Sexy Secrets of a Tantra Courtesan - Male All-Body Orgasm Myths Revealed!

Spicing up your sex life, with your man, is easy when you know the sexy secrets of a gifted Tantra Courtesan. Imagine spicing up your sex life today, with real sexy tidbits and sensual bedroom knowledge leaked by a gifted Sex Coach with many years of experience turning men on.

It is this Tantra Goddess's desire to tell the world about male all-body orgasm. The sex secrets, which you are soon to learn, earns me a substantial income - however, I believe that every man and women should be able to experience longer lasting sex and enjoy hours of all-body multiple orgasms. Let's get to the crux of the problem and talk about male orgasm.

Four Facts about Male Orgasm...

The average male orgasm lasts for 5-15 seconds with ejaculation.Many men make no sound when they have sex.Most men hold their breath, as they orgasm, which causes them to ejaculate.Most men squeeze their legs and butt, 5-10 seconds before orgasm, and then they ejaculate.The Average Male Orgasm lasts 5-15 seconds with Ejaculation

Men can experience hours of orgasm and match their partner equally, stroke for stroke in the bedroom. With some minor tweaking, men can climax and go deeper into orgasm and pleasure, if ejaculation is removed from the equation.

Many men make no sound when they have sex

The first question I ask a man, when I am working as a sex coach is... Have you slept with many women, and have you noticed that some ladies make lots of noise in the bedroom, while other women make no sound at all? My follow-up question is, who do you think are having the best orgasms, the quiet ladies or the noisy ones?

Readers here are their answers. The guys say that their sex partners, who make lots of noise, are the ones that seem to be having the first-rate orgasms. Therefore if your man makes no sound during sex, he is potentially crippling hours of orgasmic pleasure and bliss.

If your man makes no sound during sex, he is never truly surrendering to pleasure. Did you know most men are really turned when their partners moan and even scream during intercourse! It's like loudly praising the pleasure giver, wouldn't you think?

Most men hold their breath, as they orgasm, which causes them to ejaculate

This is just a bad masturbation technique practiced from puberty and many men hold their breath as they ejaculate. Here's an analogy, holding ones breath, as one ejaculates is like racing a formula one car, at high speeds, with one's foot resting on the brake. Teach your man to breathe slowly and deeply as he climaxes and your man will experience more intense orgasms!

Most men squeeze their legs and butt, 5-10 seconds before orgasm, and then they ejaculate

The potential to spread the male orgasm from between your man's thighs and into an all-body experience is crippled when males squeeze their legs and butt, around ten seconds, before orgasm. Watch your man and coach him to relax, if your man begins planking prior to a potentially earth shattering climax!

Fine Tune your Mans Orgasm to Last

With some minor tweaking every male can experience extended orgasm with delayed ejaculation. It is very easy to train your man to match your orgasms stroke for stroke. Do look out for the second part of this article, with four more facts about male all-body and multiple orgasms with delayed ejaculation. To find out more information check out Sexual Secrets of Great Lovers.

Aleena Aspley of Brisbane, Australia is the founder of Ra'Anui Erotic Tantra. Aleena works with singles and couples who want to learn to become better lovers, create spiritual sensual harmony and enrich their relationship connection.

Aleena's most popular Australian appointment is Ra'Anui Erotic Tantra. Aleena is also available for coaching male and female intimate sensual issues via Skype name: TantraFantasyDotComDotAu

Aleena Aspley, founder of Ra'Anui Erotic Tantra, is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker CA, USA, Lomi Lomi Practitioner, Reiki 1&2 Practitioner, Theta Healer Level 1, Manifest your Soul Mate Practitioner. Aleena also offers services, such as, male waxing and male spray tanning.

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