How to Make a Woman Climax in the Fusion Sex Position

Now I can almost see you visualizing the look on your woman's face as you are making her climax in Fusion sex position. No doubt about it, if you are reading this, then odds are pretty good that you want to learn how make a woman climax in the Fusion Sex Position.

As long as you think you are good enough to make a woman orgasm then you will be glad to know that as you continue to read this article you will begin to learn how to make a woman climax in the Fusion Sex Position and so much more.

How to Make a Woman Climax in the Fusion Sex Position!

Begin to focus on your natural breathing rhythm so that as you read one of the best ways to get into the Fusion sex position it will resonate within your entire state of being which believe it or not will allow you to get in rhythm with her body during the sex act and lead to the kind of explosive orgasms that will have her begging for more.

When it comes to the Fusion sex pose the best way to get into this sexual position is going to be by sitting in a straight legged position while she sits on top of you as she leans back. Also for those of you who find the Armchair position to be a bit challenging this is a great alternative to that particular pose as well.

Now that you have begun to realize how to get into this position you are quite naturally wondering how in the world are you going to make a woman climax in this position.

Indeed you might find it particularly surprising that when it comes to making a woman climax in the Fusion sex position actually prepping her for a climax in this position by stimulating her clitoris to orgasmic bliss is going to be one of the most effective ways to do so.

And when it comes to stimulating her clitoris into orgasmic bliss you have several options to choose from as you can use your fingers, mouth, or penis to stimulate her in so many different ways.

Once you have given her a couple of orgasms through clitoral stimulation you will find it much more simple and powerful to make her climax in the Fusion sex position.

While it isn't a secret that the Fusion position when done correctly can lead to some extremely intense and powerful g-spot orgasms what you may not realize is that your penis size and girth will play a high role on her ability to feel any type of stimulation on her g-spot.

And while it is true that even if you have an average or smaller penis size you can still stimulate and her G-Spot depending on the angle you get in when it comes to the Fusion sex position you really don't have as much control over the penetration angle as you like which means if your penis size isn't big enough there really isn't much you are going to be able to do about it other than making sure that you bring her orgasmic bliss both before and after experimenting with this position.

In the end, if you are indeed seriously interested in learning how to make a woman climax then you are going to want to let yourself get to that point where you automatically find yourself enjoying the initial aspects of the sex act such as foreplay and stimulating her clitoris that way no matter what your penis size may be you will be able to give her the kind of sexual experiences that will have her begging for more night after night.

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