Remedies To Increase Sex Drive For Men

If you think that all men are horny creatures which have nothing much else but sex on their minds, then you may have been mistaken because there is a large group of men and the group is getting bigger is that as far as they are concerned, sex could be the last thing on their minds.

Surprised? Not at all, because these men are suffering from low libido or low sex drive.

There are many reasons why they are suffering from low libido or even no sexual urges at all. To the detriment of these men, not only they are not able to enjoy normal sexual life, they may also not be able to satisfy their spouses or sexual partners causing unhappiness leading to divorces and breakups.

So let us take a look at the causes of low sex drive and then check out the remedies that can correct this male deficiency.

Low sex drive can be triggered off by psychological, emotional and physical causes. Just any single one of these factors will sometimes be enough to shut off a person's sex drive, whether you are a man or a woman. Very unfortunately, some men may even have a combination of all these trigger factors thus compounding their sexual health problems.

Anxiety, depression, stress and many other negative emotions such as hatred, anger and unhappiness are known psychological and emotional causes of low sex drive irrespective of gender. The trouble is that as far as men are concerned, these factors not only make them have lower sex drive, they may also cause impotency or commonly known as erectile dysfunction causing their male sexual health to take another downward spin which can be very demoralising.

On the physical aspect of this phenomenon, the testosterone level of men decline correspondingly as they age. Testosterone is commonly called the "male sex hormone" for a reason. This predominantly male hormone is responsible for giving men their manly attributes, features and characteristics. It is also responsible for the male sex drive, ability to get good erections, building strength and muscles, maintaining bone density, increasing mental alertness and many other positive health benefits.

Unfortunately, the production of this almost amazing hormone start to decline in your twenties and the decline is unceasing year after year. That could be the reason why more mature men suffer from loss of libido and erectile dysfunction although younger men can also be victims too.

So what are the remedies to increase male sex drive? On the emotional and psychological aspect, by removing the root causes will help immediately. On the physical aspect, make your body produce more testosterone.

Enhancing testosterone production can be achieved by eating healthy meals that are rich in proteins, low to moderate in carbohydrates and fats. We all know the reasons for eating low fat meals but why limit carbohydrates too?

This is because carbohydrates, especially those that are of the high glycemic variety like sugary food and drinks, confectionaries can cause an increased level of insulin and cortisol in the bloodstream which will affect your testosterone production negatively.

To boost your testosterone level even further, start a regular exercise program. Start a bodybuilding program if you can. The reason is because when you do weight lifting to build muscles, your body needs to produce more testosterone so that it can help your muscles to repair itself and grow bigger and stronger.

If you are thinking of expensive and risky testosterone replacement program, you may wish to consider supplementing your diet with natural herbal testosterone enhancing pills instead. There are many natural supplements you can take that encourage your body to produce more of your own testosterone.

So the remedies to increase sex drive is to be happy, have more positive emotions, eat and sleep healthily, exercise regularly and supplementing with testosterone enhancers and become the stud that is in you.

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