What Is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is all about keeping sexual energy in your body for a longer period of time than you normally would before having an orgasm. While having sex you try your hardest not to have an orgasm and you focus on keeping the energy that it takes to have an orgasm, in your body. By doing this, when you and your partner finally reach an orgasm, it will feel ten times better than if you just came when you first felt it coming on. This type of sex will give you the ultimate high and provide you with a newfound energy that you have never felt before.
Sexual energy.

Sexual energy can actually make you healthier so it only makes sense to keep all that energy inside as long as you possibly can. This type of energy can make you healthier by actually reducing your stress levels which will make you happier and more worry free. You should try to build up that energy inside of you before having an orgasm and it will make that finale better than ever.

Sexual energy is known to reduce stress levels. Have you ever noticed how when you have a quickie you are still thinking about everything when you are done? If you prolong the orgasm and keep your sexual energy inside, then when you finally cum, you will feel amazing and rejuvenated. You will relieve a lot more stress by prolonging this.

Tantric sex is used to help ourselves and our partners to feel more. By waiting to orgasm, your body is building to climax a lot slower and by the time your body does reach the top, when you fall over the edge to that orgasm your body will feel the effects a lot more. Tantric sex helps your body to reach the ultimate high.

Slowing down.

Slowing down is the key to Tantric sex. Quickies are not a part of tantric sex. In order to try this type of sex you must have the time to slow down for a little while. Take the time to explore your partner's body and to touch every inch of them. During sex, take it slow when going in and out of your partner. Feel your partner breath and listen to every sound. Slow sex can make for mind blowing sex. Tantric sex is worth exploring to receive a different experience during sex, and will surely become a routine part of your sexual relations if you enjoy it.

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