Pleasure Maximizing Positions

It is not outrageous to think that women love sex. Realistically, some women fantasize about sex even more than their male counterparts. They think regularly with attention to detail about what they really desire. The positions that will be discussed are popular amongst women because they create a great balance between difficulty level and pleasure points. These sexual positions result in tons of pleasure for the least amount of effort required to pull them off. When it comes down to getting down and dirty, there are absolutely some sex positions that get women more aroused and excited than others.

Not all positions are made equal. There are those that allows for deeper penetration or maybe a position that better stimulates the G-spot or clitoris. Here are some of the best pleasure-maximizing positions that you might want to try on your next romp.

Her on Top

Giving her full control of the reigns allows her to choose the kind of motion and rhythm that works for her. By being on top, she can choose whether she wants to stimulate her clitoris or G-spot.

‧ Clitoral:

Have her lean forward and arch her back while keeping her crotch low and really closely nestled on the base of yours. Hold her close to you and make sure her clitoris is completely laid flat on your lower abdomen. Instead of the usual up and down, fast horizontal jerks will work better or slow sensual circular motions. Make sure you have lots of lubrication. A nice water based warming or cooling lubricant (depending on your preference) will add to the experience.

‧ G-spot

For G-spot Stimulation, the opposite is required. Instead of leaning in close to you, she must arch her back while leaning back on her hands. This gives you a great view of her body as she rides you up and down. It gives very nearly the same stimulation as doggy style. Don't make her do all the work though, thrust according to her rhythm for deeper penetration.

If she is up for it, let her squat on top of you whilst leaning back on her hands. This gives an intense G-spot stimulation. This can be tiring for her so you can help by supporting her by holding her buttocks or torso as she moves up and down.

Her on top... on the table or counter

This position is very rewarding to her G-spot and the head of you penis, so you need utmost control or else you will cum very fast. This position involves her lying down spread eagle on the table or counter top and you standing up. Hold on to the back of her knees to pull her in closer for a deep thrust.

Standing up against the wall

This is like a variation of the dog style. Make her stand against the wall and take her in from behind while she arches her back and her buttocks are thrust closely towards you. Stimulate her clitoris while you penetrate her in deep to give her a clitoral and G-spot stimulation. With her butt, make her meet your every thrust with equal force and the same rhythm. It may be inevitable that she completely leans forward (still standing up but facing the floor); if this happens, hold on to her hips to keep her buttocks held high.

Those are some of the best and easiest pleasure enhancing positions that require no complicated acrobatics on hers or your part. Have fun.

Although some women will not like each position stated above, feel confident in knowing that most women do. Women will experiment in the hopes of keeping sex fresh and exciting. Sometimes a woman just wants to do a position that she knows will make her orgasm, and experimenting to find that position might require challenging the classic positions for more interesting and aerobic ones. So have fun and be safe when trying these pleasure maximizing positions.

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