Getting Hands On - Tips For Touch

It's a common misconception to believe that men and women only have a few pleasurable target areas on their body; places where you can kiss, rub, or caress and achieve instant arousal. While those areas do exist, there are more than a dozen erogenous zones on the bodies of both genders! These can make your foreplay sessions a little more interesting, and add to the intensity of an eventual climax. Here are a few tips and tricks designed for men and women; making your exploration of their body more exciting, sensual, and erotic.

Men: If you've ever found yourself enticing a man through touching his penis, you've found one of his target (and most obvious) pleasure points; but there are places on his body that can be more orgasmic than his joystick. Some of you are probably staring at that statement in utter disbelief, but it's true! Men have just as many erogenous zones as women and it's your duty as a fantastic lover to procure information about those zones, and later utilize that knowledge to your sexual advantage! So what are two of his most intimate love buttons?

‧ Chest and Abdomen. Whether your guy is sporting a chestful of soft, curly hairs or if he's smooth and sensuously touchable, the chest and abdomen are two of his favorite places for you to rove; with your fingers, lips, tongue, and whatever else you can think of. (Use your imagination!) Nipples aren't just the inner key to a woman's stimulation. Men have sensitive nerve endings throughout their nipples, chest, and abdomen that can make the slightest touch and tickle feel like heaven. If you're in the heat of the moment and need to get him revved up quickly, try grazing your nails very lightly down the length of his chest and abs. He'll go crazy! It's also a post-coital and passionate gesture to run your fingers across his pectorals and abs when you're snuggling together. His after-glow will shine that much brighter if you show him how much you enjoyed your intimate time with a few soft touches.

Women: Okay, guys! We've discussed what can turn you on, now it's your turn to pay attention for the ladies! Women aren't all about their clits, tits, and butt-cheeks. They want the same pleasurable interaction and all-over stimulation that you crave. So avoid everything you've ever seen in dirty movies and go for the places that really count when it comes to her sensitive zones.

‧ Hands and Fingertips. It's hard to believe that the pads of her digits can pack so much power but some women report having orgasms just by the fondling of their fingertips! This doesn't mean she's going to drop to the floor moaning the next time you hold her hand; however, it does mean that you should pay more attention to the nerve endings that are spread through her palms and fingers. These are the second most sensitive parts of her body, which means you can suck, lick, gently scratch, and rub your way to her ecstasy. Most women will go crazy for a nibble or a light stroke of teeth across their fingertips. It instantly connects their minds to oral sex, and anything that proves your skill in that area is a good thing.

While it's certainly true that both genders can have the same erogenous zones, it really depends on the person you're with. You never know when someone is going to desire to be touched in a place you've never thought of. Keep these tips in mind but remember to explore with your partner! They probably know some places that feel good on them, just like you do on yourself, so communicate and have fun with it.

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