Great Oral Sex Tips That Will Drive Her Wild

The ability to give a woman satisfying oral sex is a skill that remarkably few men possess. But nothing will bring her to a shuddering orgasm faster than your ability to use your mouth on her. Here are some tips you can use to great effect to have her begging for more:

Start slow. Don't rush straight in for the prize. The slower you go the greater the intensity of her climax. Use your hands as well as your tongue to explore all the areas around her clitoris before you finally put your attentions there. Women do prefer to go a lot more slowly than men, although the peak of their intensity can be higher. If you think you are going slow - slow it down even further. Wait for her to ask you to go faster; you will drive her wild with desire.
Tease the rest of her body with your mouth. Don't immediately go for her clitoris, or even her genital region. Remember that a woman's whole body is her sex organ. Explore her whole body with your tongue and lips. Aside form arousing her it will get her thinking what pleasures await her when you finally do go down on her.
Approach her clitoris from the side. Men generally perform oral sex on a woman by kneeling between her legs. But you can create an entirely new sensation for her if you kneel or lie beside her and lick her from that angle. Experiment a little and surprise her.
Use your fingers. While your tongue is working on her clitoris, use your fingers to stimulate the rest of her vaginal area and its surrounds (don't forget her inner thighs). You can even put one or two fingers inside her. This makes oral sex even more pleasurable for her.
Don't stop immediately. After she climaxes, don't stop performing oral sex on her immediately. Unlike a man, who can be sensitive to the point of experiencing pain if he continues to be stimulated after an orgasm, a woman can continue to feel great pleasure. Go a bit more gently, but you may even bring her to climax again.

Learn to listen to a woman's body as you perform oral sex on her. There is no greater skill a man can have in a woman's eyes than being a master of oral. Try these tips and judge the results for yourself.

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