The Triple Hot Spot Sex Technique For Amazing Orgasms - Your Girl Will Love After This

In my last article I talked about anticipation and took you step by step through the process of building your girls anticipation for the final act. In this article we're now going to take things a step further so that you can give you girl a mind blowing orgasm.

You've finished working your kisses and stimulation down your girls legs and are now ready to head into home plate, so begin by gently licking her sweet little button. Now with your right hand start to message her below where your tongue is, making sure to get your finger nice and wet. While your still working her with your tongue gently slide your finger inside of her with your palm up and start to rub her upper wall towards the back.

At this point you will be working two of her hot spots simultaneously, so take your left hand place it on her pelvis and with the fingers your left hand start to message the spot above where the finger of your right hand is located in a circular motion.

Since she should now be in a good state of arousal so pay close attention to her breathing and to how her body is reacting to your stimulation, so as she gets more excited you will gradually increase the of both of your hands and increase the speed and intensity of your tongue action.

Once she starts moaning and quivering and begins working her hips, place you mouth over her love button and gently suck on it while your stimulating it with your tongue. Be prepared for what comes next, cause she's going to have an orgasmic explosion. Keep on working her till she tells you she's had enough and end the session with a nice passionate kiss and lay down together.

She'll need some recovery time, but once she's recovered she's gonna take you and put you through your paces. Give it a try, and see what your girl is going to think of you from the night you try it and every night after that.

It's important to remember woman want to have sex even more than men, but the caveat is they want to have good sex. If you can only provide mediocre sex than chances are good you won't be getting much sex. If on the other hand you can supply her with the sex that's going to get her off, you'll probably end up with more sex than you can handle.

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