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What's Up If He Stops Wanting Sex?

You used to have sex all the time it was ridiculous. You had sex virtually everywhere and it even got to the point that he cannot get his hands off you that what started out as flattering became annoying. But now, gone were the days when you had sex all over the house and you are starting to miss his constantly groping hands. Sex has gone from once a day, to once in a blue moon.

When he stops wanting sex with you, what does it mean? Is he no longer attracted to you? Or could it be that he is having sex with someone else?

True, those are indeed plausible theories, but do not think that they are the only possible reasons why he has stopped having sex with you. Here is one of the most common reasons why guys uncharacteristically stop wanting to have sex.

Stress, anxiety and pressure

When stress is riding him hard, he won't have enough energy or desire to ride you anytime soon. Stress can not only sap out energy and sanity but also a person's sex drive. Stress leaves a person feeling overwhelmed, anxious and preoccupied with worries that it leaves no space in the brain to even think about sex. Find out if he has been stressing it over work, or maybe he has some really serious personal problems going on such as family problems or relationship problems.

Often times, stress is caused by being under a lot of pressure. Sometimes jealousy and insecurity can cause him to stress out too; if the stress is caused by relationship problems, such as jealousy or insecurity, address the root of the issue first.

If you can see that he is stressed and you have identified the root of the stress, help him de-stress. Don't add to his stress by expressing your sexual dissatisfaction; help him relax by engaging him in an activity he enjoys (not sex!) or doing something really nice for him to make him feel special, do not be very sexual as this may only add to his anxiety. Put yourself in his shoes and you will understand that when you are feeling particularly negative, the deed is the last thing on your mind. Be nice, be sweet and be attentive, it's not only girls who want to be treated like a princess sometimes... be patient and eventually you will be rewarded for your selfless deeds.

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Spooning in the Sack: Having Their Back

Ahhh, spooning. Your parents probably think you are still talking about doing the dishes, but you know better, don't you? You know that later on, you and your honey are going to cuddle up, possibly watch a movie together, or possibly get some cutlery moniker love going on in a neutral and sensual position. Keep in mind that spooning can be termed as the romantic cuddle, or the erotic screw, and that is often referred to as "forking". One may wonder where a butter knife can come in.

How to spoon, you may ask? Easy, lie on your side either in front or back of your sugar pie; pull them in close with your top arm, while supporting their head and or neck with the bottom arm. Snuggle in close, with your butt in their lap or vice versa, and voila! Spooning! You can use spooning to rub various parts of your lover's body, or if your lover is pregnant, that beautiful belly holding your midget. You can also strip down naked, spread some legs and get to making love.

Now that we all have a decent idea of what you should do when spooning, let's go over what you should NOT do. Do not act like a creep. You should be aware of what your partner wants, and if they don't want sex, don't start rubbing all over them like the mouth breather on the subway that stares at small children. Do. Not. Do it! Don't drool on your partner, burp, cough, sneeze or fart on your partner. If you do, expect an elbow or knee to be forcefully given to one of your softer areas. Simply cuddle and watch TV. Or if they do want to engage in lovely carnal delights, by all means, proceed to spoon sex.

Spoon sex. Oh yes, the horizontal awesomeness that gives your hands free range, hips and knees pain relief, and an amazing sense of physical and emotional closure. Although it doesn't allow for full hip thrusting motion, if the partner in front has their legs crossed, it will be sensual tight and luscious. Now go grab your partner and spoon the living daylights out of them. Just use protection if needed, lube if wanted and don't forget to feel around since your curious hands won't have to hold you up. There is so much of the body to explore in this position. Have fun and be safe.

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8 Ways To Have Longer Lasting Sex

It is always one of those frustrating things in life. Fun moments are always short. This is applicable to most men who always wish they can always last longer in bed. Use the following tips to improve your sexual endurance and overcome premature ejaculation.

(1) Masturbation training for ejaculation control

You masturbate without your mind thinking about how to last longer. When you are quite near to the point where you think you are going to ejaculate, you stop for at least 15 seconds to cool yourself down. You do this start-and-stop motion for a few times in each masturbation session gradually increasing this to 6 times in subsequent sessions. Initially you may lose control and in this case do not make any attempt to stop ejaculation. This needs a bit of patience and practice and therefore do not let this initial loss of control to discourage you. The main objective of this masturbation practice is to control your sexual response.

(2) Squeeze to cool down yourself

There is an area which is below the tip and on the underside of the male genitals which is very sensitive to sexual stimulation. When you feel you are about to let go, you apply direct pressure on this area to push blood out of your sexual organ and momentarily repress the ejaculatory response.

(3) Give your scrotum a gentle pull

The squeeze technique can be quite disruptive because you need to pull out after penetration. A way to overcome this is by pulling your scrotum (the pouch of skin enclosing the testicles) away from the body. You can do this by yourself or you can get your partner to do it gently. This pulling action can cool you down and gain you extra time in bed.

(4) Use Kegel exercises for training PC muscles

A Kegel is an exercise that helps to tighten PC muscles. PC muscles also known as pelvic floor muscles, is actually a group of muscles that support the pelvic floor and surround the internal genitals. These muscles are involved in urination and ejaculation control. When you stop half-way when peeing, you are using your PC muscles. You can train your PC muscles by cutting off the flow of urine and then starting and stopping it repeatedly.

(5) Make her orgasm first

It helps a lot to distract yourself from the worries over premature ejaculation by focusing instead on spending time and effort to pleasure your partner. This means devoting about up to 15 minutes on foreplay to get her properly aroused and stimulated before penetration. The most effective method is to stimulate her clitoris using your hand, mouth and tongue. For a woman, sexual satisfaction is not about how long you last inside her. As long as she receives her orgasm, the amount of time you spend penetrating her does not matter at all.

(6) Go for the second round

It may be due to certain temporary psychological factors that you let go too early in the first round of lovemaking. Rather than tormenting yourself on your performance, it will be more constructive to shrug off this disappointment to go for the second round if time allows both of you. You continue with your foreplay on her until both of you get equally aroused. You should be able to last longer than the first time.

(7) Shallow penetration

You press the tip of your "little brother" against her clitoris and remain at the vaginal entrance. This can arouse her much faster because her entrance is where the most sensitive nerve endings are located. You do shallow penetrations of 2 to 3 inches inside her vagina. As long as you do not trust too vigorously, you should be able to last longer.

(8) Let her ride on you

This is the best sexual position to help you last longer. If she is on top (facing you or facing away), you should be more relaxed and less stimulated than the normal missionary position. You get her to go slowly because fast thrusting can hurt a man's sexual stamina.

Learning to control premature ejaculation without the use of drugs or desensitizers involves greater understanding of your sexual responses and learning to cool yourself down to extend your fun moments in bed. For more ideas on how to improve your sex life, you can click on Extended Pleasure and Extra Time.

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Getting Hands On - Tips For Touch

It's a common misconception to believe that men and women only have a few pleasurable target areas on their body; places where you can kiss, rub, or caress and achieve instant arousal. While those areas do exist, there are more than a dozen erogenous zones on the bodies of both genders! These can make your foreplay sessions a little more interesting, and add to the intensity of an eventual climax. Here are a few tips and tricks designed for men and women; making your exploration of their body more exciting, sensual, and erotic.

Men: If you've ever found yourself enticing a man through touching his penis, you've found one of his target (and most obvious) pleasure points; but there are places on his body that can be more orgasmic than his joystick. Some of you are probably staring at that statement in utter disbelief, but it's true! Men have just as many erogenous zones as women and it's your duty as a fantastic lover to procure information about those zones, and later utilize that knowledge to your sexual advantage! So what are two of his most intimate love buttons?

‧ Chest and Abdomen. Whether your guy is sporting a chestful of soft, curly hairs or if he's smooth and sensuously touchable, the chest and abdomen are two of his favorite places for you to rove; with your fingers, lips, tongue, and whatever else you can think of. (Use your imagination!) Nipples aren't just the inner key to a woman's stimulation. Men have sensitive nerve endings throughout their nipples, chest, and abdomen that can make the slightest touch and tickle feel like heaven. If you're in the heat of the moment and need to get him revved up quickly, try grazing your nails very lightly down the length of his chest and abs. He'll go crazy! It's also a post-coital and passionate gesture to run your fingers across his pectorals and abs when you're snuggling together. His after-glow will shine that much brighter if you show him how much you enjoyed your intimate time with a few soft touches.

Women: Okay, guys! We've discussed what can turn you on, now it's your turn to pay attention for the ladies! Women aren't all about their clits, tits, and butt-cheeks. They want the same pleasurable interaction and all-over stimulation that you crave. So avoid everything you've ever seen in dirty movies and go for the places that really count when it comes to her sensitive zones.

‧ Hands and Fingertips. It's hard to believe that the pads of her digits can pack so much power but some women report having orgasms just by the fondling of their fingertips! This doesn't mean she's going to drop to the floor moaning the next time you hold her hand; however, it does mean that you should pay more attention to the nerve endings that are spread through her palms and fingers. These are the second most sensitive parts of her body, which means you can suck, lick, gently scratch, and rub your way to her ecstasy. Most women will go crazy for a nibble or a light stroke of teeth across their fingertips. It instantly connects their minds to oral sex, and anything that proves your skill in that area is a good thing.

While it's certainly true that both genders can have the same erogenous zones, it really depends on the person you're with. You never know when someone is going to desire to be touched in a place you've never thought of. Keep these tips in mind but remember to explore with your partner! They probably know some places that feel good on them, just like you do on yourself, so communicate and have fun with it.

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Sexting - Sexual Explicit Texting

Sexts can be sexy and can be used as a preliminary to actual sex, sort of like virtual foreplay. Sexting may lead to actual sex but not always as it can also occur between total strangers who may never meet at all.

It has become so popular because, admittedly, it is easier to flirt and be all sexy behind the walls of technology than it is in real life. Sexting is less awkward than phone sex. By texting, you can review your message first before you send so you can be sure that you sound as sexy as you want to be. As opposed to sounding incredibly awkward or silly when you try to sound sexy over the phone, through text, you can be as raunchy as you want even if your personality is really timid and quiet.

For example, if you are not very sexually vulgar by nature, saying the phrase:

"I am so horny! I can't wait to feel you big, hard cock on my dripping wet pussy"

Will either make you feel thoroughly embarrassed or you won't even be able to get the words out of your mouth without feeling utterly ridiculous. Because honestly, the above phrase is raunchy and even tacky to those who don't like to talk dirty.

Through sexting, you need not be very sharp as to think of sexy comebacks at a drop of a hat. Not like in phone sex that you are on real time, sexting gives you time to think of a reply.

It has become such a fad with the younger generation, not only because the youth of today are more sexual but also because during the awkward years of adolescence there is a strong desire to experiment, a need to be socially accepted and a great fear of rejection or humiliation. Technology has opened a way to allow the teens of today to experience sex virtually first, either as a way to "learn" or "to familiarize themselves with their partner/s" before they go on doing the real thing that.

No one knows exactly how sexting became a phenomenon, but what we do know is that it has now become a problem especially for the parents of the youths who are sext-ually active.

With the advent of such technology that allows you to send photos and videos through mobile devices, such as BBM (Blackberry messenger), teens and even pre-teens have become so sexually open and brave that many of our youths have taken to sending nude or semi-nude photos to their sext partners. And to keep their parents from discovering their sexting activities, they have created cryptic acronyms as a means of practicing "Safe Sext".

But even if you are of age, sexting can still pose some issues. As sexting is a nice way to release inhibitions or to spice up your sex life, some may let their guards down. Always remember that once you send something to another person, for example a video or photo, its distribution is no longer within your control. In this digital era, be vigilant and be smart. If sexting is your thing, only send a sexy photo or video to somebody that you really trust unless you don't mind displaying your wares to the whole world.

Also, make sure you send to the right person. It would be deathly embarrassing to accidentally send a particularly vulgar description of what you are doing or imagining... to your boss.

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Amazing Morning Sex

You know that amazingly hard wood your man gets every morning? Well it is there for a reason. Studies show that a guy's erection can be noticeably longer and harder when he is asleep due to nocturnal penile tumescence or NPT. It's not really known why NPT happens and it doesn't necessarily mean that he is having a sexy dream but you can use that to your advantage. Since guys wake up with a raging erection and testosterone levels are at its peak in the morning, give your man the best pick me up by giving him action down there first thing in the morning.

You may worry about bad breath and eye glue in the morning so you could either get up before he does and freshen up before giving him some action or you could keep the essentials in your bedside drawer.

Other than condoms, lubricants and toys, you may want to keep some breath fresheners and moist towelettes as well as a bottle of water next to your bed. For breath freshener, you may want to try non-mint ones since you'd be putting his thing in your mouth. Unless he likes the cold, minty sensation you don't have a problem, if he doesn't, you could try Altoids since they are made in different flavors like tangerine and raspberry.

Towel off your morning glory from your eyes, have a drink of water and pop a breath freshener to get rid of overnight mouth odors and you're ready for amazing morning sex. Don't worry about your hair, its fine; the rumpled look will work best.

You can start by slowly caressing and kissing him all over while taking off his underwear. Try not to wake him while doing this. When you have his pants down and his morning wood exposed, you can start to pleasure him orally, if he wakes up at this point it will be a nice surprise for him. Allow yourself a sheepish giggle if he gives you a "woah" look.

And that's how you initiate morning sex and start to benefit from his incredibly hard morning wood and increased testosterone levels. Even though guys don't often wake up horny, they feel particularly energized after a good night rest and therefore have more energy to pleasure you. Also, when they see an erection, most guys won't ask themselves why they have it; they see it, they see you and they think "better not let this go to waste!"

Not only do you benefit from his harder and bigger than usual erection and his incredible stamina, but you also get an incredible work out that will boost your energy and jumpstart your metabolism for the day.

Start by being on top and switch to spoon position, dog style or variations of these two styles. These "from behind" positions are the best morning sex positions since the two of you won't be all up each other's faces.

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The Dark Powers Of Sexual Magnetism

Many people have no idea what sexual magnetism is all about. It's all about the dark energy and the person who is allowing it inside. The more dark energy you let in the more your sexual magnetism will grow. The energy from this is so strong that it can literally hypnotize any person you want. It all starts from the fact regarding how badly you want to connect with your magnetic energy. Once you crave the desire, there are many different ways to tap into it. Hypothetically speaking, sexual magnetism is pretty much like an invisible border. Each person has this invisible border around himself or herself. Those amongst us who are living ordinary lives are those people who don't dare to go anywhere near this invisible border of theirs.

Many people in this world want to be sexually magnetic but fail to understand how to. They are too caught up thinking that sexual magnetism is all about a person's physical aspects, his social status and the crowd he fits into. Finally there is one other kind of people who simply go out to have fun without having any expectations in their mind related to attracting someone yet they somehow manage to. These are the kind of people who so strongly desire sex that they automatically end up building this energetic sexual magnetic field around themselves that strongly attracts any person who comes in contact with it. Such people program themselves before heading out telling themselves that they are not going to meet anyone and they release all these expectations to the Universe. What happens is that it comes back at them in a way that they still meet someone.

You might have noticed that in life when you want something so bad you still can't get it but then suddenly you forge trying for it and it just lands there in your lap. That is exactly the theory that works in magnetism. Some people have become so accustomed that they know for sure that if they act in a certain way they will definitely attract many people. These people have such strong dark energy in them that they aren't even aware of it but just know that they possess the power to attract others. Therefore sexual magnetism is something that occurs very deep in one's unconscious level. It is often termed as an uncontrollable force that needs to be regularly fed.

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Great Ways to Tease Him

Looking for ways to excite your man? It is easy when you have the right tools. Some people think that in order to really excite your lover is to by cheap, sexy lingerie and wear high heels and lipstick, but you honestly do not need all of this. Most men love the fact that their girl does not need any extra gadgets to enhance her beauty and get him off; they love to think that all their girl needs to get him horny is herself.

Men are extremely sensitive in many areas including: the back, the neck, the stomach and inner thighs. It is highly important to know where your man's super secret sensitive areas are, because you can definitely use this to tease him. When you are in the mood, lightly stroke the back of his neck, and work your fingertips around his body, being sure to hit those sensitive areas. A major turn on that works hand in hand with this fingertip method is using your lips and mouth to get the job done.

Once you feel you have done enough work with your fingers, turn to using your lips. Kiss him gently on the lips, work your way down his neck and stomach, and if you want to get a little crazy, try to unzip his bottoms with your teeth and mouth. This will definitely make him think that you are about to go down on him, but do not give him what he wants just yet! Be sure to leave his pants unzipped for a few moments, and then tell him that it is his turn.

Have him unbutton, or take off your blouse, and surprise him; do not have a bra on underneath. Take his hands off of you, and undo his pants even further, being sure to take his member out. Lightly play with him, and use your breasts to caress him. This will blow his mind! Now comes the even better part; licking!

With his friend stiff and ready to go, stop working with your breasts and go back to using your mouth. Work with the tip of his penis using only your lips, and then begin to slowly lick the sides of him. The cold air hitting his member will shock him, but the wetness from your mouth will keep him hard. Place him fully in your mouth, but only once, being sure to fully lubricate him. Then, it's his turn to tease you! Have fun, and happy teasing!

Teasing may seem a bit mean at times, especially because it drives men crazy when they expect sex and are not instantly gratified with it. You should try not to approach using the tease to get your man aroused just to cut the night short and give him blue balls. The tease should really be used with the intent on eventually having sex and enjoying and extending foreplay and love making.

"Blue Balls" can be an uncomfortable and potentially painful experience for a man. As all of the pressure builds up to eventually explode in orgasm which does not occur, the body reacts slowly to alleviate the pressure causing what feels like cramping in the lower abdominal and testicle areas.

It is all about the right amount of teasing to get your man off. If you can build the pressure to the point of orgasm then slow the activities and a couple minutes later bring him back to that point, his orgasm will be that much more intense and enjoyable. What I am getting at is balance is important. Give your man the right amount, but not too much teasing to optimize the sexual experience for both him and you.

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Sexercise: Connecting Sex and Exercise

Dear Zumba: your services are no longer needed. Why, you ask? Because working up a sweat with your lover is much more fun. People seem to forget that the best and often most effective form of exercise is the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket. Sexercise is (thank goodness) sweeping the nation, and people everywhere are rejoicing, repeatedly. Whether you are rocking out the Kama Sutra's waterfall or Indian headstand positions, going missionary or even strip-teasing for your lover, sexercise is rocking its way back to the top.

Strippers have always gotten a bad rap, but now you can have all the sexy moves and outfits, but rock out the pole in the privacy of your own home, for your own entertainment. Strip-aerobic classes teach women to be confident and comfortable in their own skin, all while getting one hell of a workout, and learning new ways to tease your lover. What a combo! So by all means, mount that pole into the joist bracing, and get to twirling (and sweating!).

Good ole fashioned baby-making, or practice runs, have long been the cardio of choice. All you need is something to stabilize your or your lovers body on, lube, protection, and possibly a cigarette or ten afterward. A fridge to raid and a shower are also helpful, but get down to brass tax, rip off their clothes with your teeth, and pleasure the bejesus out of yourselves. Now give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work, assuming you have the energy.

Average sex or strip-aerobics not good enough for haute you? Grab a Kama Sutra, and let's see if you are still singing the same tune after an hour of "The Waterfall" or "Indian Headstand." Sure, maybe you're fit as a fiddle, fantastic and have great balance; but how does all that measure up to the tantric power and carnal lovemaking of the Kama Sutra? You may have difficulty walking tomorrow, and if you don't, in all hopes, you lover may. Just remember that face planting and blood are not romantic, so throw down a pillow, or grab a cushy stool to keep from Grestky-ing your face, please!

One of the concerns about considering sex an exercise is its typical duration. Sex normally doesn't last more than 15 minutes so think about some techniques that you can prolong the experience and really get a great workout. Two birds with one stone in other words. Not only will the sex last longer resulting in more pleasure, you will also b extending your workout. Enjoy sexercising tonight!

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How To Masturbate For Women

When it comes to knowing how to pleasure themselves and masturbate, women can have just as much fun and enjoyment doing it as a man does. You may think that women don't masturbate, but you would be very wrong! It is actually something that is great for women to do so they get to know what turns them on so they can better be able to tell their partner when they are going to make love with them.

But just how should a woman go about pleasuring herself? It seems that all a man needs to do is hold on and rub himself the right way, but it's a bit more difficult for a woman to masturbate to a climax. But once you learn, it can not only be a relaxing and pleasurable thing to do if your lover is out of town or maybe he is a soldier deployed overseas and you aren't together, but it can also teach you things you can do together once he is back in the picture!

First, it's a good idea to have a supply of lubricant before you set off to masturbate. You should also have clean hands and cut fingernails so you don't hurt yourself. It's a known fact that if your hands are dirty and you touch your vaginal area, then you could introduce some bacteria and cause a nasty bladder infection and that's no fun at all!

The special part of a woman's body that she really needs to learn how to pleasure is the clitoris. A woman's clitoris is similar to a guy's penis and in some ways it actually does look like a tiny little penis. It has a hood and the button to "push" is the tiny little sensitive area under that hood. When you gentle rub it, first slow, then gradually faster and with more pressure, it starts to swell just like a man's penis does and the hood will come up over it. By that point, you should really be starting to pant and sweat and feel good if you have done it the right way.

If you get enough pressure and motion going, it's possible to make yourself come by hand, but if you have a vibrator, it can be even more intense and pleasurable. You can get special vibrators that have little "wings" on them that are made special to vibrate and stimulate a woman's clitoris. These can be used on yourself, or your lover can use them to masturbate you to add some spice to your love making sessions.

That's another thing to remember. Mutual masturbation can be very sexy! Plus, a lot of guys love to watch their woman masturbate and you wouldn't believe how much it can turn a guy on to watch her go for it and pleasure herself! Plus, if he watches, he is bound to learn what makes you get turned on and that can only make your own love making sessions even better!

Besides the clitoris, you can learn to gently stroke and rub the folds of the vaginal opening, or rub and pinch your nipples and watch them grow hard as well. Just because the clitoris is the organ that ultimately brings you to climax, there is no reason to ignore your other bits as they need attention too!

All in all, masturbating can bring a woman pleasure and can even bring excitement into a relationship. For instance, if you are away from your lover but you both have access to a webcam, it can be super exciting for you to masturbate while he watches! That can get you both going so when you are able to get back together you are in for a hot time in the ole bedroom for sure!

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A Guide to Advanced Squirting Orgasms (Female Ejaculation): Techniques to Make Her Orgasm Faster

One of the most common problems that I hear about from guys is that they can often get their girlfriend up to the point of orgasming, yet still fail to give her an ejaculation orgasm. It can be really tough for guys and many give up at this point, assuming that she isn't capable of having a squirting orgasm or that they will never master the technique. Often the opposite is true! With a few, small changes to the way they date, they too can give her a squirting orgasm.

Making Your Dates More Sexual

Bizarrely, learning female ejaculation and G-spot stimulation techniques can actually hinder her orgasm at first. This is due to the number one problem that many people have: 'overthinking' sex! It is more common than you'd expect for guys to only think about technique and forget all about the woman who is having the orgasm! Unsurprisingly, this is very unsexy for her.

The key to making her orgasm starts as soon as you meet her for the date. If the date is boring and unsexy, she will find it difficult to really go crazy in bed later, therefore you want to make sure that there are moments of excitement on every date. Hidden caresses and whispered fantasies are just two of the many ways you can make this happen.

How to Have Better Dates and Great Sex

When you finally get home, you also want to make sure that this sexual vibe continues, but with a lot more intensity. However, similar to the way that you can't be sexual the entire time during dates, you also want to add some intimacy to the sex occasionally. The little things that guys often forget like holding hands occasionally or telling her how beautiful she looks can help to make the sex unpredictable and exciting too.

Turning Good Sex Into Amazing Sex

The most important thing is to let her know that sex with her is not just about the orgasm, but the process too. She needs to know that you 'get' her and understand about all the things that go into having great sex. By adding sexual tension to the date and intimacy to the intercourse, you can make the whole date lead up to the orgasm and this is the way to give her advanced orgasms like squirting orgasms more easily. While many people make the mistake of thinking that the technique is the most important thing, sex masters know that everything they do with a woman defines how good the sex will be in the relationship.

Harlan M. is a sex expert. For a step-by-step guide to giving her a female ejaculation orgasm and G-spot ejaculation tips guide, visit http://www.femaleejaculationreview.com/.

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Strange Vagina Products

It is strange enough for men to know that a woman's intimate region needs a special kind of wash. Now imagine a man's reaction to these strange vagina products that have even provoked baffled reactions from the ladies. Here are some of the most creative and even the weirdest products created especially for a woman's intimate regions.

Bikini Line Genie

Protect your labia minora and clitoris during shaving! This little thing is used to tuck you labia minora in place between your labia majora. The Bikini Line Genie will protect you labia minora, clitoris and vaginal opening during shaving. On the label, it says it will reduce shaving time to just 60 seconds. What do I think? Don't rush when you're shaving your crotch.

Betty beauty

Did you just dye your hair and wish that the carpet matched the drapes? Betty beauty will solve that problem for you. Available in a variety of colors including auburn, brown, blonde and even fun colors like hot pink, aqua blue and lilac if you're feeling a bit adventurous!

My New Pink Button

Now your vadge can always look flushed and in the pink of health with this genital blush. Apply on the apples of your cheeks... I mean the outer lips of your vulva for that healthy pinkish glow.

Sama Douche

This product from some unknown manufacturer in China promises to sterilize your vadge. Why anyone would like to sterilize their vagina is beyond me... to store food?


No more camel toe! Remember that video of Katy Perry singing "Firework" in a Victoria's Secret fashion show? We don't want that, do we? Cuchini solves all that.

The Tinge

Again, another invention that will save shaving time because we are always in a hurry when we shave. This device doubles as a vibrator so you can masturbate while you shave. That's right; it's a vibrator with razors on top. If you're wondering whether this is safe... well, try using it with the Bikini Line Genie, cross your fingers and hope for the best.


Genital toupee if you don't want to show your real pubic hair. Apparently used by actors and actresses for those intimate moments on screen or maybe by first time lovers conscious that they have missed an appointment with their pubic hair dresser.


Ever been jealous that guys have the convenience of peeing almost anywhere? This device will really come in handy during long road trips.

"Maybe You Touched Your Genitals" Hand Sanitizer

We are guessing normal hand sanitizers will work, don't you think?

Vulva Original

Now this one isn't for your vagina but this really deserves a spot here. If your man cannot get enough of your womanly scent, why not give him a bottle of it? He can enjoy the scent of your femininity anytime anywhere with this vagina scented substance (it's not perfume).

Before we proceed, as not to offend anyone with the misuse of terms, let us clarify that vulva and vagina will be used interchangeably as more people are familiar with the term "vagina" to refer to the external area of a woman's genitals. We know that vagina actually refers to the internal, but in this case, vagina will refer to both the vulva and the vagina.

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Naughty Striptease That Will Make Him Go Wild

Men are very visual so you can count on a hot striptease to get him wild for you. Before you start teasing him with your moves, make sure that you prepare everything first. It will ruin the moment if you would have to pause and go searching for your props or if you had to ask him to wait while you prepare everything. So that the show is smooth and spontaneous, get everything ready; from the lighting (try using candles), music, your clothes (you must be already dressed for the show to the props that you will be using.

The point of striptease is to tease him, so don't bare everything right away. Here are step by step tips on how to start your striptease, assuming that you have are already decided that you are comfortable enough to do an intimate show for your partner.

De-clutter your space

Start by making you "stage" (usually it'll be your bedroom) presentable and appealing. You will never see clutter in strip clubs. Put away your clothes, books, CDs, shoes or anything else that takes away from the aesthetic of your stage.

Set the atmosphere

You would need flattering lighting. Yellow light or dim lights are great options. Notice how most people always look different-better in bars/clubs? It's the dim lights. Get some dim lights or what you can do is cover your white lights with red cellophane. It'll give you that strip club atmosphere. Light some scented candles to add drama.

Ready your props

Wear sexy lingerie. If you don't already have one, you should purchase a set NOW. Sexy lingerie is must-have in any girl's closet. Start a collection if you can. Wear sexy stilettos (the higher the better) and stockings with garters that attach to your underwear. Your lingerie shouldn't be thongs as these reveal too much. The point of the strip tease is mystery. You can wear lacy boyleg underwear with thongs underneath so it adds another layer to remove. Wear a sexy easy-to-remove outfit on top of your sexy lingerie. Remember that removal of this layer needs to be accomplished smoothly and without any fuss.

A Tie or a scarf, a straight back chair and a fedora hat are additional props that you should consider.

Sexy Music

Choose sensual music that you feel comfortable dancing in. Make a playlist so you do not run out of tunes.

Start the show

When doing your striptease, make sure that you are confident and keep telling yourself how foxy you are. The sexier you feel, the sexier your show will be; some find it a big help to have touch of alcohol in their system to calm their nerves. But do not get drunk or else you striptease will be sloppy.

Maintain eye contact and a come hither look at all times. Touch yourself, bite your lips, fondle your breasts and mess your hair. Make the most out of your body and tease him by touching yourself, bending over to show him your goods, put him in between your breasts but don't let him freely touch you... yet. Playfully spank him when he tries to touch you; he can only do so after you finish your show. Every time you remove an item of clothing, throw it at him. Remove your underwear bottoms last.

Moves in a striptease dance need not be complicated; it is mostly about the hips and butt. It is slow and sensual, smooth, circular and there is lots of posing involved.

For more details on how to actually perform, you can watch striptease tutorials online or you can even enroll in a striptease class at your local gym.

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Wide Open Spaces: Sex In the Outdoors

Not all people are conventional believers when it comes to getting their groove on. Mixing it up is the spice of life, and some people like to get that spice out of the house, In the lovely great outdoors. If you are now thinking of the movie, Great Outdoors, start thinking of your sexual preference naked and wanting on a blanket in a meadow. Now that's where your mind should be! Sex outside can be an all new experience for you, with compelling new sensations enticing your inhibitions and heightening your pleasure. So where are some of the places you can really experiment with sex outdoors?

When knocking boots outside, you need to remember the old realtor's motto: Location, location, location. Railing you sweetie within visual or cochlear radius of a playground or school is highly unadvised, but if you feel like throwing a blanket down on a secluded Moore, hill, mountain, or dune there are a few things you should think about first. Location! Highly populated or family oriented areas are a definite no-no, as they generally lead to public embarrassment, criminal charges and family shame.

Mounds of pine straw are not as innocent as you would think, they contain a plethora of blood sucking nibblers that you don't want around your business, and soft sands are not as lovely when they find their way into your lady's carnal canal or under your foreskin. Water, especially warm water, may seem like a romantic notion, until you both contract a yeast infection from thrusting water into places water isn't meant to go. Do it ON the hot tub, or beside it and then hop in, also, don't screw in a geyser in Yellowstone, deer and bear and various other wild life drink from and piss in this water!

Go for a meadow, secluded dune or isle, uninhabited mountain top or the hood of your car in the middle of nowhere to mix up your nooky routine. Wherever it is, please bring a blanket to avoid sand, bugs or other undesirable things creeping up your business. Make sure you won't traumatize small children, get arrested, or banned from any place you frequent on a regular basis, and don't forget your lube! This is about heightening your sexual experience and should be done with some respect to the environment and those in the vicinity. Enjoy yourself, be safe, and please do not get arrested.

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Organising A Strip Show for Your Stag Party

Some men think having a strip show in a stag party is mandatory. Whether or not the stag himself wants to have a naked woman dancing on his lap, at least one member of the stag group will suggest it so adamantly that you as the stag party organizer might end up giving in.

The first thing you should consider before fitting a strip show into your group's stag party activities is to talk with the stag about it. Some engaged men may not feel comfortable about the idea, and really what is a stag party if the stag ends up hiding in a closet?

Some would find it all right, as long as nobody talks about it outside of the stag circle. While others would say no to a private strip show, and yes to a public strip club, where the stag can have some strong arguments if his future bride ever gets wind of their party entertainment.

One thing you should consider if you do decide to go to a strip club instead-it may be less incriminating but more expensive. If you're on a tight budget, hiring strippers to do a private strip show for the group is your best and only choice. And you can make this work for even the most reluctant stag if you set a few restrictions and ensure him that not a word of it will ever make it to his future bride's circle of friends. Remember the one strict rule that should be honored in any stag party: mum's the word!

So you have convinced the stag and are all set to hire ladies to strut their exotic moves in a private strip show all your own. The next step is to find a reliable stag party event coordinator who may hook you up with a choice of strippers to meet your group's preferences. He will also be able to advice you on the hourly rates of the strippers, as well as on what you can and cannot do when dealing with them.

A single stripper should be enough to perform a strip show for a stag party of five guys, and two if it exceeds that number. You should also remember to book the girl or girls for an extra hour or two so they can hang out with the guys. Tipping the girls is not a bad idea either, especially if they have put on a good show.

If you're organising a stag party in Ireland, either for yourself or for a great mate, make sure you visit http://www.strippersdublin.ie/ for great information and ideas to make your stag party a night to remember.

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Things To Do With A Naked Man

When your man is in the shower, or just got out of the shower and he only has a towel wrapped around him or anytime when he is naked, there are many things you could do to take advantage of that "birthday suit" moment.

1. Accost him by standing squarely in front of him and grab him by the shoulders so you have his full attention. Without a word, whip off his towel if he has it on, and slowly undress yourself. Let him visually feast on your nakedness for a change. Usually, undressing during sex is hurried and frenzied that he doesn't have the chance to stare at you in the nude. Don't do this if he is in hurry to go to the office, because chances are, he won't stop at just staring...

2. If he is in the shower or is just about to take one, join him for some soapy, slippery make out session. Start by washing him and letting him wash you. Make the experience as sensual as you can to make the shower feel like a sexy ritual rather than a necessary task for removing dirt. Don't think that what you are doing is cleaning each other off as that can remove the sexiness of the deed. Focus on the sensations instead, the feel of the warm water on your body, the feel of his body on your slippery hands...

3. From behind, wrap your hands around him for a seemingly innocent hug and some kisses. Have a bottle of lubricant ready so could give him a hand job from behind. If he asks what the lube is for, slyly give him a "cat that ate the canary" grin and touch his penis. Slather it with lube and while standing behind him so that the position of your hand is exactly the same way his will be if he were to be masturbating, start stroking him. Kiss, lick, suck his dorsal area while you are it to give him sensations that he doesn't experience on his own.

4. Keep him naked and suggest that you want to have a banana sundae. Prepare a bowl of ice cream and slather him with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. After taking a bite of ice cream, lick, suck and kiss his body to give him that incredibly delicious cold sensation. With the insides of your mouth cold from the frozen treat, give him a blow job to drive him crazy.

5. There is something touching and romantic about slow dancing with your partner. Now imagine you are doing that beautiful act skin on skin. It may sound corny, but there is almost something tantric about this type of activity, and chances are it will quickly lead to great sex. So put on some of your favorite slow jams and get nice and close to your naked man for a new experience. If that doesn't do it for you then there is always bumping and grinding.

There is something raw and masculine about a man when he is stark naked, but also so vulnerable. If you can make him feel strong and manly when you pleasure him it will excite him that much more. A man will quickly overcome any insecurities about being naked when he realizes his appeal to you. Unlike women, most men seem to overlook their naked insecurities very quickly.

The key to keeping sex interesting is to regularly mix it up. Try different creative activities and surprise your partner with new methods and techniques. Variety is the spice of life after all. This applies to bedroom activities too. You can role play, try different locations, positions, and techniques the sky is the limit!

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Blindfolded Sex

Blindfold sex is one of the simplest ways to spice up your sex life. It is so simple that even the shyest individual can try this out without fearing silly or uncomfortable. In fact, playing with a blindfold during sex is one of the best ways for shy couples to introduce kinkiness in the bedroom.

First off, get your blindfolds ready, you can use a scarf, a tie, a handkerchief or almost any piece of garment that'll cover your eyes.

Here are some tips on how to start off incorporating the use of blindfolds during sex.

1. Set the mood. Play some nice music so the two of you can relax. Slow dancing helps to to start the intimacy.

2. Start with a game to warm things up. Blindfold each other while feeding each other desert. Since both of you are blind, you will rely on your other senses to help you out with the task. Focus on your sense of touch and use your finger to feel where her mouth is, where the ice cream bowl is and such. Be playful and spontaneous. Do not be afraid to put ice cream on other parts of her body.

3. With the blindfold still on, try to clean each other off. Use your fingers and tongues to find where the two of daubed ice cream on each other. Feel each other's faces and body and clean each other off. This will inevitably lead to making out.

4. With the blindfold still one, lead each other towards the bedroom or if you want to continue whatever you are doing in that same place, do not hesitate to do so.

5. Undress each other slowly and don't be afraid to lose your inhibitions. Imagine having phone sex... you can narrate what you are about to do and what you are already doing in a very graphic manner. Do not be shy as your partner cannot see you. Let all you other senses take over the moment.

6. With the two of you blindfolded, you will get to enjoy finding each other's body parts making the experience more tension building and erotic.

Couples who have tried playing with blindfolds say that it actually helps in letting out the inner tiger in anyone. If your partner is not a moaner, expect her to be more vocal and confident with her moans and shouts since she is free to escape to a land where self-consciousness does not exist.

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Wife 2 Mistress - A Guide to turning your Wife into your Mistress

Do you run an adult or adult classifieds site? This guide is aimed at all the men who use your site to find Nsa sex partners. It's an easy sale as many of them would prefer their wives to act like their mistresses, and this guide will show them how!

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How to Pick Up Women: A Guide for the Asian Man

Secrets and tricks on succeeding with women, specifically geared towards Asian men. Includes step-by-step how-tos, dialogues and analysis on attraction, improving sex appeal, approaching, conversation, closing, and beating the competition.

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The Kind Of Sex All Couples Need

There is the kinky sex like role-playing and BDSM that are very exciting but may not work for all couple and there are the must-tries that are also very exciting but not too far out from your usual routine that it'll work for all kinds of couples.

Here are the top 2 must have sex that all couples need to try. The first is the risky quickie which discusses how to enjoy a fast one. The second is slow but wild sex that goes into detail on long and sensual sex.

The Risky Quickie

All couples have done a quickie at least once in the course of their relationship (at least we hope you have!). A quickie is a great way to show how much you lust for each other; your passion is on fire that it can no longer be contained, not bothering to fully undress, you just take his penis out of his pants and slip your panties to the side and in less than 5 minutes you are left weak-kneed, flushed and naturally high. This kind of sex is like a shooting star; it's amazing and memorable but over before you know it.

A quickie is usually achieved after a slow burn of flirting and restrained lust; you know what the best quickie is? In a place where you're not supposed to be having sex, such as your parents' house or your office building among many others. Doing it inside the office is very, very risky so we suggest you do it in the basement or parking lot, outside your office but still technically in place where the risk of getting caught will add to the excitement. If you don't want to take the risk, do it in your parent's house, a friend's house or a relative's house, if you can do it outside the bedroom that will really add to the excitement.

Make sure you wear thongs for easy access and some lube will be really handy. Also, try not to make a single sound.

Slow but Wild Sex

Long and sensual foreplay allows the two of you to really get to know each other. You can start off by giving him a little show of how you want to be handled; watching a woman pleasure herself is usually on a man's top 5 must-sees. Control should be give and take, meaning you take control half of the time and he is in control also half of the time. If you want him to do something else, let him know by leading him to it and/or showing him how. Let the animal in you take free reign, let go of inhibitions and do not be shy to scream and shout, moan and writhe. Scratch him and bit him, let him pull your hair and slap your butt. This is the kind of sex that wakes the neighbors and may potentially break the bed. It's wild, rough and hard but also sensual, passionate and takes time.

However, do not do this when you have your kids or parents in the house. We all know how emotionally traumatic that is.

Couples should always be working on techniques and methods to keep sex exciting and fresh. The same old bedroom expectations will lead to the same old sex. Be creative and learn the techniques that will truly turn on your partner. The amazing thing about being creative in the sack is there is literally endless possibilities for what can be tried and tested. Whether you want to introduce bondage or toys into the equation or even a third party, exploration can be exciting and spice up your love life and relationship.

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Tips For Hotter Sex

Your sexual experiences right now may be mind-blowing but you can achieve a level of hotter sex that could leave you and your partner quivering and breathless with after-glow. How is this possible? If your sex life is great, remember, there's always room for improvement; and by improvement, we mean earth-shattering orgasms and the most intense of erotic sensations! Most couples say they want to get down and dirty like porn stars; the problem is, porn is fake and your intimate experiences are very real so they should be twice as pleasurable as any XXX film. So how do you go from slightly hot to sizzling sex in a single sexual session?

‧ Use your imagination! Unleash the carnal desires that are hidden in the caverns of your dirty little mind! We all have fantasies and sometimes it can be wonderful to let those fantasies take control of our sex lives. How? Be uninhibited and say things you normally wouldn't say! It's all about being spontaneous and free-spirited with your lover so it's important to communicate your needs, wants, and ultimate passions during your love-making. Hotter sex requires you to have a boost in confidence and a sense of humor if your ideas don't work out as you may have imagined them. If you come to a point where a position may have worked better in your mind, improvise with something new and more exciting! Erotic sensation and orgasmic stimulation can only go as far as your imagination will allow it to go.

‧ Take a few tips from those erotic stories and harlequin romance novels. If this means blindfolded sex, break out your winter scarves and hop on! If your sexual ideal for hotter sex requires passionate kissing, remember the make-out days of your youth and allow your tongues to mingle in sexual bliss. Read up on the sexy challenges for every day of the year and see if you can make all of those happen. Hotter sex means using your fingers, entire body, tongue, lips, and everything in between to rev up your significant other to the point of mind-numbing sex and intense release!

‧ Talk dirty! Too many couples are shy when it comes to communicating in the bedroom. The hottest thing any guy can hear from you is, "I want you inside me." While there are a multitude of verbal cues that can easily be a woman's arousal trigger! If you think you sound goofy, then you'll start believing you shouldn't speak during sex and that's a big no-no. Communication is the key to amazing sex and it allows you to let your partner know what feels good while receiving feedback in a sexy way that won't break the mood. Next time, whisper all of the naughty things that come to mind; you'll be sure to get an awesome reaction!

Hotter sex all levels down to how much inhibition you have. If you're scared to reveal yourself in an intimate light to your partner, then hotter sex will be out of your reach until you learn that's it's a good thing to have confidence in the bedroom. Hotter sex for you may mean getting freaky with the lights on and that's always a step in the right direction! We are all visual, sexual, highly imaginative creatures and anything you can create mentally can be utilized to get you and your partner to the cloud 9 of sexual euphoria. When you feel sexy and desired, the sex will be a thousand times better than if you felt self-conscious about your body and all your jiggly bits. Embrace yourself, use your creativity, and hotter sex will inevitably follow!

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Pleasing a Woman Properly

Pleasing his woman is a man's mission. However, if the man has come unprepared for such a job, he would find himself in a quagmire of confusion. Women are an interesting lot but they are also hard to please. A man must think of unique and interesting ways to please his woman, or else, she will find someone else who can. This applies not only to the antics a man must do to please a woman outside the privacy of the bedroom, but as well as in the actual performance within the privacy of the bedroom too.

Perhaps the best indicator that a man has please his woman is when she achieves orgasm during lovemaking. And the best way to do this in most cases is to go down on her and perform cunnilingus. It is a fact that only a handful of women achieve orgasm during coitus. Most of the times, orgasm is achieve by stimulating the clitoris and her G-spot. And this can be done through cunnilingus. Let us not be carried away though by the heat of the moment and jump right into it after tearing off her clothes. That is only done by savages who have not been civilized by times and whose only intent is to satisfy their primal instinct of experiencing pleasure through exploiting a woman's naked body.

Today's men know that satisfying a woman in bed is no small feat. Women nowadays already take active part in lovemaking and want to receive pleasure as well as to give it to their man. That is why a man who wants to make her woman happy must learn the techniques and the little secrets that would please a woman in bed. It is not so much on knowing the techniques but how you employ them to make your woman scream in ecstasy and pleasure that really counts.

Women are different from one another. Some women just only take a soft touch to make them achieve orgasm incredibly. There are also those who can reach multiple orgasms without much effort. Others need a lot of foreplay and stimulation to ejaculate while other women just simply don't know how to achieve orgasm. Well, they might have not been rendered the appropriate stimulation and techniques that is why they have not yet experienced the awesomeness of attaining orgasm.

Women generally need a lot of foreplay for stimulation before she reaches orgasm. That is why men have to bear this in mind when planning to lay a woman. You just don't remove her clothes and go down between her legs outright. You have to make her hot first, ready her for the ultimate orgasm. Just like you heat up your car's engine before it purrs up to its full and smooth energy. Prepare your woman by stimulating her through delectable foreplays. Some women like it rough but most would appreciate a slow and sensual stimulation.

Start the action right with soft, sensual kiss on the lips. Use your tongue to make her open her mouth to you for a French kiss. However, do not make the mistake of shoving your tongue down her throat. Nobody wants to gag with a tongue shoving down your windpipe. Make the movement sensuous and rhythmic; no rash actions that would hurt your woman. The spot behind her ears are very sensitive as well as her nape. Kissing these parts would notch up her heat when done appropriately. Other women get turned on when their backs are kissed sensuously, down to the small of their backs.

You cannot go wrong with soft, feathery kisses on her breasts either. Lightly flicking your tongue on her nipples would send ripples of pleasure through her down to the most private part of her. Again, a man must remember not to mash her breasts too roughly or risk ruining the moment. Trailing kisses down her belly to her mound would simply give pleasure to your woman. By this time, she would be panting with anticipation. Heighten the sensation by skipping her mound and focusing on her thighs first. Planting soft kisses on the insides of her thighs, trailing along the lines where her torso meets her legs would excite any woman. By now, she would be trying to hold your head down and press her mound towards your face.

Giving her a blowjob entails careful and deliberate movements so as to give pleasure and not pain. A woman's labia and clitoris are very sensitive and when overly stimulated, could hurt her more than pleasuring her. Thus, a man must take full control of his self when performing cunnilingus, lest he gets carried away and mash his woman's mound with her teeth and lips. A man can stimulate her clitoris with her tongue and lips while inserting his finger in her vagina, to stimulate her G-spot. Simultaneously stimulating these parts would simply send a woman to the edge of oblivion; achieving a mind-shattering orgasm that would make her squirt all over you.

Just as she is about to come down to earth from that unearthly orgasm, place your penis against her vagina and slowly enter her. Make the rhythm slow at first to wake up her senses. You can then start pounding her as you get the tempo of her gyration. Pound her relentlessly, varying your movements to stimulate the insides of her vagina as your penis touches its walls and hitting her G-spot again and again until you both achieve orgasm. Do not just remove your penis inside her upon finishing ejaculation. Feel the warmth of the moment by cuddling her a little more, making her feel you inside her and bask on the afterglow of your lovemaking. It would please her if you make her feel special by doing this after your session and not just remove yourself from her outright.

For more information, read these articles on how to please your wife and on female reproductive organs.

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How To Introduce Your Lover to Swinging

The first and only book of its kind that reveals the exact steps to helping a couple overcome their fears or reluctance to joining the swinging lifestyle. A new product ideal for swinging, couples relationships and sex sites.

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What to Do When Your Woman Doesn't Want Oral Sex Performed on Her

You want to give your woman pleasure and you know you can do it through oral sex, but she will not allow you to go ahead and show her how you can make her feel. This is frustrating because all you want to do is to make her feel good!

There are many different reasons why a woman will not let you go ahead and give her oral sex. One thing that it does not have anything to do with is withholding oral sex from you on purpose. She wants you to make her feel good and she is not purposely denying you the feeling that making her feel good would give you.

Trust me, she wants you to feel good about yourself and feel like you can pleasure her. But there is another barrier that is in the way of allowing you to do so.

I can't personally say which barrier she is putting up and why, but you can ask her which one of the following reasons may apply to her and because you have taken interest into the real reasons behind her denying you oral sex she may choose to open up and tell you exactly what her fears and concerns are about the whole situation.

Here are a few of the reasons she may be denying oral sex and a few suggestions on how to deal with it:

1. She's Worried What You Will Think When You Are Down There

This is probably the most common reason. Women are not always comfortable with their own bodies and especially their private regions. The worry about the taste, smell, and even appearance of their vagina and they don't want to turn you off of them completely, so instead they choose not to let you give them oral sex.

You can try assuring her that you love the way she smells, tastes, or looks down there. If you say it enough times, with conviction, then she may start to believe it and allow you to give her oral pleasure without worrying about what you are thinking.

If you don't have proof that you love the taste, smell, or look than assure her that you love her and you love her whole body without judgment. She may eventually allow you to go down. But remember that she will be watching your every move and listening to your every noise for a sign of disgust. If you accidently give off a sign then she will immediately halt oral sex and may deny you from doing it again. So be aware of your noises and movements.

You can also reassure her that every woman looks different down there and that she is unique and amazing to you. Most women do not realize that the way their vagina looks is okay and unique to them. Not all women's vagina's are created equal!

2. It Hasn't Felt Good In The Past

She may not want to give you access down there because the last time she had oral sex it did not feel good. In fact it may have downright hurt her! This is common when women do not know their own bodies and know how to direct men during oral sex, and it is also common when men do not know how to give their women oral pleasure.

You can fix this by assuring her that you have read up on how to please a woman orally and you have picked up some skills that will cause her pleasure and not pain. Tell her that she can tell you if it hurts or feels bad and you will adjust and do something else.

The rub here is that you will actually have to have read up and learn some pleasure-giving skills! If you haven't, and you end up hurting her again, then she may not trust you a second time.

You can also allow her to figure out what feels good by buying her a vibrator and encouraging her to use it on herself. Once she knows the right spots and pressure that makes her feel good she will be more able to direct you to those spots and adjust your pressure.

3. She's Been Abused

The statistics for women who have been sexually abused is shocking. It's no wonder that these women don't always want to allow their men to get up close and personal with areas of their bodies that are sensitive and have been used against their will.

In this case she may need help getting through her fear of abuse and the feelings attached to that fear. She will have to do that on her on.

All you can do is offer her the love and support of a good man and assure her that you will never hurt her in that way - ever. This means that you can't force yourself on her physically or mentally ever. If you do then you will lose her trust completely and will never get a chance to prove yourself to her.

Don't constantly badger her to give her oral sex but instead let her know that you want to pleasure her in every way you can. She will have to come around to allowing you to give her oral sex on her own.

Bellaisa is the owner of pleasure her tonight a website with relationship advice for men on dating, sex, and relationship issues. Learn how to please a woman orally and become a man that every woman wants.

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Art Of Lovemaking - Get Her Sexually Addicted To You

She is in her birthday suit. This could be the 1st time or the 100th time you are with her. What are you going to do to please her in bed for the next one hour or so? In most situations, whether it is the 1st encounter or not, she would love very much that you could do the following things.

(1) Pamper the back part of her body

The back part of her body is also very responsive to any sensual stimulation. You stand behind her to start with kissing the nape of her neck and then slowly give her a cat bath down her spine. This position allows you to simultaneously massage her breasts and other possible erotic areas at the front part of the body.

(2) Give her an unusual clitoral stimulation

You gently pin her against the wall and spread her legs using your knee. Then you brush your thigh against the area between her legs to warm her up. You can also use the tip of your "little brother" to rub against her clitoris. Take her hand and place it on your shaft so she can control how she wants to be stimulated.

(3) Be naughty with your hands

You use one hand to massage her buttocks and the other hand reaching to cup her face. By doing this you are letting her feel she is so beautiful that you cannot stop looking at her and you find her so seductive that you cannot wait to do her.

(4) Lubricate her

Before you enter her, apply some lubricant around the opening to her vagina. The amount of lubricant should be just enough to enter her smoothly but not too much that there is no friction at all.

(5) Give her some love bites

When people are in a state of being highly aroused they have a slightly higher tolerance for pain. You can take advantage of this by giving some love bites on her thighs before doing oral on her.

(6) Apply pressure on this little known hot spot

Put your thumbs on either side of her vagina and rub the area in small circles. The nerves that link to her clitoris actually extend to this area so your massage prepares her body for oral sex.

(7) Keep her guessing

You can do this by blind-folding her and planting kisses on any part of her body. Because she is not sure where your cheeky lips are going to land next, this will put her body in a state of constant anticipation. You can also give her oral sex when she is being blindfolded. This will be good for women who have problem in letting go because they are self-conscious about how they look down there.

(8) Give her some visual stimulation

Put some mirrors at strategic locations in the bedroom so that she can see reflections of you doing her. Women can also get turned on by what they see.

(9) Give her a clitoral and g-spot orgasm

Use 2 fingers (the 3rd and 4th fingers) to lightly stroke her clitoris in circles. Apply some lubricant on the 2nd finger of your other hand (with the palm facing up) and go about 1 to 2 inches inside her along the front wall to reach for the g-spot (which feels spongy) to press on.

(10) Try this improved version of missionary sex position

Tie her ankles together before you enter her. In this way her vaginal wall will give your "little brother" a tighter squeeze making her you feel bigger. This position also allows for better clitoral stimulation.

(11) Pamper her joints

Those parts of her body which can be bent such as neck, elbow, waist, etc are very sensitive to sensual stimulation. Kiss any of these spots during the lovemaking session to heighten her sensation. It will be better if you can leave out her usual sensual spot first so that by the time she gets highly aroused she will be dying for you to go for the "final assault".

(12) Give her oral sex at right angle

Position yourself perpendicularly to her body so that you can move your tongue back and forth sideways across her clitoris. This change from the usual up and down movement of your tongue on her clitoris will enrich her sensual sensation.

(13) Blow hot and cold

Suck on her nipples until they become hard. Alternate blowing and breathing hot air on them. You can also put ice-cubes in your mouth to provide the cooling sensation. You can also use the hot and cold sensation when you give her oral sex. Hide one or two ice-cubes in your mouth, alternate having the ice-cubes touch her while you give her oral sex and then hiding it in your cheek. This change in temperature is extra sensual to her.

(14) Talk dirty to her

Go and whisper to her ear that you are going to make her wet without touching her. Proceed to tell her in great details all the naughty things you are going to do to her later in the evening.

(15) Add in some sex toys

Slip in one of those rings that have a mini-vibrator attached to it over your "little brother". This should give her a kind of pleasure that she would not normally get before.

Do you want to know more on how you can do to turn her on? Click on Make Her Orgasm and Sex Ideas.

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Sparking Parts: How to Rekindle Your Love Life

Whether it's the seven year itch or the 17 year itch, sometimes your love life goes awry, and if so, there is no cause for alarm. Chances are it will happen at least twice in your marriage, just as it happens to everyone that has ever been or ever will be married. If you have hit a dry spell in the physical aspect of your relationship, step back, take a deep breath, and read on. It can be a simple fix, from realizing that maybe your lover is too stressed, or feeling inadequate or maybe seeing a doctor is in order to get things below the belt working again.

Contrary to popular belief, men are not always ready to jump on your belly. No matter how progressive, men want to provide for you, it's their nature, and when they feel that they are not doing an adequate job, they can literally stress themselves out of a boner. It is not you. And just in case the previous sentence didn't sink in: It is NOT you. If you have recently lost weight, perhaps your partner now feels unworthy, or unhappy with their own appearance. You need to reassure them, and physically show them that the only thing changed is how long the waves of ecstasy can last. Say it all together now: It's not me!!

The best way to rekindle your love life is getting alone together, reconnecting on a mental or emotional level, and then going on toward the physical aspect. Think of it as starting a new, mini relationship together. You're still much the same people, but with a great need to find each other again. For the love of all that is holy, greeting your partner after work wrapped only in cellophane is not always the answer. Although, if you switched the cellophane to bubble wrap, and added a bottle of choice liquor, damn if it wouldn't be fun.

When talking and physical embrace are not enough, and things still aren't in functioning order, it's time to think of seeing a specialist. Go to your doctor, tell them what's up, and hopefully they can shine some light on the subject. Otherwise, just by bringing back an inch of passion, whether it be spontaneous sex in the shower, car or kitchen, rekindling you love life is much easier than you might have anticipated. It just might take that little bit of effort and creativity to get everything back on track.

For more informational articles about sexuality and relationships check out Clitoris Massage and How To Finger Yourself

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Sexual Performance - Key to a Happy Relationship

Sexual health is an essential matter if you want to enjoy a better sex life and stay healthy overall. Being sexually active puts you at increased risk of many sexual implications that might become a roadblock in your relationship, if you do not care to maintain a balanced sexual health. A preconceived notion about sexual health is that it is all about protecting yourself from STIs/STDs.

I am too old: Sexual health does not concern me

Most men and women in their 40s tend to believe that sexual health is only for young people. This thought might have been originated from that some elderly couples cease to have sex after they are in the age group of 40-50. But the fact is that maintaining sexual health can give these elderly couples ample chance to enjoy sex even after a certain age. The penis is the ultimate weapon or tool that can do wonders even for men older in age and enable them to enjoy sex to its fullest, if maintained in good health.

The fuss about sexual performance

Every next article in the male health or sexual health column on the internet gives a list of remedies or natural ways to improve sexual performance. The market is flooding with sexual enhancer products that promise to help you increase your sexual performance. But is there a solid foundation on which this fuss about sexual performance is created?

Experts suggest that as sexual performance is related to sexual satisfaction; it really does matter a lot in a relationship. If your sexual performance is not satisfactory enough for your partner, it can cause a lot of emotional and psychological problems in your relationship. Sexual performance culminates a number of things, it is not just about how longer you last in the bed and keep the action running on. The size of your tool, sexual stamina, libido, and the strength of your erectile function are some of the essential of maintaining sexual performance.

For women, the size of your penis and the time you take to climax matter the most. Usually, women take more time to reach climax than men, so it becomes essential for men to be not too fast and too furious in the bed. Slowing down and taking deep breaths can introduce a brief interruption to sexual activity, which can help to control penile stimulation. This gives enough leeway for men to last longer by delaying ejaculation. Men take about 5-7 minutes to reach sexual climax while women take about 10-15 minutes. Men suffering from premature ejaculation or low sexual stamina are rated as a poor performer by women. The verdict doesn't change if you have a penis smaller than average penis size or if you have erectile dysfunction. So looking at the broader picture, sexual performance does matter a lot.

S for Size - S for Sexual performance

For men, penis size does matter as it is primarily associated with confidence. A man with bigger package will always be greeted with amazement whereas one with smaller penis can become a source of laughter. But when you are okay with your size and don't care about pleasing your woman in the bed, this makes hell of a difference in your confidence around your partner.

Confidence that you gain with your penis size plays a key role in your ability to perform well in the bed. Most men resort to natural male enhancement pills for penis enlargement. VigRX Plus is one of the most widely used and trusted penis enlargement pills available on the market. These pills comprise natural ingredients that enhance the circulation of blood to the penis, producing stronger erections. VigRX Plus is another advanced version penis pill that also ensures adding a few inches to the length and girth of the penis.

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