Pleasing Your Man - How to Initiate a Blow Job

For a man, there is nothing more pleasurable than an amazing blow job. The problem is that most men complain that women don't really know how to do it. One of the nicest things you as a woman can do is to initiate a blow job without him asking you for one. Here are some of the steps for doing this in a way that will result in great pleasure for him.

Firstly, remember that just by initiating a blow job you will be seen as very special in your man's eyes. Men often feel self conscious about asking for one as they realise that not all women like to give them. Therefore if you as a woman can give him one without waiting to be asked he will be very pleased.

Another very important thing is to show the man that you are enjoying yourself. Making moans of pleasure and doing it enthusiastically will show that you are not just doing it for his sake, but that you are enjoying it too. Knowing that the pleasure is not all one way will allow the man to relax and enjoy it more.

When you initiate a blow job you could start by giving him a look that tells him you want to give him one. Look into his eyes with lust. Put a smile on your face. Look at his penis with pleasure. These are all important gestures, as a man will be looking subconsciously for clues that you might not be wanting to give him oral.

Also, mentally tell yourself that you are going to enjoy the experience. Visualise how much pleasure you will be giving your man. Imagine him moaning and writhing in pleasure. It will start to turn you on and make the experience all the more fun for you too!

Unlike for women, a man doesn't usually take much time to warm up for sex, least of all for oral sex. When you initiate things you can literally go straight for the target, so to speak, without feeling you have to warm him up. In fact the best warmup for a man can often be for you to take his soft penis into your month and to suck him hard.

When you initiate a blow job you can also begin even when he is asleep. It would be a wonderful way for him to wake up in the morning having a beautiful woman (you) sucking on him greedily. This is indeed a great way to initiate a blow job because if he is asleep he won't be able to feel slightly nervous about you giving him oral sex. Try it!

If you are lying in bed and he is awake, start by kissing him on the chest. Lightly stroke his penis with your hand. Then lower your head down his body, gently kissing him along the way. You don't need to linger too long, but it will be a nice bit of warm up for your man. Remember, he doesn't need as much time as you would to prepare to receive oral sex.

If you would like to initiate a blow job but aren't sure how clean he is (and feel it might put you off) you could suggest the two of you have a shower together. You could even start by going down on him in the shower. Kneeling in front of him in the shower will definitely turn him on.

Initiating a blow job without being asked is undoubtedly one of the loveliest ways to please your man. He will love you for it!

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