4 Ways To Enlarge Your Penis That ACTUALLY WORK - And One Over-Hyped Way That Doesn't Work

There are many penis enlargement techniques - so many in fact it's difficult for men to know what really works and what doesn't work. I'm going to give a quick overview of 4 techniques that actually do work (but only one works well) plus I will tell you which over-hyped technique doesn't work at all.

First, penis pills are probably the most popular of all the penis enlargement techniques - which is ironic because they are the least effective. I think they continue to get sold because men are so anxious to believe in a technique that is SO SIMPLE. However, I'm sorry to tell you that they do NOT work at all! Don't waste your money! It is not biologically possible for a pill to add any mass whatsoever to your penis. These pills will at best give you some temporary extra circulation in and around your penis that may improve your erection very slightly and only temporarily. However, the health hazards that can come with taking them are very real - hazards such as rapid heat beat and heart palpitations. These hazards and the cost of the pills aren't worth the tiny benefit that you may receive - and again, they will NOT make your penis bigger.

Now, there are 4 methods that CAN enlarge your penis. However, there is really only one is a GOOD option and I'll explain what I mean by that as I review each one below.

Penis extenders and similar penis enlargement gadgets may LOOK high tech and may SOUND like they could really add some size (if you don't mind torturing yourself), but you will never gain anywhere near as much as the ads claim and there is a very real possibility you could end up with a very deformed looking penis. In fact, in extreme cases, especially when they're not used correctly (easy to accidentally do) they can actually cause impotence. What is the point of "enlarging" your penis if it is going to look deformed or worse? Plus, these gadgets have been really escalating in price recently and most of them now cost several hundred dollars.

Penis surgery can add length and girth to your penis but both come with serious negatives. Girth is achieved by injecting fat cells into the shaft of the penis. You will get extra girth for a while but in about 6-12 months the fat cells are reabsorbed into the body and you revert back to your original girth - only you also sometimes end up with a very unattractive "lumpy" looking penis. Extra length is achieved by cutting the ligament that attaches the inner portion of your penis to the pubic bone. Cutting this ligament releases a portion of the inner penis to the outside. However, you can also easily end up with a penis that is lose at the base making sex a real challenge and not enjoyable. Plus, it that wasn't enough to deter you from considering surgery, insurance seldom covers these procedures as they are considered cosmetic in almost all cases and the minimum cost is more than $5000 American dollars and can actually go more than $10,000 on the high end.

Jelqing has been gaining popularity on the internet as a method of enlarging the penis. It is an ancient form or penis exercise that is thought to have originated with the ancient Arabic cultures and passed down from older male to younger male for many generations. Essentially it involves "milking" the penis to a semi-erect state but not to the fully erect state - and then doing this repeatedly. This can result in very modest gains in penis size but for a lot less work and time, you can achieve much greater gains with modern penis exercise (see below). It is also easy to damage your penis during jelqing and it has become more common for emergency room attendants to see penis damage due to jelqing.

By far, the best option for penis enlargement is MODERN penis exercise - not jelqing or similar ancient techniques. In fact, the VERY best option within this category is a complete penis exercise program that includes several different exercises that work in conjunction with one another. For length, the very best exercise involves stretching the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone so that part of the inner penis can drop down (not all programs include this one and you want to make sure the program you select does). This must be done in conjunction with tunica stretching so that that there is room in the outer casing of the penis for this happen. Other exercises that have their roots in jelqing type techniques are the best for adding girth but there is more emphasis on periods of rest and also directly enlarging the chambers.

This penis exercise program the penis lengthening technique described above plus 7 other exercises. It is a very modern program that offers video instruction as well as step by step written instructions - video is very helpful because it much easier to know how to do these exercises if you can actually SEE them. The website has a lot more information so you can judge for yourself but I highly recommend you chose this particular penis exercise program over the other popular programs that are available (this one is one of the most popular for good reason).

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