Rejuvenate Your Sex Life And Say Goodbye To Bedroom Boredom!

Are you suffering from "bedroom boredom"? Are you ready to rejuvenate your sex life and take it from lukewarm to sizzling hot? Please read on...

If you and your partner are ready to take your sexual relationship to a whole other level and reach new heights of sexual ecstasy, you must first understand a few things about each other's bodies and sexual responses.

People differ in their sexual responses much in the same way as they do in their physical appearance and their personalities. When you begin to explore your own sexuality, you will not only get to know yourself better, you will also develop more self-confidence. It's like my tantra teacher once said, "Nothing builds self-confidence like sexual-competence."

When you get to know your own sexual responses, you should also learn about your partner(s). Find out how he or she likes to be touched, kissed, caressed and more importantly, what their inner most desires are. To do this, talk to your partner about their sexual preferences and be open to listening attentively to whatever they share with you.

Additionally, there are certain sexual techniques you can practice to increase your own pleasure and your partner's...

1. Pelvic Control: When you learn to control the muscles of your pelvic region, what is often referred to as the PC muscles, you can multiply sexual pleasure, increase genital health and men can more easily learn ejaculation control. Pelvic exercises are sometimes called 'kegels" and they require simply tensing the muscles of the vagina or penis, as though you were stopping the flow of urine. There are different methods people use to exercise the muscles of their pelvis. Some people use repetitions, as though they were exercising any other muscle. For example, a method I like is to tighten the pelvic floor, holding it for a count of 10, then slowly releasing. The great thing about this technique is that it can be done anywhere whether you are at home, at work, on the bus or waiting in line at the post office. It is basically imperceptible to most people.

Also, the "towel technique" can be very effective for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. It consists of placing a towel or wash cloth over the man's erection and squeezing the PC muscles to lift the towel, which acts as a weight. Over time, when the muscles of penis begin to strengthen, he can graduate to wrapping a silk scarf around his erection, with a small weight attached.

2. Ejaculation Control: Tantric techniques encourage ejaculation control and semen retention in men as being the most powerful sexual skills that a man can acquire. It is believed that orgasm without ejaculation can help a man preserve his yang essence, allowing him to prolong intercourse and give his partner the chance to reach orgasm. Moreover, it can help a man learn to experience multiple orgasms (yes, it's possible) because sexual energy amplifies, when it is not given the chance to dissipate.

3. G-Spot Stimulation: Other techniques that couples can use to enhance sexual pleasure include stimulating a woman's g-spot. Located about 2 inches from the top wall of the vagina, the g-spot is about the size of a quarter and slightly rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue. The g-spot can be stimulated manually by placing two fingers inside the front end of the vagina and drawing the fingers in with a "come hither" motion. The g-spot can also be stimulated through intercourse or tantric techniques.

4. Relaxation: Studies have shown that women and men differ in the way they have sex. Brain scans of men and women having sex have revealed that men rely more heavily on physical stimulation, while female sexual arousal seems to depend more on deep relaxation and the lack of anxiety. So if a man wants to please a woman in bed, he needs to make sure that she's sufficiently relaxed. If she needs help unwinding after a hard day at work, he can guide her through a meditation, massage her with aromatic oils or my favorite yet...blindfold her and tantalize her gently with feathers and silk scarves. Keep in mind that a man will be contributing to his own sexual pleasure, when he is assisting a woman in hers.

5. Tantric Sex: Discovering tantra can not only rejuvenate a sleepy sex life, it can also help us achieve heights of sexual ecstasy, we may never have imagined ourselves capable of experiencing. In tantra, the interplay and balance between the male and female aspects of our personalities (Shiva & Shakti or Yin & Yang) are an essential part of lovemaking. The male characteristics such as intellect, ambition and assertiveness make him the "giver" during sex, while the feminine nurturing, intuitive and receptive nature of the woman make her the "receiver". Couples often have these gender roles reversed, where the woman is more of an active giver, while the man more passively receives. While it can be exciting to experiment with different roles, great value can be gained when both partners are given the chance to express themselves with their most natural way. When a woman relaxes, she can let go of "control" and enter into a state of "allowing" where she opens herself up to receiving. Her partner can then more easily enter into his yang or male energy, which leads and "penetrates" the yin or feminine essence.

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