Understanding Woman's Sexual Desire and Libido Enhances Sex Life and Promotes Intimacy

A woman's sexual libido fluctuates through the years. Shifts in libido normally concur with significant life changes, such as menopause, pregnancy or sickness. If you are disturbed by low libido, there are sex methods and lifestyle changes that increase sexual drive more often, together with medications, which promise the same effect.

So, what is low woman libido? A hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women occurs if one persists or lacks interest in making love that causes personal distress, medically speaking. But, you need not a definition for low libido to find help. If you don't find sex interesting, as you wish to, consult a doctor.

The major symptom of low sex urge in women is the absence of sexual desire. Recent studies show, that more than 40% of women complain of low sexual libido in some stages. The percentage, however, is smaller, about 5% to 15%, if you include women with concurrent issues.

Still, experts suggest that it's farfetched to measure the normal and abnormal condition. If you want to make love less, than what your partner does, neither you nor your partner is inevitably outside the scope for people at your life stage, although your deviations cause distress. Same thing, yet your sexual libido are less significant than what it used to be, your harmonious relationship grows stronger than ever. The bottom line: There is no definite number to figure out low sexual desire for it changes from female to female.

When to Seek for Professional Help

Consult your doctor if you are bothered by low sexual libido, whether, in reality you make love once in a blue moon or a few times per week.

Roots of Low Sexual Libido in Women

The desire for making love is depending on a complex of interactions among many factors contributing to intimacy, including physical and emotional condition, beliefs, experiences, current relationship and lifestyle. If you count yourself in one of the said areas, it affects your sexual desire. In short, there are a number of reasons why you have a dormant sex life.

Physical Causes

‧ Sexual issues. If dyspareunia (pain during sex) or anorgasmia (unfitness to orgasm), an inhibited sexual libido occurs.

‧ Medical concerns. A number of nonsexual conditions can also hamper sexual desire, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, neurological problem, cancer and arthritis. Infertility also affects low sexual libido, even when treatment is over.

‧ Medicament. Antidepressants, chemotherapy drugs and high blood pressure medicines are ill-famed sexual libido killers, same as antihistamines.

Hormonal Shifts

‧ Menopause. Estrogens maintain good health of vaginal tissues and enhances urge in sex. But since it drops during menopause, expect a decrease in libido.

‧ Pregnancy and breastfeeding. Giving birth and breastfeeding both affect low sexual libido in women, due to increased fatigue of delivering a child and taking care of the newborn.

Relationship Problems

‧ Lack of partnership connection. Since emotional closeness is a prelude to sexual intimacy, ongoing problems like unresolved fights or issues, poor communication and infidelity are all contributors to a low libido.

To increase libido, women do not need a simple pill or potion, however, since majority of women benefit from a multifarious healing method focused at the roots behind low sexual libido. Methods may include counseling, education, medication and lifestyle changes.

Healthy lifestyle improvement makes a big difference in sexual drive such as:

‧ Live happier. Personal condition and happiness are important areas to consider in promoting sexual drive.

‧ Exercise. Strength training and aerobic routines increase stamina, enhance body image, elevate mood and improve libido.

‧ Strengthen pelvic muscles. Kegel routines or pelvic floor exercises improve muscle awareness involved in increasing libido. Tighten pelvic muscles, just like you're stopping urine. Count to five, relax and do the same procedure.

‧ Worry less. De-cluttering thoughts about work, finances and daily hassles improve sexual desire.

Making love is an indispensable part of a lasting relationship; becoming aware of the causes and help, in skyrocketing sexual libido, is a must for every woman, and her partner.

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