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What's Up If He Stops Wanting Sex?

You used to have sex all the time it was ridiculous. You had sex virtually everywhere and it even got to the point that he cannot get his hands off you that what started out as flattering became annoying. But now, gone were the days when you had sex all over the house and you are starting to miss his constantly groping hands. Sex has gone from once a day, to once in a blue moon.

When he stops wanting sex with you, what does it mean? Is he no longer attracted to you? Or could it be that he is having sex with someone else?

True, those are indeed plausible theories, but do not think that they are the only possible reasons why he has stopped having sex with you. Here is one of the most common reasons why guys uncharacteristically stop wanting to have sex.

Stress, anxiety and pressure

When stress is riding him hard, he won't have enough energy or desire to ride you anytime soon. Stress can not only sap out energy and sanity but also a person's sex drive. Stress leaves a person feeling overwhelmed, anxious and preoccupied with worries that it leaves no space in the brain to even think about sex. Find out if he has been stressing it over work, or maybe he has some really serious personal problems going on such as family problems or relationship problems.

Often times, stress is caused by being under a lot of pressure. Sometimes jealousy and insecurity can cause him to stress out too; if the stress is caused by relationship problems, such as jealousy or insecurity, address the root of the issue first.

If you can see that he is stressed and you have identified the root of the stress, help him de-stress. Don't add to his stress by expressing your sexual dissatisfaction; help him relax by engaging him in an activity he enjoys (not sex!) or doing something really nice for him to make him feel special, do not be very sexual as this may only add to his anxiety. Put yourself in his shoes and you will understand that when you are feeling particularly negative, the deed is the last thing on your mind. Be nice, be sweet and be attentive, it's not only girls who want to be treated like a princess sometimes... be patient and eventually you will be rewarded for your selfless deeds.

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Spooning in the Sack: Having Their Back

Ahhh, spooning. Your parents probably think you are still talking about doing the dishes, but you know better, don't you? You know that later on, you and your honey are going to cuddle up, possibly watch a movie together, or possibly get some cutlery moniker love going on in a neutral and sensual position. Keep in mind that spooning can be termed as the romantic cuddle, or the erotic screw, and that is often referred to as "forking". One may wonder where a butter knife can come in.

How to spoon, you may ask? Easy, lie on your side either in front or back of your sugar pie; pull them in close with your top arm, while supporting their head and or neck with the bottom arm. Snuggle in close, with your butt in their lap or vice versa, and voila! Spooning! You can use spooning to rub various parts of your lover's body, or if your lover is pregnant, that beautiful belly holding your midget. You can also strip down naked, spread some legs and get to making love.

Now that we all have a decent idea of what you should do when spooning, let's go over what you should NOT do. Do not act like a creep. You should be aware of what your partner wants, and if they don't want sex, don't start rubbing all over them like the mouth breather on the subway that stares at small children. Do. Not. Do it! Don't drool on your partner, burp, cough, sneeze or fart on your partner. If you do, expect an elbow or knee to be forcefully given to one of your softer areas. Simply cuddle and watch TV. Or if they do want to engage in lovely carnal delights, by all means, proceed to spoon sex.

Spoon sex. Oh yes, the horizontal awesomeness that gives your hands free range, hips and knees pain relief, and an amazing sense of physical and emotional closure. Although it doesn't allow for full hip thrusting motion, if the partner in front has their legs crossed, it will be sensual tight and luscious. Now go grab your partner and spoon the living daylights out of them. Just use protection if needed, lube if wanted and don't forget to feel around since your curious hands won't have to hold you up. There is so much of the body to explore in this position. Have fun and be safe.

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8 Ways To Have Longer Lasting Sex

It is always one of those frustrating things in life. Fun moments are always short. This is applicable to most men who always wish they can always last longer in bed. Use the following tips to improve your sexual endurance and overcome premature ejaculation.

(1) Masturbation training for ejaculation control

You masturbate without your mind thinking about how to last longer. When you are quite near to the point where you think you are going to ejaculate, you stop for at least 15 seconds to cool yourself down. You do this start-and-stop motion for a few times in each masturbation session gradually increasing this to 6 times in subsequent sessions. Initially you may lose control and in this case do not make any attempt to stop ejaculation. This needs a bit of patience and practice and therefore do not let this initial loss of control to discourage you. The main objective of this masturbation practice is to control your sexual response.

(2) Squeeze to cool down yourself

There is an area which is below the tip and on the underside of the male genitals which is very sensitive to sexual stimulation. When you feel you are about to let go, you apply direct pressure on this area to push blood out of your sexual organ and momentarily repress the ejaculatory response.

(3) Give your scrotum a gentle pull

The squeeze technique can be quite disruptive because you need to pull out after penetration. A way to overcome this is by pulling your scrotum (the pouch of skin enclosing the testicles) away from the body. You can do this by yourself or you can get your partner to do it gently. This pulling action can cool you down and gain you extra time in bed.

(4) Use Kegel exercises for training PC muscles

A Kegel is an exercise that helps to tighten PC muscles. PC muscles also known as pelvic floor muscles, is actually a group of muscles that support the pelvic floor and surround the internal genitals. These muscles are involved in urination and ejaculation control. When you stop half-way when peeing, you are using your PC muscles. You can train your PC muscles by cutting off the flow of urine and then starting and stopping it repeatedly.

(5) Make her orgasm first

It helps a lot to distract yourself from the worries over premature ejaculation by focusing instead on spending time and effort to pleasure your partner. This means devoting about up to 15 minutes on foreplay to get her properly aroused and stimulated before penetration. The most effective method is to stimulate her clitoris using your hand, mouth and tongue. For a woman, sexual satisfaction is not about how long you last inside her. As long as she receives her orgasm, the amount of time you spend penetrating her does not matter at all.

(6) Go for the second round

It may be due to certain temporary psychological factors that you let go too early in the first round of lovemaking. Rather than tormenting yourself on your performance, it will be more constructive to shrug off this disappointment to go for the second round if time allows both of you. You continue with your foreplay on her until both of you get equally aroused. You should be able to last longer than the first time.

(7) Shallow penetration

You press the tip of your "little brother" against her clitoris and remain at the vaginal entrance. This can arouse her much faster because her entrance is where the most sensitive nerve endings are located. You do shallow penetrations of 2 to 3 inches inside her vagina. As long as you do not trust too vigorously, you should be able to last longer.

(8) Let her ride on you

This is the best sexual position to help you last longer. If she is on top (facing you or facing away), you should be more relaxed and less stimulated than the normal missionary position. You get her to go slowly because fast thrusting can hurt a man's sexual stamina.

Learning to control premature ejaculation without the use of drugs or desensitizers involves greater understanding of your sexual responses and learning to cool yourself down to extend your fun moments in bed. For more ideas on how to improve your sex life, you can click on Extended Pleasure and Extra Time.

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Getting Hands On - Tips For Touch

It's a common misconception to believe that men and women only have a few pleasurable target areas on their body; places where you can kiss, rub, or caress and achieve instant arousal. While those areas do exist, there are more than a dozen erogenous zones on the bodies of both genders! These can make your foreplay sessions a little more interesting, and add to the intensity of an eventual climax. Here are a few tips and tricks designed for men and women; making your exploration of their body more exciting, sensual, and erotic.

Men: If you've ever found yourself enticing a man through touching his penis, you've found one of his target (and most obvious) pleasure points; but there are places on his body that can be more orgasmic than his joystick. Some of you are probably staring at that statement in utter disbelief, but it's true! Men have just as many erogenous zones as women and it's your duty as a fantastic lover to procure information about those zones, and later utilize that knowledge to your sexual advantage! So what are two of his most intimate love buttons?

‧ Chest and Abdomen. Whether your guy is sporting a chestful of soft, curly hairs or if he's smooth and sensuously touchable, the chest and abdomen are two of his favorite places for you to rove; with your fingers, lips, tongue, and whatever else you can think of. (Use your imagination!) Nipples aren't just the inner key to a woman's stimulation. Men have sensitive nerve endings throughout their nipples, chest, and abdomen that can make the slightest touch and tickle feel like heaven. If you're in the heat of the moment and need to get him revved up quickly, try grazing your nails very lightly down the length of his chest and abs. He'll go crazy! It's also a post-coital and passionate gesture to run your fingers across his pectorals and abs when you're snuggling together. His after-glow will shine that much brighter if you show him how much you enjoyed your intimate time with a few soft touches.

Women: Okay, guys! We've discussed what can turn you on, now it's your turn to pay attention for the ladies! Women aren't all about their clits, tits, and butt-cheeks. They want the same pleasurable interaction and all-over stimulation that you crave. So avoid everything you've ever seen in dirty movies and go for the places that really count when it comes to her sensitive zones.

‧ Hands and Fingertips. It's hard to believe that the pads of her digits can pack so much power but some women report having orgasms just by the fondling of their fingertips! This doesn't mean she's going to drop to the floor moaning the next time you hold her hand; however, it does mean that you should pay more attention to the nerve endings that are spread through her palms and fingers. These are the second most sensitive parts of her body, which means you can suck, lick, gently scratch, and rub your way to her ecstasy. Most women will go crazy for a nibble or a light stroke of teeth across their fingertips. It instantly connects their minds to oral sex, and anything that proves your skill in that area is a good thing.

While it's certainly true that both genders can have the same erogenous zones, it really depends on the person you're with. You never know when someone is going to desire to be touched in a place you've never thought of. Keep these tips in mind but remember to explore with your partner! They probably know some places that feel good on them, just like you do on yourself, so communicate and have fun with it.

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Sexting - Sexual Explicit Texting

Sexts can be sexy and can be used as a preliminary to actual sex, sort of like virtual foreplay. Sexting may lead to actual sex but not always as it can also occur between total strangers who may never meet at all.

It has become so popular because, admittedly, it is easier to flirt and be all sexy behind the walls of technology than it is in real life. Sexting is less awkward than phone sex. By texting, you can review your message first before you send so you can be sure that you sound as sexy as you want to be. As opposed to sounding incredibly awkward or silly when you try to sound sexy over the phone, through text, you can be as raunchy as you want even if your personality is really timid and quiet.

For example, if you are not very sexually vulgar by nature, saying the phrase:

"I am so horny! I can't wait to feel you big, hard cock on my dripping wet pussy"

Will either make you feel thoroughly embarrassed or you won't even be able to get the words out of your mouth without feeling utterly ridiculous. Because honestly, the above phrase is raunchy and even tacky to those who don't like to talk dirty.

Through sexting, you need not be very sharp as to think of sexy comebacks at a drop of a hat. Not like in phone sex that you are on real time, sexting gives you time to think of a reply.

It has become such a fad with the younger generation, not only because the youth of today are more sexual but also because during the awkward years of adolescence there is a strong desire to experiment, a need to be socially accepted and a great fear of rejection or humiliation. Technology has opened a way to allow the teens of today to experience sex virtually first, either as a way to "learn" or "to familiarize themselves with their partner/s" before they go on doing the real thing that.

No one knows exactly how sexting became a phenomenon, but what we do know is that it has now become a problem especially for the parents of the youths who are sext-ually active.

With the advent of such technology that allows you to send photos and videos through mobile devices, such as BBM (Blackberry messenger), teens and even pre-teens have become so sexually open and brave that many of our youths have taken to sending nude or semi-nude photos to their sext partners. And to keep their parents from discovering their sexting activities, they have created cryptic acronyms as a means of practicing "Safe Sext".

But even if you are of age, sexting can still pose some issues. As sexting is a nice way to release inhibitions or to spice up your sex life, some may let their guards down. Always remember that once you send something to another person, for example a video or photo, its distribution is no longer within your control. In this digital era, be vigilant and be smart. If sexting is your thing, only send a sexy photo or video to somebody that you really trust unless you don't mind displaying your wares to the whole world.

Also, make sure you send to the right person. It would be deathly embarrassing to accidentally send a particularly vulgar description of what you are doing or imagining... to your boss.

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Amazing Morning Sex

You know that amazingly hard wood your man gets every morning? Well it is there for a reason. Studies show that a guy's erection can be noticeably longer and harder when he is asleep due to nocturnal penile tumescence or NPT. It's not really known why NPT happens and it doesn't necessarily mean that he is having a sexy dream but you can use that to your advantage. Since guys wake up with a raging erection and testosterone levels are at its peak in the morning, give your man the best pick me up by giving him action down there first thing in the morning.

You may worry about bad breath and eye glue in the morning so you could either get up before he does and freshen up before giving him some action or you could keep the essentials in your bedside drawer.

Other than condoms, lubricants and toys, you may want to keep some breath fresheners and moist towelettes as well as a bottle of water next to your bed. For breath freshener, you may want to try non-mint ones since you'd be putting his thing in your mouth. Unless he likes the cold, minty sensation you don't have a problem, if he doesn't, you could try Altoids since they are made in different flavors like tangerine and raspberry.

Towel off your morning glory from your eyes, have a drink of water and pop a breath freshener to get rid of overnight mouth odors and you're ready for amazing morning sex. Don't worry about your hair, its fine; the rumpled look will work best.

You can start by slowly caressing and kissing him all over while taking off his underwear. Try not to wake him while doing this. When you have his pants down and his morning wood exposed, you can start to pleasure him orally, if he wakes up at this point it will be a nice surprise for him. Allow yourself a sheepish giggle if he gives you a "woah" look.

And that's how you initiate morning sex and start to benefit from his incredibly hard morning wood and increased testosterone levels. Even though guys don't often wake up horny, they feel particularly energized after a good night rest and therefore have more energy to pleasure you. Also, when they see an erection, most guys won't ask themselves why they have it; they see it, they see you and they think "better not let this go to waste!"

Not only do you benefit from his harder and bigger than usual erection and his incredible stamina, but you also get an incredible work out that will boost your energy and jumpstart your metabolism for the day.

Start by being on top and switch to spoon position, dog style or variations of these two styles. These "from behind" positions are the best morning sex positions since the two of you won't be all up each other's faces.

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