Understanding Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a dysfunction wherein a person experience decrease in desire. Even just the thought of having sex is not entertained. When the disorder worsens, the person afflicted with it will eventually lose all the sexual urges; therefore making things a little off from normal. But even though this disorder lessens or loses the interest of a person on his sex life, the disease would take no toll on the ability of an individual to function sexually.

This disease is the complete opposite of Sex Addiction, wherein an individual is having excessive sexual desires.

Subtypes of Hypoactive Sexual Disorder

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD has subtypes. It determines the kinds of disorder as well as the methods of how a person may be inflicted with the sexual disease.

In terms of how a person is inflicted with this type of disorder, it could be either acquired or life-long. As the terms imply, a case is an acquired hypoactive sexual disorder when there has been a time when the interest on having excessive sexual desires. But when the person has been uninterested with sexual activities since the first time he understood what that meant, the case will fall into the life-long category.

The Common Bearers of Hypoactive Sexual Disorder

According to several studies conducted by sexual psychologists from all around the world, women are most likely to be inflicted with HSDD than men. This is because there are more factors affecting the interest of women on sexual activities, even mere fantasies, than those of men.

Causes of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

There are many reasons why many men and women are diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Here are some of the noted reasons:

‧ Traumatic experiences in the past. A person who went through severe problems which gave desires and activities a negative impression can trigger the disorder. It could be failed marriage, sexual abuse, serious cases of bullying, etc.

‧ Physical diseases. Performing sexual activities or even just having sexual desires on mind may affect the health of an individual. Heart problem and other disabling diseases are often the causes why some people acquire this disorder.

‧ Lifestyle factors. A workaholic family man may lose interest in sex because all he wants to do is to work endlessly. Indeed, work can sometimes take away the intended time for self-gratification. Depression may also lead to HSDD.

‧ Medications. Some people are taking medicines which they do not know are leading them to low sex drives. Most of the time, such occurrence is merely a side effect. Antihypertensives, anti-depressants and birth control pills are just three of the medicines which deter the sexual drive of an individual. It has a direct effect on the sexual hormones and could be a cause of hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

It may seem like there is no way hypoactive sexual desire disorder may be treated but in actuality, there are ways to help an individual bring back the sex drive he lost and make his sex life exciting again.

Basically, consulting a psychologist specializing on sexual matters is the number one suggestion there is in treating the disorder. This applies especially when it is couples who are inflicted by the said sexual dysfunction.

However, if the problem lies on the testosterone levels, certain medications may be required by a doctor and the person might have to undergo medical examinations and procedures.

In the event that the hypoactive sexual desire disorder is caused by previous medical prescriptions, the patient must request his doctor to lessen the dosage or change medicines.

Indeed, hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a sensitive issue especially with the fact that it is a necessity for every human being to experience having sexual desires, fantasies and activities. People are entitled to live a happy life, nothing should interfere.

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