How To Improve Sex With The Same Guy

Speaking from personal experience, it's difficult to maintain the flame when the sex is monotonous and the relationship has a few years behind it. It's easy to begin thinking of "alternatives" to your sexual woes, perhaps with a new partner or a slew of solo sex toys, but don't stray quite yet! There is hope for you and your long-time love! Re-establishing the passionate sex life you had before the stress of everyday life is completely possible if you know where to begin. First, before you ponder about your same ole' sexual problems, rethink your position in the bedroom. Are you willing to go the extra mile and do anything to spice up your love life, or do your problems delve deeper than the bedroom? If you've answered yes to the second question, you may want to seek help from another source. While if you're interested in putting the zest back into your intimate time and living a happier sexual existence, this article is for you! So, how do you do it?

Discover what's missing from your sex life and change it! If your problem is the same position every time, do your research and kick things up a notch. Most men and women are naturally adventurous when it comes to sex, especially if this person has stuck around long enough for the sex to become monotonous. It can be something you talk about with your partner over a fully illustrated edition of the Kama Sutra, or it can be a complete surprise the next time you're getting frisky in the bedroom. Just going from missionary to doggy-style can do wonders for your pleasure and the pleasure of your companion. Don't get stuck on the same positions for too long because that can mean your body will get used to the stimulation; meaning less intense orgasms and erotic sensation for you and your partner. Every position offers new stimulation, so trying something a little different could mean discovering new favorites to add to your sexual repertoire.

Another common issue is placement and timing. Are you always in the bedroom when you have sex? Is it always at night before bed or early in the morning before work? Quickies are fun but they're meant to be an occasional thing! Love-making should be long, luxurious, and pleasing for all parties involved; so take the initiative to be enticing and spontaneous. Is your guy taking a shower? Step in behind him and suds up, being extra seductive and attentive to his erogenous zones. Is your man stressing over work? A massage can do wonders and if you're accurate enough to hit his pleasure points; it could lead to the best sex you've had in a long time! The element of surprise and spontaneity can be a magical and improving factor in a relationship that's gone sour in the sexual bliss department.

While some couples are different, the fact remains the same on one verdict: Most couples who consider their sex lives boring are the same couples who need to be more intimate together all the time, not just in the bedroom. If you're constantly cuddling, kissing, and touching in some way throughout the day, it's easier to have a more active and uninhibited sex life. A little physical or emotional love during the day can lead to stronger amorous feelings and desire when it comes to getting freaky between the sheets. The stress of everyday life is always going to be there, while time with your partner (inside and outside of the bedroom) is precious and should be cherished. If someone feels protected and loved, they're more apt to feel sexually content later on.

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