Spooning in the Sack: Having Their Back

Ahhh, spooning. Your parents probably think you are still talking about doing the dishes, but you know better, don't you? You know that later on, you and your honey are going to cuddle up, possibly watch a movie together, or possibly get some cutlery moniker love going on in a neutral and sensual position. Keep in mind that spooning can be termed as the romantic cuddle, or the erotic screw, and that is often referred to as "forking". One may wonder where a butter knife can come in.

How to spoon, you may ask? Easy, lie on your side either in front or back of your sugar pie; pull them in close with your top arm, while supporting their head and or neck with the bottom arm. Snuggle in close, with your butt in their lap or vice versa, and voila! Spooning! You can use spooning to rub various parts of your lover's body, or if your lover is pregnant, that beautiful belly holding your midget. You can also strip down naked, spread some legs and get to making love.

Now that we all have a decent idea of what you should do when spooning, let's go over what you should NOT do. Do not act like a creep. You should be aware of what your partner wants, and if they don't want sex, don't start rubbing all over them like the mouth breather on the subway that stares at small children. Do. Not. Do it! Don't drool on your partner, burp, cough, sneeze or fart on your partner. If you do, expect an elbow or knee to be forcefully given to one of your softer areas. Simply cuddle and watch TV. Or if they do want to engage in lovely carnal delights, by all means, proceed to spoon sex.

Spoon sex. Oh yes, the horizontal awesomeness that gives your hands free range, hips and knees pain relief, and an amazing sense of physical and emotional closure. Although it doesn't allow for full hip thrusting motion, if the partner in front has their legs crossed, it will be sensual tight and luscious. Now go grab your partner and spoon the living daylights out of them. Just use protection if needed, lube if wanted and don't forget to feel around since your curious hands won't have to hold you up. There is so much of the body to explore in this position. Have fun and be safe.

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