A Guide to Advanced Squirting Orgasms (Female Ejaculation): Techniques to Make Her Orgasm Faster

One of the most common problems that I hear about from guys is that they can often get their girlfriend up to the point of orgasming, yet still fail to give her an ejaculation orgasm. It can be really tough for guys and many give up at this point, assuming that she isn't capable of having a squirting orgasm or that they will never master the technique. Often the opposite is true! With a few, small changes to the way they date, they too can give her a squirting orgasm.

Making Your Dates More Sexual

Bizarrely, learning female ejaculation and G-spot stimulation techniques can actually hinder her orgasm at first. This is due to the number one problem that many people have: 'overthinking' sex! It is more common than you'd expect for guys to only think about technique and forget all about the woman who is having the orgasm! Unsurprisingly, this is very unsexy for her.

The key to making her orgasm starts as soon as you meet her for the date. If the date is boring and unsexy, she will find it difficult to really go crazy in bed later, therefore you want to make sure that there are moments of excitement on every date. Hidden caresses and whispered fantasies are just two of the many ways you can make this happen.

How to Have Better Dates and Great Sex

When you finally get home, you also want to make sure that this sexual vibe continues, but with a lot more intensity. However, similar to the way that you can't be sexual the entire time during dates, you also want to add some intimacy to the sex occasionally. The little things that guys often forget like holding hands occasionally or telling her how beautiful she looks can help to make the sex unpredictable and exciting too.

Turning Good Sex Into Amazing Sex

The most important thing is to let her know that sex with her is not just about the orgasm, but the process too. She needs to know that you 'get' her and understand about all the things that go into having great sex. By adding sexual tension to the date and intimacy to the intercourse, you can make the whole date lead up to the orgasm and this is the way to give her advanced orgasms like squirting orgasms more easily. While many people make the mistake of thinking that the technique is the most important thing, sex masters know that everything they do with a woman defines how good the sex will be in the relationship.

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