Sparking Parts: How to Rekindle Your Love Life

Whether it's the seven year itch or the 17 year itch, sometimes your love life goes awry, and if so, there is no cause for alarm. Chances are it will happen at least twice in your marriage, just as it happens to everyone that has ever been or ever will be married. If you have hit a dry spell in the physical aspect of your relationship, step back, take a deep breath, and read on. It can be a simple fix, from realizing that maybe your lover is too stressed, or feeling inadequate or maybe seeing a doctor is in order to get things below the belt working again.

Contrary to popular belief, men are not always ready to jump on your belly. No matter how progressive, men want to provide for you, it's their nature, and when they feel that they are not doing an adequate job, they can literally stress themselves out of a boner. It is not you. And just in case the previous sentence didn't sink in: It is NOT you. If you have recently lost weight, perhaps your partner now feels unworthy, or unhappy with their own appearance. You need to reassure them, and physically show them that the only thing changed is how long the waves of ecstasy can last. Say it all together now: It's not me!!

The best way to rekindle your love life is getting alone together, reconnecting on a mental or emotional level, and then going on toward the physical aspect. Think of it as starting a new, mini relationship together. You're still much the same people, but with a great need to find each other again. For the love of all that is holy, greeting your partner after work wrapped only in cellophane is not always the answer. Although, if you switched the cellophane to bubble wrap, and added a bottle of choice liquor, damn if it wouldn't be fun.

When talking and physical embrace are not enough, and things still aren't in functioning order, it's time to think of seeing a specialist. Go to your doctor, tell them what's up, and hopefully they can shine some light on the subject. Otherwise, just by bringing back an inch of passion, whether it be spontaneous sex in the shower, car or kitchen, rekindling you love life is much easier than you might have anticipated. It just might take that little bit of effort and creativity to get everything back on track.

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