Sex in the Car - Try Automobile Sex for a Different Kind of Ride

People have been having sex in cars since Henry Ford started mass producing vehicles. They simply are irresistible when it comes to having sex with a touch of fantasy involved.

Do you remember when you were a teenager and your dad loaned you the car for dates? That car became the scene of many fumbling attempts at teenage passion. Maybe you were successful in these first car sex attempts, but most likely not.

Now you are a grown up man or woman, and you would love to capture some of those crazy youthful sexual adventures. And the ideal place to bring back those memories - and also to reignite some sexual passion in your current grown-up relationship - is the car.

If you don't have a car, you can always hire one for your car sex fun, and below we will look at what car makes and models are the best ones to choose.

Who are the best candidates for trying car sex?

Those who want new experiences, new positions and amorous adventures.Those who want quickie sex immediately.People who just need to get away, and the mobile hotel room that is the car is just perfect for this.For those who simply have nowhere to go, there is the car.People having illicit affairs often choose a car as the venue to express their forbidden sexual passions, making love in a car park under the cover of the night.

Some people are madly obsessed with cars for their own sake, so combining this with sex makes perfect sense for automobile enthusiasts.

The key ingredients for fun and successful sex in your car are simple: the desire and a suitable (clean) vehicle.

The car you choose for car sex is ultra important. The car's interior should ensure sufficient room and comfort, while maintaining the erotic nature of the situation. A fancy late-model Mercedes or Audi is perfect for trying to carry off car sex with a touch of class.

Even better in terms of roominess are four-wheel drives - SUVs - as these have higher ceilings and more space to try a wider variety of sexual positions. If you really want to splash out and spoil your partner, arrange to hire a stretch limousine for the ultimate car sex experience. If you can't afford a limo, maybe try a station wagon with fold-down seats so you and your partner can stretch out in comfort.

Now we have to address the choice of sexual positions.

The "rider" position is favorable, where the woman sits astride the man, either in the front or back seat. You have to be careful that her knees don't get caught up on the door handle, hand brake or gear stick. Also, a low ceiling can be tricky, with the woman potentially hitting her head. The woman feels a sense of power in this sexual position - she is literally "in the driver's seat".

The favorite sex position of doggy style is best performed only in very spacious models, as the woman can bang her head on the windscreen in moments of orgasm, which can spoil the experience. If there are folding rear seats, you can use the sex position with both partners lying parallel, side by side, with the man entering the woman from behind.

And, naturally, many men dream about getting a blow job in the car. Going down on a woman is a bit trickier in a car (she needs more room to spread her legs), but can be done if the desire is there.

Safety first:

never have sex in a moving caralways engage the hand brakechoose a discrete location (not on the side of the road in broad daylight)don't forget the condoms

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