How Long Is Long Enough For Her

Great sex is about sexual technique? Or is it about effective sexual communication? Or is it about sex toys? If you do a search on the Amazon website, you can easily find over 150 books with great sex in the title, each offering various kinds of ideas about sex. As the saying goes, "One man's meat is another man's poison", when comes to making love which is something very personal, one person's great sexual ideas may not necessarily be yours. The subtler the sex myths, the more damaging they can do to your relationship and love life. Here are a few of the more common sex myths that a lot of guys tend to believe.

(1) Women are not interested in watching porn

It never occurs to most guys that women get in touch with their sexuality through pornography. The fact is women often use literary erotica or more subtle pictures of half-naked males to accomplish what men use pornography for. Women can be equally as horny as men.

(2) You need to give a woman an orgasm in every lovemaking session

The fact is at times not due to the fault of either party, or it can be due to certain temporary psychological factors, a woman is not able to reach orgasm. This is perfectly normal. When a guy feels that sex will not be complete if he is not able to bring a woman to orgasm, this will exert a lot of pressure on both parties. When your mind becomes fixated on the goal of achieving orgasm, your chances of actually reaching this peak of sexual excitement can diminish significantly. The thing is, many women who do not have orgasms can still find sex fulfilling as long as they feel loved.

If you are struggling with achieving a powerful orgasm, it may be because your foreplay is lacking. What you should do is you can slightly tease each other and come close to orgasm without actually achieving one, when she comes her final orgasmic moment will be spectacular. Teasing one another is playful and fun and creates a sexual buildup that powerfully culminates in her final orgasm.

(3) There is a right amount of sex

Many guys will start to get concerned about their relationships when the frequency of sex decreases after an initial spurt of almost every late night's bedroom orgy. The fear out there is everyone else out there is having a lot more sex than you are. The fact is people have different sex drive levels and it is perfectly normal about having sex once or twice a week, or even less frequently for some couples.

(4) The longer the lovemaking session the better it is

Most men think so. They will try to push sex regularly past the hour mark, and get frustrated or disappointed if they cannot extend their bedroom sessions to the tantric levels of longevity.

The reality is that longer sex does not necessarily equal better sex. It usually results in a lot of sore body parts and painful sex due to prolonged penetration. Here is the simple truth. You only need to last as long as it takes for a woman to have an orgasm. This does not even need to be achieved through vaginal penetration. A woman is capable of getting an orgasm through foreplay, oral sex, masturbation or even mental seduction. As long as she receives her orgasm, the amount of time you spend inside her does not matter much. What a guy should do is to spend more time and effort during foreplay and bring her to climax before entering her. Even if you do not last even a minute longer after penetration, she will still give you 100 marks for your sexual performance.

Much of what you have known about sex is not true. Only once you move beyond these myths will you truly be able to reach the level of sexual satisfaction you and your partner desires. For more ideas on having a healthy sex life, you can click on Make Love Better and Sexual Chemistry.

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