How to Seduce a Woman - How to Make Her HOT With Sexual Desire for You

What happens to most guys when they try hard to seduce a woman should never happen. It should never play out the way that it does. See, most guys are really unsuccessful when they try to seduce women. Instead of ending up in bed with the woman, they usually end up going home along, frustrated and wondering where they went wrong. While there are many possible reasons for this, most of them can all be best explained by just saying that they did not create enough sexual desire in the woman they were trying to get in bed.

Look, you can be the nicest guy in the world. You can have a great job and a cool car. You can be charming and she can have a really good time with you. You can be and do all of those things and still not end up in bed with her. If you don't know how to trigger a woman's sexual desire, then more often than not... you are going to end up striking out. So, you can see that you really NEED to know how to make a woman feel sexual desire for you.

But, how?

Here is some advice on how to make a woman HOT with sexual DESIRE for you:

While it is perfectly fine to be a nice guy, you don't want to be so nice that you come across like a pushover, If she senses that you are a nice guy, but you lack any real backbone, there is going to be no sexual desire there. You need to be able to toe the line between being a genuinely nice guy, and being a total pushover.

You also have to know how to tease a woman. Teasing a woman is probably one of the most effective ways to create a really strong sexual attraction between you and a woman, but most guys go about it completely wrong. They think that teasing a woman automatically means that you need to talk very sexually to a woman and that is not the case at all. You can tease a woman in many ways, and the more ways that you tease her, the more desire she is going to FEEL for YOU.

You have to be in the RIGHT environment.

This is another big key to actually getting a woman into bed with you and creating strong sexual desire with her. The logistics have to be right. If you are in the wrong kind of environment where she really does not feel safe and like she can be herself, it's probably not going to go down. You need to be able to get this part down right if you want to be able to get a woman into bed with you.

Most guys have no clue on how to seduce a woman. You can be one of the "lucky" ones that GETS it...

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