Feel Stressed, Need More Energy And More Sex Drive?

Are you lacking energy, stressed or fatigued? Do you find you are losing your sexual desire? In more cases than not these issues are directly related and suffered by 30% of men and 40% of women.

Issues of little energy, stress, fatigue, circulation and general wellbeing can affect your libido which is your sexual desire. As men and women of today juggle long working hours, household chores, family and finance these issues are very common.

Energy gives us strength, focus and vivacity for everyday life. Lack of energy can leave you lethargic and drained whereby the couch seems so much more appealing than going for a walk. The matter of fact is the walk would help promote your energy as moving gets your circulation going and gets your heart pumping. Big portion, carb heavy meals can also drag you down, steer away from these choices and reach for light meals and ensure you eat more often incorporating healthy snacks and plenty of water.

Stress can substantially affect both male and female libidos. A study conducted by Guy Bodenmann PHD for the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease concluded that "everyday stress significantly correlated with lower marital quality and decreased marital functioning", as well as "frequencies of sexual problems reported by women were higher than those reported by men". These different forms of stress can derive from various areas of day to day life such as financial, family or work worries.

Fatigue is closely associated with lacking energy and stress although can also be related to medical conditions. Fatigue may disrupt your concentration or worse and you may not feel like getting out of bed in the mornings. Some of the symptoms can be quite severe and causes may not always be directly related to your lifestyle, so it's always wise to consult your healthcare professional before self diagnosis.

The issues of energy, stress and fatigue can affect your overall wellbeing and decrease your desire for sex. Where this may not be high on the agenda for many, a healthy sexual activity is good for our mind, body and soul. Taking control of your wellbeing should help you feel great and get through each day easily.

General lifestyle choices can improve energy, reduce stress and help with fatigue and combat a low libido. Make healthy lifestyle changes such as regular exercise; plenty of fruit, vegetables, lean meats and whole grain foods; drink plenty of water; and get a good sleep every night.

Natural herbs and minerals have been used for centuries to support energy, stress, fatigue and a low libido. Ginseng can help reduce stress and fatigue while building general vitality. Ginko helps to promote circulation, guarana promotes mental alertness helping to keep you focussed, B vitamins help to convert blood sugar into usable energy and tribulus provides libido support.

Look for a daily supplement that has a good mix of these natural ingredients. Combining these ingredients with a healthy active lifestyle can help you lead a fulfilling life.

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