How to Make a Girl Climax Perfectly

As much we are now living in an era where people are more open to sharing information regarding sex, there are still many men out there who have no idea how to make a girl achieve climax. Of course most would not admit this for fear of being ridiculed. Girls on the other hand won't admit publicly to not having experience orgasm for fear that they might be labeled as unusual. Most girls also don't have the guts to tell their partners outright what will make them achieve orgasm either because they don't know it themselves or just too shy about it. This is especially true for those who are not yet sexually attune with their selves. Thus, they end up faking orgasms just to please their partners.

What could be more daunting for a man to know that his girl was just faking her climax? Could this be attributed to failure on the part of the man to satisfy his partner? Well, yes. In order for a girl to climax, her man should know how to give her the correct loving to make her orgasm. That is why there is a need for these men to know a little about the sexuality of women. Knowing a female's basic anatomy will come very handy when it comes to sexual gratification. If you know how a particular body part of a woman behaves and responds to your touch or kiss or caress, then you can add this information to your arsenal of data as you go into the actual lovemaking scenario.

No two women are alike therefore men should vary their techniques depending on what best suits their women. However here are some solid tips which would help any man make a girl achieve orgasm, no matter what techniques to employ.

First of all, you have to make a girl comfortable and well-settled before you even begin foreplay. A relaxed and comfy girl will not be difficult to stimulate. Whereas, an agitated and tense girl would probably take hours of foreplay before she will even begin to melt down in your arms. If you don't know what makes your girl hot and you are time-constrain to test every technique you know on her, better ask her outright. Asking a girl what turns her on, or does she want you to do something particular to boost her libido is a manly thing to do. Unlike what others believe, asking her is actually very considerate and kind of sexy when done appropriately. It shows that her satisfaction is uppermost in his mind.

Putting on a musky scent would also be a great aid towards increasing a girl's sexual desire. Smell plays a powerful role in sexual context and can trigger lasting and unforgettable memories. Musky scents are very male in its essence and would actually boost up her libido. It would also trigger some sensor in her brain that will remind her of your last sexual encounter and what it feels then.

Keeping your woman's feet warm will also definitely aid her to achieve climax. This has been proven by Dutch Scientists who conducted research on the connection between having cold feet and orgasm. Thus keeping her feet warm by wearing socks, or giving her a foot massage with a warm gel before the act or sporting stiletto heels is a must. If you want her to reach orgasm, you must not fail to massage and stimulate her erogenous zones. These would include her neck, the small of her back, breasts, thighs, buttocks and of course her clitoris.

Going down on your girl would be the best way to make her climax. After you have stimulated her sensitive spots, turning your attention on her triangle area between her legs would boost her sexual anticipation. Multi-task and be versatile when performing cunnilingus on her. This means using your mouth, tongue and hands in making love to her down there. You can stimulate her G-spot using your hands while you suck on her clitoris and labia. Alternately sucking and flicking your tongue over her clitoris can produce sexual jolts that would definitely up the notch higher towards orgasm. You can also stimulate the insides of her vagina with your tongue. Use it like a penis and thrust it into her in the same rhythm and pace as you would during intercourse. Since it's more pliable than a penis, it can reach territories inside the vagina that a male's sexual organ could never explore. As an added sensation, you can even insert your finger in her anus as she is about to orgasm. Of course, you should not force this on her if she does not like it. You would know soon enough if she's into this or not by the way she reacts to your gesture.

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