dirty talk in her ear with a dominant tone of voice while either thrusting very hard. Women also love the contrast of rough dirty talk and slow sensual thrusting.

During foreplay, use dirty talk while stimulating her breasts and tell her to imagine that her breasts are her clitoris. Then slowly and very lightly brush over her vulva with your other hand. Dirty talk is an excellent way to immerse her mentally in the sexual experience. Arouse and make love to her mind first and her body enthusiastically follows.

When she is close to having an orgasm, tell her "not yet" and ask her how bad she wants the orgasm.

Sweet and Slow Torture Thrusts

Place the head of your penis on her vaginal opening, and give her very small thrusts and then pull out. Each time, give her a bit more than the last until you are fully inside. Once you are fully inside, don't thrust, but press your pelvis into hers with the same rhythm and pace as CPR. Tease her to the point of frustration, until she is almost angry then bring her to the brink of orgasm and stop.

Whisper dirty things in her ear as you thrust into her, describe how she feels to you and tell her how naughty she is.

Bring her to the edge once more before asking her how badly she wants to come for you. Tell her to cum as you vigorously (or use a feather-light stroke) but carefully stroke her into one of the best orgasms she will experience.

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What's the Difference Between Sensuality and Sexuality?

Everybody knows what's sexy, right? We see images all the time of good-looking men and women, smoking physiques, and enticing faces. People magazine tells us every year who is The Sexiest Man Alive! And men's magazines are full of images of alluring women. There is one standard of beauty offered, and a real human being's sexiness quotient is measured by how closely they measure up to the media's promotion of who and what are sexy.

In our culture, attraction has become an entirely visual experience. Instead of eroticizing the whole body, we make love only with our eyes. Our relationship to our own bodies has become one of working on them at the gym in order to be visually attractive to potential lovers to the exclusion of anything else.

But the visual is only one of our five senses, and by telling us that the visual is what's sexy, we learn to have a skewed emphasis on physical image. We come to pay less attention to the other four senses and the art of sensuality is being lost. When we talk about the sensual, we are talking about the seductive qualities of the sounds of our lover's voice and the sighs of lovemaking, our partner's particular scent, the taste of their sweat, and the touch of their skin.

Sensual sex is about two people connecting through all five senses. We are meant to make love not only with our eyes, but also with our nose, our ears, our mouth, and our hands. We can learn to enjoy the touch, scent, sound, and taste of sex, instead of only the sight. Many of the exercises practiced in the art of tantra are conducted blindfolded so as to short-circuit the eyes and have the practitioner focus instead on the other senses.

There is a famous story of Napoleon writing home to his wife, Josephine, "I'll be home in three days. Don't bathe." To men of earlier generation, the natural scent of a woman was an intoxicating aphrodisiac that drove them wild with desire.

Sensual means that you appreciate your partner in their entirety, experiencing their desirability just the way they are. Rather than focusing on what, in your opinion, is not like a magazine cover, close your eyes and feel, listen, smell, and touch the incredible and unique sexiness of this particular lover who is gracing you with their intimacy and vulnerability. Every person wants to be loved in their totality, not just as a collection of body parts.

c Catherine Auman 2008

Catherine Auman, MFT is a spiritual psychotherapist and the Director of The Transpersonal Counseling Center in Los Angeles, Calfornia. She has advanced training in both traditional and alternative methodologies based on ancient traditions and wisdom teachings. Visit her online at http://www.catherineauman.com/

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Bad Gums Linked to Erectile Dysfunction (LiveScience.com)

Bad breath and bleeding gums are not sexy.

But periodontitis, an inflammation or infection of the gums, may hamper your sex life in another way: it may be a cause of erectile dysfunction, a new study suggests.

The results showed that periodontitis impaired erectile function in rats.

The findings agree with a previous study that showed periodontitis is more common in men with erectile dysfunction than men without erectile dysfunction.

Dentists and doctors should be made aware of the connection, said the researchers from Luzhou Medical College in China.

"Identifying and treating periodontitis in the patient presenting with or without [erectile dysfunction] may improve the patient’s sexual health," the researchers wrote.

However, others say the link is a bit of a stretch.

"I don’t think your gums are related to your penis in any reasonable way," said Dr. Andrew Kramer, a surgeon and erectile dysfunction expert at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Instead, periodontitis may be an indicator of overall poor health, which increases the risk of erectile dysfunction, Kramer said. Conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes have also been linked with erectile dysfunction.

More research is needed to understand whether inflammatory diseases, which include periodontitis, are a cause of erectile dysfunction, he said.

Gum disease and erectile dysfunction

Periodontitis has been linked with an increased risk of heart disease, and, heart disease has been linked with erectile dysfunction. The researchers wondered whether periodontitis might be directly tied to erectile dysfunction, and how the two might be connected.

They found periodontitis increased inflammation in the rats' bodies. Inflammation is an immune response and can be beneficial when your body is fighting off infection, but chronically high levels are known to be bad for overall health.

Rats with periodontitis also had less of an enzyme involved in achieving an erection, called eNOS. This enzyme produces nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow to the penis.

The inflammation produced by periodontitis may decrease nitric oxide, which then interferes with erection, the researchers said.

Role of inflammation

The study is "one of the first indications that inflammation could have a negative impact on erectile function," said Dr. David Meldrum, an infertility expert and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was not involved in the study.

Earlier studies have found the men with erectile dysfunction have higher levels of certain inflammatory markers, such as C-reactive protein, in their bodies, Meldrum said.

Another major cause of inflammation is abdominal fat, Meldrum said, which is also a known risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

Inflammation is also thought to play a role in heart disease, so it may be a common factor in periodontitis, heart disease and erectile dysfunction.

More research is needed to see whether treating periodontitis could also treat erectile dysfunction, the researchers said.

The study was published online June 23 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Pass it on: Periodontitis impairs erectile function in animals, but it's not clear if the same thing happens in people.

This story was provided by MyHealthNewsDaily, sister site to LiveScience. Follow MyHealthNewsDaily staff writer Rachael Rettner on Twitter @RachaelRettner.

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Rejuvenate Your Sex Life And Say Goodbye To Bedroom Boredom!

Are you suffering from "bedroom boredom"? Are you ready to rejuvenate your sex life and take it from lukewarm to sizzling hot? Please read on...

If you and your partner are ready to take your sexual relationship to a whole other level and reach new heights of sexual ecstasy, you must first understand a few things about each other's bodies and sexual responses.

People differ in their sexual responses much in the same way as they do in their physical appearance and their personalities. When you begin to explore your own sexuality, you will not only get to know yourself better, you will also develop more self-confidence. It's like my tantra teacher once said, "Nothing builds self-confidence like sexual-competence."

When you get to know your own sexual responses, you should also learn about your partner(s). Find out how he or she likes to be touched, kissed, caressed and more importantly, what their inner most desires are. To do this, talk to your partner about their sexual preferences and be open to listening attentively to whatever they share with you.

Additionally, there are certain sexual techniques you can practice to increase your own pleasure and your partner's...

1. Pelvic Control: When you learn to control the muscles of your pelvic region, what is often referred to as the PC muscles, you can multiply sexual pleasure, increase genital health and men can more easily learn ejaculation control. Pelvic exercises are sometimes called 'kegels" and they require simply tensing the muscles of the vagina or penis, as though you were stopping the flow of urine. There are different methods people use to exercise the muscles of their pelvis. Some people use repetitions, as though they were exercising any other muscle. For example, a method I like is to tighten the pelvic floor, holding it for a count of 10, then slowly releasing. The great thing about this technique is that it can be done anywhere whether you are at home, at work, on the bus or waiting in line at the post office. It is basically imperceptible to most people.

Also, the "towel technique" can be very effective for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. It consists of placing a towel or wash cloth over the man's erection and squeezing the PC muscles to lift the towel, which acts as a weight. Over time, when the muscles of penis begin to strengthen, he can graduate to wrapping a silk scarf around his erection, with a small weight attached.

2. Ejaculation Control: Tantric techniques encourage ejaculation control and semen retention in men as being the most powerful sexual skills that a man can acquire. It is believed that orgasm without ejaculation can help a man preserve his yang essence, allowing him to prolong intercourse and give his partner the chance to reach orgasm. Moreover, it can help a man learn to experience multiple orgasms (yes, it's possible) because sexual energy amplifies, when it is not given the chance to dissipate.

3. G-Spot Stimulation: Other techniques that couples can use to enhance sexual pleasure include stimulating a woman's g-spot. Located about 2 inches from the top wall of the vagina, the g-spot is about the size of a quarter and slightly rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue. The g-spot can be stimulated manually by placing two fingers inside the front end of the vagina and drawing the fingers in with a "come hither" motion. The g-spot can also be stimulated through intercourse or tantric techniques.

4. Relaxation: Studies have shown that women and men differ in the way they have sex. Brain scans of men and women having sex have revealed that men rely more heavily on physical stimulation, while female sexual arousal seems to depend more on deep relaxation and the lack of anxiety. So if a man wants to please a woman in bed, he needs to make sure that she's sufficiently relaxed. If she needs help unwinding after a hard day at work, he can guide her through a meditation, massage her with aromatic oils or my favorite yet...blindfold her and tantalize her gently with feathers and silk scarves. Keep in mind that a man will be contributing to his own sexual pleasure, when he is assisting a woman in hers.

5. Tantric Sex: Discovering tantra can not only rejuvenate a sleepy sex life, it can also help us achieve heights of sexual ecstasy, we may never have imagined ourselves capable of experiencing. In tantra, the interplay and balance between the male and female aspects of our personalities (Shiva & Shakti or Yin & Yang) are an essential part of lovemaking. The male characteristics such as intellect, ambition and assertiveness make him the "giver" during sex, while the feminine nurturing, intuitive and receptive nature of the woman make her the "receiver". Couples often have these gender roles reversed, where the woman is more of an active giver, while the man more passively receives. While it can be exciting to experiment with different roles, great value can be gained when both partners are given the chance to express themselves with their most natural way. When a woman relaxes, she can let go of "control" and enter into a state of "allowing" where she opens herself up to receiving. Her partner can then more easily enter into his yang or male energy, which leads and "penetrates" the yin or feminine essence.

If you are ready to take your lover beyond the normal sexual experiences and help her release new heights of sensual ecstasy, learn these powerful sex techniques help enhance the love in your relationships. Or for more information visit http://womenawakened.com/

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How to Make a Woman Climax in the Fusion Sex Position

Now I can almost see you visualizing the look on your woman's face as you are making her climax in Fusion sex position. No doubt about it, if you are reading this, then odds are pretty good that you want to learn how make a woman climax in the Fusion Sex Position.

As long as you think you are good enough to make a woman orgasm then you will be glad to know that as you continue to read this article you will begin to learn how to make a woman climax in the Fusion Sex Position and so much more.

How to Make a Woman Climax in the Fusion Sex Position!

Begin to focus on your natural breathing rhythm so that as you read one of the best ways to get into the Fusion sex position it will resonate within your entire state of being which believe it or not will allow you to get in rhythm with her body during the sex act and lead to the kind of explosive orgasms that will have her begging for more.

When it comes to the Fusion sex pose the best way to get into this sexual position is going to be by sitting in a straight legged position while she sits on top of you as she leans back. Also for those of you who find the Armchair position to be a bit challenging this is a great alternative to that particular pose as well.

Now that you have begun to realize how to get into this position you are quite naturally wondering how in the world are you going to make a woman climax in this position.

Indeed you might find it particularly surprising that when it comes to making a woman climax in the Fusion sex position actually prepping her for a climax in this position by stimulating her clitoris to orgasmic bliss is going to be one of the most effective ways to do so.

And when it comes to stimulating her clitoris into orgasmic bliss you have several options to choose from as you can use your fingers, mouth, or penis to stimulate her in so many different ways.

Once you have given her a couple of orgasms through clitoral stimulation you will find it much more simple and powerful to make her climax in the Fusion sex position.

While it isn't a secret that the Fusion position when done correctly can lead to some extremely intense and powerful g-spot orgasms what you may not realize is that your penis size and girth will play a high role on her ability to feel any type of stimulation on her g-spot.

And while it is true that even if you have an average or smaller penis size you can still stimulate and her G-Spot depending on the angle you get in when it comes to the Fusion sex position you really don't have as much control over the penetration angle as you like which means if your penis size isn't big enough there really isn't much you are going to be able to do about it other than making sure that you bring her orgasmic bliss both before and after experimenting with this position.

In the end, if you are indeed seriously interested in learning how to make a woman climax then you are going to want to let yourself get to that point where you automatically find yourself enjoying the initial aspects of the sex act such as foreplay and stimulating her clitoris that way no matter what your penis size may be you will be able to give her the kind of sexual experiences that will have her begging for more night after night.

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Three Key Steps to Getting Your Partner Interested in Swinging

Swinging - when done the right way - can not only be great fun; it can also bring a couple much closer together in the intimacy of their relationship. This may seem counterintuitive but it is a clue on how to get your partner interested in swinging. It is also the reason why most people have little success in getting a partner interested who is reluctant to try it.

The first step is to realize that successful swinging is all about the two of YOU and your relationship. It is not to fill in any gaps in your sex life. In fact, swinging makes a great sex life even better; it does not make a bad sex life good. So if you are going to try to introduce your partner to swinging you should concentrate on improving the sex life between the two of you first.

This leads us to the second step, which is to really focus on your partner. Your goal here is to make them feel loved and adored, that they are the sexiest person in the world to you. You would never do anything to hurt them intentionally and they are certainly the best lover you could possibly ever imagine having. Some people find this difficult, especially if they have been in their relationship for some time. You may feel your attraction has waned for your partner. You might think your sex life has become boring, which is why you want to add some variety by swinging anyway. You need to turn this around. Try new things. Even do some of the things you used to do when you first got together. Anything becomes stale if no effort is put into it, and your sex life is just the same.

The third step is simply to keep reinforcing you attraction for your partner and building the trust between you. The more trust you can create by making your partner feel safe to be themselves and express themselves fully, the more they will know that your desire for more sexual adventure is not about 'replacing' them with someone else.

Many couples feel that getting involved with swinging will cause problems in their relationship such as jealousy. However, if you follow the above steps you will find that these problems just don't arise. However, it is very important to keep the relationship between you as the most important thing; you just happen to involve other people from time to time to experience things you can't do with just the two of you.

If you would like to become a swinger and your partner isn't interested you will find the above steps a powerful way to start.

If you want to be a swinger and your partner's not interested, visit http://www.swingwithyourwife.com/.

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How To Meet The Right Couple For Swinging

Would you like to try the swinging lifestyle? Once you have made the decision to give it a try, the biggest hurdle to overcome is to find another suitable couple to play with. Fortunately you can benefit from the experience of others by knowing the best way to find other people. Here are some ideas to help you.

Firstly, be aware it can be a lengthy process. You may end up chatting with a large number of couples before you find one you really click with. This is hardly surprising; it is difficult enough to find two people who are attracted to each other, but to find four who all share some chemistry can seem nigh-on impossible.

You will meet couples who may be interested in you but who for whatever reason you don't feel particularly attracted to. Don't be concerned about this - it really does go with the territory.

Also, do not despair or be in a rush to start playing once you decide you and your partner would like to be swingers. Many people decide to play with the first people who come along and find that the experience is not really very pleasurable. In fact it can be a disaster.

All this said, what is the best way to meet another couple for swinging. There are in fact three ways.

The first way is to consider people you already know. You may think your friends would not be interested in swinging, but swinging is surprisingly widespread. Do not discount your friends! Think about who you already know who you find attractive. Invite them for dinner and drop a few subtle hints. Lead the conversation in a sexual direction and see their reaction. Of course if you get a negative reaction you know to back off as you don't want to destroy your friendship.

The second way and probably the most widespread is to meet couples through an online swingers website. There are a number of good ones which have large numbers of couples (and singles) who are swingers and are looking to meet other likeminded people. You can get a very good idea about them from the information they post online, including their interests and physical characteristics. Usually they will (or should) put up some photographs so you can get a better idea of their body shape and sizes.

To do this you should also put up your own details by creating a profile. This will allow other couples to contact you if they are interested. The first step will be to have some brief message exchange to see if there is some connection. If it all looks promising, you should try to meet as soon as possible. This should only be for the purposes of checking each other out. Unless you are not fussy at all you will find this an essential step as despite all the online conversation in the world you will not know if you all click until you meet each other.

The third way you can meet other swingers is to go to a swingers party. Getting invited to these can be quite tricky. However, swingers websites often list parties. Choose one in your area and put your name down as being interested. If you go to a swingers party remember the golden rule amongst all swingers is "no means no". You will not be pressured into doing anything you don't want to, and no one will mind if you decline an invitation to play. Swingers parties are a very good way to meet a number of couples all at once to see if you feel a special connection with any of them.

Meeting another couple to swing with can be a bit tricky. However it is worth the effort because when you find the right couple you will definitely have a lot of fun.

If you are interested in trying swinging, read "How To Introduce Your Lover To Swinging" at http://www.swingwithyourwife.com/

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Performance Tuning Your Penile-Vaginal Internal Combustion Engine for Insanely High Performance Sex

Interestingly enough, we can look at the sexual interface between a man and a woman and relate this to the workings of an internal combustion engine. Using some simple methods, it's rather easy to performance tune both the man and the woman to get the most sexual horsepower (pleasure) out of penile-vaginal sex.

Think of the man's penile head as the piston, and his penile shaft as the connecting rod. His "rod" is then connected to his pelvis, which acts as the crank.

Her vagina, thus, becomes the cylinder in which this connecting rod/piston interacts with. Now, how can we improve the peak sexual performance of this engine?

Lubrication - Lubrication is paramount to an engine surviving and working properly. Lubrication decreases friction and makes for a smoother running engine. So, we must take your engine's lubrication very seriously. The best way to help getting the engine lubed is to engage in foreplay. Cunnilingus is a great way to ensure proper lubrication is utilized before you really start to rev the engine. If lubrication is a problem, perhaps because of a weak oil pump, specialized lubricants can be purchased that will ensure that the entire engine is properly lubricated and will run at peak efficiency and performance.

While your engine is running, stimulation to the clitoris and erogenous areas of the body will ensure lubrication remains fluid and constant. Talking dirty is another method that helps some engines see better lubrication.

Bulletproof Components - Oral sex is another method, in this case, fellatio, that will ensure that the man's crank, connecting rod, and piston are strong and reliable. A weak connecting rod will result in a poor-running engine and may result in sexual failure. Fellatio is the mechanism that can help ensure that a man's parts are up to it. Other methods, such as kinky add-ons, can also ensure his sexual system is bulletproof and up to the task.

SPM - Strokes per Minute will replace Revolutions per Minute (RPMs). This is very important, especially for the lead foot, in relation to properly lubricated components. A man shouldn't start off doing 100 SPMs, as it's better to ensure proper lubrication (which will further be stimulated during the SPM curve). So, starting off at a lower SPM range and "breaking" in the engine first, will ensure that both of you can go the distance. Once the engine has warmed up and is running smoothly, then the SPMs can be increased.

Timing - Timing relates to both SPMs and the environment. From an environmental standpoint, don't go looking to go racing, if you or your partner isn't interested. It's best to go for a spin when the conditions are "just right" for the both of you.

With relation to SPMs, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. On some days it's best to use a different SPM range than on other days. This may be due to decreased lubrication, a sore piston, or worn cylinder. Make a note of what Timing Cycle is best during your day at the track. Monitoring your partner's response, will also help you decide when to slow down on the SPMs, or speed them up, to ensure the ultimate in performance and response from both partners. Both partners should make a conscious effort to "feel" what the right SPM range is for your partner at any given moment and do your best to keep in "time" together.

Beefing up the Suspension for the Right Track - Different race tracks require performance-tuning the suspension to get the utmost out of the racing experience. Beefing up the suspension with pillows, different positioning of the motor mounts, and ensuring the springs on your test "bed" are up to the task is a great way to ensure you both come in first place and cross the finish line together.

Self-Tuning - Men can improve their performance by getting in shape, eating right, and learning what really gets her internal components to sing. Enlarging a man's penis, increasing his stamina, and learning the tricks to get the most out of his engine will ensure an engine that runs at its performance peak, any time of the day or night.

Women, too, can accentuate their performance by getting in shape, having a healthy diet, and figuring out what really gets his engine singing. Kegel exercises are one way in which she can strengthen her cylinder to ensure the ultimate sexual compression ratio is maintained, especially at those high SPMs.

By learning some of these simple procedures, it's quite possible for a loving couple to create the ultimate in sexual horsepower, orgasmic torque, and mind-bending sexual performance.

When was the last time you had a sexual tune up?

Georg von Neumann

Georg von Neumann is fascinated and obsessed with Penis Enlargement and won't rest until every man who wants to enlarge his penis gets the chance to do so. He co-authored IRON MAN PENIS - THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM, a manual on helping men get the most out of their Sexual Potential. Not just the usual recycled material found on the Internet, but special and unique material on Penis Exercising, Increasing Male Stamina, Orgasm Enlargement, and ALL aspects of creating an IRON MAN PENIS; much of the material was researched in Russia. He encourages all men to find the best form of penis enlargement to fulfill their enlargement dreams and goals.

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Remedies To Increase Sex Drive For Men

If you think that all men are horny creatures which have nothing much else but sex on their minds, then you may have been mistaken because there is a large group of men and the group is getting bigger is that as far as they are concerned, sex could be the last thing on their minds.

Surprised? Not at all, because these men are suffering from low libido or low sex drive.

There are many reasons why they are suffering from low libido or even no sexual urges at all. To the detriment of these men, not only they are not able to enjoy normal sexual life, they may also not be able to satisfy their spouses or sexual partners causing unhappiness leading to divorces and breakups.

So let us take a look at the causes of low sex drive and then check out the remedies that can correct this male deficiency.

Low sex drive can be triggered off by psychological, emotional and physical causes. Just any single one of these factors will sometimes be enough to shut off a person's sex drive, whether you are a man or a woman. Very unfortunately, some men may even have a combination of all these trigger factors thus compounding their sexual health problems.

Anxiety, depression, stress and many other negative emotions such as hatred, anger and unhappiness are known psychological and emotional causes of low sex drive irrespective of gender. The trouble is that as far as men are concerned, these factors not only make them have lower sex drive, they may also cause impotency or commonly known as erectile dysfunction causing their male sexual health to take another downward spin which can be very demoralising.

On the physical aspect of this phenomenon, the testosterone level of men decline correspondingly as they age. Testosterone is commonly called the "male sex hormone" for a reason. This predominantly male hormone is responsible for giving men their manly attributes, features and characteristics. It is also responsible for the male sex drive, ability to get good erections, building strength and muscles, maintaining bone density, increasing mental alertness and many other positive health benefits.

Unfortunately, the production of this almost amazing hormone start to decline in your twenties and the decline is unceasing year after year. That could be the reason why more mature men suffer from loss of libido and erectile dysfunction although younger men can also be victims too.

So what are the remedies to increase male sex drive? On the emotional and psychological aspect, by removing the root causes will help immediately. On the physical aspect, make your body produce more testosterone.

Enhancing testosterone production can be achieved by eating healthy meals that are rich in proteins, low to moderate in carbohydrates and fats. We all know the reasons for eating low fat meals but why limit carbohydrates too?

This is because carbohydrates, especially those that are of the high glycemic variety like sugary food and drinks, confectionaries can cause an increased level of insulin and cortisol in the bloodstream which will affect your testosterone production negatively.

To boost your testosterone level even further, start a regular exercise program. Start a bodybuilding program if you can. The reason is because when you do weight lifting to build muscles, your body needs to produce more testosterone so that it can help your muscles to repair itself and grow bigger and stronger.

If you are thinking of expensive and risky testosterone replacement program, you may wish to consider supplementing your diet with natural herbal testosterone enhancing pills instead. There are many natural supplements you can take that encourage your body to produce more of your own testosterone.

So the remedies to increase sex drive is to be happy, have more positive emotions, eat and sleep healthily, exercise regularly and supplementing with testosterone enhancers and become the stud that is in you.

Chris Chew is a health and fitness consultant and said that if you want to increase sex drive, then read How to improve male sex drive and Sex aphrodisiacs and become a steamy hot stud!

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How to Make Her Orgasm in the Crab Sex Position

Stand up and stretch a little before you read this article because what I am about to tell you is going to absolutely change your sex life for the better in a variety of different ways.

Odds are you are reading this because you are interested in learning how to make her orgasm in the crab sex position. Of course the "her" we are more than likely referring about is the woman that you are with who is either your girlfriend, wife or soon to be.

Hopefully by now you have already stood up and stretch a little so let us move on to discovering how to make her orgasm in the Crab Sex Position and more.

How to Make Her Orgasm in the Crab Sex Position

Now imagine that you're in the Crab Sex Position, do you know what she is going to enjoy the most about this position?

Believe it or not, what women like the most about this position is the incredible amount of G-Spot stimulation that she is able to feel.

And since we are on the subject of G-Spot stimulation do you know what will allow her to feel even more pleasure in regards to her G-Spot?

That's right you guessed it, if you have a bigger and thicker penis than average then she is going to feel her G-Spot being stimulated even more and if you have a smaller than average penis you will be glad to know that there are a variety of different penis enlargement pills and devices on the market that will help you enlarge your penis.

However, before you begin to consider which penis enlargement pill you should choose in order to enlarge your penis you should also know that when it comes to making her orgasm, stimulating her clitoris is one of the most effective ways to do so and any penis size can bring her to orgasmic bliss that way in fact you don't even need a penis at all to make her orgasm that way as simply using your tongue or fingers can do the trick as well.

In any case, in regards to the Crab Sex Position the most effective way to get into this sex pose is going to be by sitting up with your legs straight so that she can then sit on top of you with her legs on your shoulders and arms for support. Once she has gotten into this position she will lie back with her legs on either side of you as she puts her hands on your knees.

As stated earlier, women love the Crab Sex Position because of the enhanced G-Spot stimulation that they are able to feel. Unfortunately as you probably have already begun to notice you aren't able to effectively stimulate her clitoris in this position which means that you are going to want to allow her to experience a couple of clitoral orgasms beforehand so that her g-spot can become even more sensitive.

What many people don't realize is that while the G-Spot offers a woman a different kind of climax and orgasmic experience in the majority of cases it is also a whole lot less sensitive to stimulation than the clitoris. What this means is that if you don't take the time to get her more sensitive to your touch by giving her a few clitoral orgasms you can end up getting in this position yet her not experiencing any of the orgasmic bliss that awaits because her body isn't sensitive enough to feel it yet.

In the end, no matter what your penis size may be, if you don't get her highly aroused and sensitive through a variety of different foreplay techniques and clitoral stimulation you wont be able to make her orgasm in the Crab Sex Position.

Ben Teats has been providing quality information and reviews on male enhancement and penis enlargement methods. Read our Penis Enlargement FAQ now.

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How to Make a Woman Orgasm in the See-Saw Sex Position

As a reaction to what you are about to learn you will find yourself more excited than ever to try the See-Saw sex position! Believe it or not, in this article you are going to learn how to make a woman orgasm in the See-Saw sex position in addition to learning a variety of different ways to make her orgasm again and again.

However, before we continue I want you to forget about all your worries and concerns about making her orgasm and understand that when you truly allow yourself to let go and relax you both will enjoy the sexual experience so much more.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm in the See-Saw Sex Position!

I want to first tell you about the simplest and most effective way to get into the See-Saw sexual position so that you can get a cleared picture of what you and your partner are about to get into.

How to Get into the See-Saw Position

The most effective way to get into the See-Saw sexual position is going to be by sitting up with your legs straight as she then sits on top of you with her legs planted on either side of you.

Now once you get into the See-Saw position you will quickly begin to realize that with a little bit of concentration on your part you can actually stimulate her clitoris while she is on top of you which is one of the most effective ways to send her into orgasmic bliss.

Hopefully by now you have already begun to realize that when it comes to making a woman orgasm stimulating her clitoris is going to be one of if not the most effective ways to do.

Of course, this is an interesting realization for many men in the sense that it also requires the least amount effort on their part. If you are like many guys out there, when it comes to making a woman orgasm it isn't so much about her enjoying the sexual experience rather it is about your own ego and sexual prowess.

If you want to learn how to make her orgasm because you want to stroke your own ego in regards to your sexual prowess then you can still stimulate her clitoris for the first couple of orgasms and then allow her to experience a g-spot orgasms through other means which is of course the ultimate goal of any man who is looking to prove his sexual worth.

However, it should be noted, that if you are looking to give a woman a g-spot orgasm more often than not you are going to need a bigger penis that is thicker than what the average man has. More than that, while you can eventually give her a g-spot orgasm through thrusting alone it will happen much more quickly and powerfully if you allow her to experience a few clitoral orgasms at the beginning.

And as if that wasn't enough, the more time you spend on sexual foreplay the easier it is going to be to give her clitoral orgasm. Then again, if you don't spend enough time engaging her in sexual foreplay you might begin to notice that she isn't interested in having sex as often as you like because you are failing to turn her on enough to be so aroused that she can handle the sensations that come from a clitoral orgasm.

In the end, no matter what your reasons for wanting to learn how to make a woman orgasm in the See-Saw sex position it is going to be in your best interest to spend a lot of time on foreplay and giving her clitoral orgasms that way if you have a bigger penis she will be able to experience that g-spot orgasm you've been wanting to give her.

Ben Teats has been providing quality information and reviews on male enhancement and penis enlargement methods. Discover what having a bigger penis can do for you when you read our Penis Enlargement FAQ now.

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When Enough Sex Is Not Enough

What can cause the differences in sex drive in a relationship? How to cope when your partner wants more or less sex than you? Read on!

What causes different sex drives?

(1) Relationship problems

This can be due to differences on matters such as who should contribute more to household expenses and who should pay for which item, child rearing and relationship with in-laws. When couples cannot resolve conflicts over these matters, one of them will bear a grudge against the other one. This pent-up anger can cause the aggrieved side to lose sexual interest on his/her partner. This can also lead to him/her to withhold sex to punish his/her partner.

(2) Inadequate knowledge about sex

If one or both of you are raised in societies where there is no sex education or where sex is a taboo topic being negatively viewed as something dirty or immoral, this can prevent you from looking for ways to enrich and spice up your sex life. You or your spouse may think that sex is meant only for procreation and cannot see any connection between sex and pleasure.

(3) Psychological issues

Stress over work or child rearing, performance anxiety, lack of sexual confidence, past histories of sexual abuse, physical or mental ailments, drug abuse, medication (drugs such as those prescribe for hypertension can hurt sexual desire) leaving either one of you to lose interest in sex.

(4) Differences in the way you and your spouse look at sex

You and your partner may have different baseline sex drives and/or may prioritize sex differently. This may not be any serious relationship problems, only mere differences in the way how each side thinks about sex.

(5) Not enough passion

Absence makes the heart grows fonder. Not giving enough space to each other in daily life, with both sides sticking to each other like a piece of chewing gum can be stifling and hurt passion in the long run. The pressures and expectations we put on our intimate relationships may kill the passion in lovemaking.

How to cope with different level of sexual desire?

(1) Avoid blaming your partner

It is always very easy to blame others when problems crop up. This can only cause your spouse to get defensive and discourage him/her from working together with you to come up with solutions. Even if you feel most of the problems lie with your partner, it is better to find out what are the causes and how they arise.

(2) Talking to your partner

When relationship problems surface, it is best to find the space and time to talk to your partner. If you do not talk to your partner, you will not be able to discover the roots of the problems and he/she may not be aware of the existence of problems or your concerns. Before talking to your spouse, make sure you think before you talk, avoid putting the blame on him/her, begin your statements with "I" such as, "I think....." or "I am concern about........" and always remember to listen. However if the situation deteriorates to the point where both of you cannot talk to each other without ending up in arguments, you will have to find a counselor or therapist.

(3) Working towards a compromise

It is very unrealistic to expect everything to go according to the way you want. A relationship is a series of constant adjustment to each other and involving a lot of give and take. Finding sexual compromise is much easier when you lay down all the options on the table for both sides to work out the differences in sexual desire.

(4) Looking for self-help resources

There are many books you can find in book shops, libraries or online that touch on issues like sex drive discrepancies in a long-term relationship. Some of them may have titles such as Dealing With A Sexless Marriage. This is a viable option before you consider seeing a counselor or a family therapist.

More tips for handling different sex drives in a relationship can be found by clicking on Online Sex Guide and Sexual Chemistry.

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The Truths About Sex In A Relationship

Almost everyone admits that after 10 years of marriage, trying to stay passionate to each other is never easy. No one can always act adoring or keep up an air of mystery while sharing the same space with his or her spouse year after year. Here are the truths about sex for most married couples.

(1) Love can last but passion needs regular charging

Some people do not need to reach the 7-year itch, because lust fades away as fast as the firework display. Especially for guys after marriage, they refocus their attention on career at the expense of their love lives, feeling that they have already their objectives in their love lives. When people stop trying to impress their partners, passion definitely goes downhill.

(2) Being complacent is never sexy

Couples who can stay emotionally connected to each other share many great moments and fond memories. They also pay special attention to creating those magical ones because great sex requires magic. It is only after you exercise some creativity and make an effort to reignite romance that you can both have a strong marriage and a good sex life.

(3) Greater intimacy does not necessary lead to stronger passion

Intimacy means willing to share each other's thoughts and feelings. Every relationship needs intimacy to flourish. However when we get to the point of knowing each other too well, predictably sets in and this can hurt passion in the long run.

(4) Becoming parents do not lead to better sex

After marrying for many years, people tend to look upon their spouses as their kids' father or mother more than regarding them as lovers as what they did when they initially met. When this happens, passion in bed definitely ebbs. Also the time invests in caring and nurturing kids can at times makes the husband feels neglected.

(5) You may be the last person in the world to know what turns him on

Guys tend not to reveal everything about themselves because it can make them look weak. That is why what moves us sexually is usually one of our most closely guarded secrets. Though greater intimacy does not necessary lead to greater sex but without intimacy, passionate lovemaking is impossible.

How to maintain the passion in marriage sex

(1) Do not assume you know everything about what pleases your spouse sexually

It is common for a husband and wife to be together for many years without each knowing what can please their spouse in bed. This can be due to out of embarrassment or being afraid to be seen as weird or selfish, in talking about it.

(2) Sharing each other's fantasies in an emotionally safe way

You can encourage your husband to slowly reveal aspects of his sexuality. You can say something like, "I have some craziest erotic ideas. Why not tell me something that you think will surprise me about how we can spice up our sex lives? I will promise to tell you something in return that will surprise you as well." Saying it in this way means you are willing to listen to something unexpected and can encourage your husband to be open. If saying out loud is still too embarrassing, encourage him to put his thoughts in words.

(3) Make sex more fun

You both can take turns to act out one of more of each other's sexual fantasies. Being playful can energize the feelings of each other.

(4) Offering examples

Encourage him to be more open about his real fantasies by saying something like, "What really excites you - being tied up and blindfolded, pretending I am someone else, you name it."

(5) Doing something different

Dress to impress each other. A different style of clothing or different hairstyle can trigger new feelings of each other.

Try to keep passion high after many years of marriage are hard but not impossible. All it needs are communication, creativity and a commitment of time and energy. If you want to get more ideas to keep the lust last in your relationship, you can click on to Passionate Lovemaking and Marriage Sex.

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Tips on How to Seduce a Woman You Work With - It Can Be Tricky So Read This First

There is a woman you work with whom you just cannot seem to get out your mind. You make small talk with her all of the time, trying to get in a little flirtation here and there. You enjoy this, but the reality is... you want more than that. You want to be able to find a way to make her want you, and you want to be able to go about it in a way that will not make things weird for you when you are at work. That can be complicated, that is for sure. The thing is, it does not mean that it cannot be done, because it can. You just have to be careful about how you go about seducing a female co worker.

Don't Rush Things...

When it comes to seduction, you never really want to rush things. However, when you are dealing with a situation that can be come "complicated" really easily, then you need to be even more aware of the need to have the timing down just right. Rushing things with a woman at a club? It does not matter so much, because you may or may not see her again. With a woman you work with, you KNOW that you are going to have to see her again, so timing is really a big deal.

Step One - You Need to Be Able to Fan The Flames...

Because of the fact that you need to get things just right, you want to "fan the flames," which really just means you want to get the attraction built up between you and her before you really make your move. If you can build up the attraction enough, then getting her to go out with you after work can be easy as pie. So how can you do this?

Flirt with her in a way that catches her off guard. Women will playfully flirt with male co workers all of the time and it really does not mean a thing. It's just a little fun while they are on the job. That's not the kind of flirting that you need to do. What you need to do is to take things just a little bit further, so that it catches her off guard and makes her realize that you are not just flirting the way that another co worker would.

Step Two - You Have to Take a Chance...

Once the attraction is built up between you and the woman you work with, then you need to do the next step and that is to actually take a chance and get her to go out with you. This can be done simply by suggesting that the two of you get together after work to let off some steam or just hang out. As long as the attraction really is there, then getting her to say yes should be easy.

Step Three - You Want to Lead Her With the Right Conversation...

Once you get her to go out with you, you cannot simply talk the way that you would on the job. The conversation has to be light and fun and it has to escalate to where you are using a little sexual innuendo here and there. You can kill any hopes that you have of being able to seduce a woman you work with if the conversation ends up stifling things between you and her.

Step Four - You Have to Make The Transition Back to Your Place...

Okay, so if you get her to go hang out with you, chances are it will not be at your apartment or hers. If it does end up there, that's good. If not, then you need to be able to make that transition. How do you do this? Well, the easiest way is to choose a place that is nearby where you live. Then use the conversation to lead to a point where you can suggest going back to your place and it just seems natural. Once you get her back to your place, it's on you to make things escalate even further.

Want to get more *advanced* techniques and tips on how to seduce a woman even the hottie you can't stop thinking about?

Go to: How to Seduce Women to Get Your FREE Report on How to Approach, Attract, and Seduce ANY Woman You DESIRE...

Copyright c 2011 Chris Tyler All Rights Reserved.

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Sexy Secrets of a Tantra Courtesan - Male All-Body Orgasm Myths Revealed!

Spicing up your sex life, with your man, is easy when you know the sexy secrets of a gifted Tantra Courtesan. Imagine spicing up your sex life today, with real sexy tidbits and sensual bedroom knowledge leaked by a gifted Sex Coach with many years of experience turning men on.

It is this Tantra Goddess's desire to tell the world about male all-body orgasm. The sex secrets, which you are soon to learn, earns me a substantial income - however, I believe that every man and women should be able to experience longer lasting sex and enjoy hours of all-body multiple orgasms. Let's get to the crux of the problem and talk about male orgasm.

Four Facts about Male Orgasm...

The average male orgasm lasts for 5-15 seconds with ejaculation.Many men make no sound when they have sex.Most men hold their breath, as they orgasm, which causes them to ejaculate.Most men squeeze their legs and butt, 5-10 seconds before orgasm, and then they ejaculate.The Average Male Orgasm lasts 5-15 seconds with Ejaculation

Men can experience hours of orgasm and match their partner equally, stroke for stroke in the bedroom. With some minor tweaking, men can climax and go deeper into orgasm and pleasure, if ejaculation is removed from the equation.

Many men make no sound when they have sex

The first question I ask a man, when I am working as a sex coach is... Have you slept with many women, and have you noticed that some ladies make lots of noise in the bedroom, while other women make no sound at all? My follow-up question is, who do you think are having the best orgasms, the quiet ladies or the noisy ones?

Readers here are their answers. The guys say that their sex partners, who make lots of noise, are the ones that seem to be having the first-rate orgasms. Therefore if your man makes no sound during sex, he is potentially crippling hours of orgasmic pleasure and bliss.

If your man makes no sound during sex, he is never truly surrendering to pleasure. Did you know most men are really turned when their partners moan and even scream during intercourse! It's like loudly praising the pleasure giver, wouldn't you think?

Most men hold their breath, as they orgasm, which causes them to ejaculate

This is just a bad masturbation technique practiced from puberty and many men hold their breath as they ejaculate. Here's an analogy, holding ones breath, as one ejaculates is like racing a formula one car, at high speeds, with one's foot resting on the brake. Teach your man to breathe slowly and deeply as he climaxes and your man will experience more intense orgasms!

Most men squeeze their legs and butt, 5-10 seconds before orgasm, and then they ejaculate

The potential to spread the male orgasm from between your man's thighs and into an all-body experience is crippled when males squeeze their legs and butt, around ten seconds, before orgasm. Watch your man and coach him to relax, if your man begins planking prior to a potentially earth shattering climax!

Fine Tune your Mans Orgasm to Last

With some minor tweaking every male can experience extended orgasm with delayed ejaculation. It is very easy to train your man to match your orgasms stroke for stroke. Do look out for the second part of this article, with four more facts about male all-body and multiple orgasms with delayed ejaculation. To find out more information check out Sexual Secrets of Great Lovers.

Aleena Aspley of Brisbane, Australia is the founder of Ra'Anui Erotic Tantra. Aleena works with singles and couples who want to learn to become better lovers, create spiritual sensual harmony and enrich their relationship connection.

Aleena's most popular Australian appointment is Ra'Anui Erotic Tantra. Aleena is also available for coaching male and female intimate sensual issues via Skype name: TantraFantasyDotComDotAu

Aleena Aspley, founder of Ra'Anui Erotic Tantra, is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker CA, USA, Lomi Lomi Practitioner, Reiki 1&2 Practitioner, Theta Healer Level 1, Manifest your Soul Mate Practitioner. Aleena also offers services, such as, male waxing and male spray tanning.

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Did Eve Really Come From Adam's Rib? Who Came First, Adam or Eve? Exploring Man's Sexual Mysteries

In most versions of the Holy Bible (the Old Testament), the Book of Genesis states that Eve was created, by God, from the rib of Adam. Here is the passage, quoted below for your examination and reading:

2.18 And the Lord God said, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him."

2.19 And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

2:20 And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.

2:21 And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof,

2:22 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man.

2:23 And Adam said, "This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man."

Clearly, as the Holy Bible points out, Adam was created first, before Eve. Then, later, Eve was created by God removing one of Adam's ribs.

However, human embryology tells us a story that's a little bit different...

First of all, it's best to determine exactly what "embryology" really is:

Embryology is the study of the biology of the early formation of an organism. The science of embryology starts with the most basic original formation of the organism. From this point, embryology continues to follow the "growth" of the organism through its earliest phases of development until it is "born." (In the case of the human organism, this would be when the child is, literally, born.) Embryology focuses on these phases of early growth, early developmental formation, and even includes its earliest functional developments. The term embryology is based on the word, "embryo," which simply means an organism until it is "unborn" or "unhatched."

With humans, everything really begins when a man and woman engage in intercourse. When the male sperm (from the man) encounters and fertilizes the female egg (from the woman), this is when the embryological process begins. Now we have a two-celled structure that starts to differentiate into four cells, eight cells, sixteen cells, thirty-two cells, and on an on as the human embryo begins to develop and form.

Interestingly enough, however, the "template" for the human being is female and not male. Which is to say, that if the embryo isn't acted upon by a specific hormonal influence being introduced, the unaffected embryo will evolve and be born a female. Not a male.

In the absence of this hormonal influence, the embryo will naturally develop into a female. To develop into a female, no hormonal influence is utilized or necessary to trigger the female to become (or develop) into a female instead of a male. It happens automatically.

The ingredient that acts on the "female" template of the human species, so that the female develops as a male, only occurs if the "Y" chromosome is genetically present. This causes the embryological gonads to evolve into testes and to secrete testosterone. The secretion of this testosterone further allows the embryo to develop into a male and also inhibits the embryological gonads from forming into fallopian tubes and a uterus.

Again, if the "Y" chromosome is not present, the embryological gonads will develop into fallopian tubes and a uterus. However, when the "Y" chromosome is involved, this causes the testes to develop and then they must secrete testosterone for the embryo to continue to develop as a male. Again, under the influence of the "Y" chromosome and testosterone, only then, does the embryo "change" from a female into a male.

So, to answer the question, as it usually stated, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" we can pose a similar question; and that question is, biologically, "Who came first, Adam or Eve?" and the answer would appear to be Eve, not Adam; at least, according to the science of embryology.

Does this shed new light on the Adam and Eve story, as outlined at the beginning of this article in the Book of Genesis? Certainly, for some people, for other people it may shed no light at all. Does this contradict what is written in some versions of the Old Testament? To some degree, certainly, however, perhaps God decided to change things around a bit for the continuation of the human race...?

Georg von Neumann

Dr. von Neumann has over twenty years experience in the medical field. He co-authored IRON MAN PENIS - THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM, a manual on helping men get the most out of their Sexual Potential. Not just the usual recycled material found on the Internet, but special and unique material on Penis Enlargement, Increasing Male Stamina, Orgasm Enlargement, and ALL aspects of creating an IRON MAN PENIS; much of the material was researched in Russia. Learn how to Enlarge Your Penis and become the ultimate sexual machine.

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