Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life And Revive Your Relationship

We all pray to have a perfect relationship with our partners. We try very hard to get it right from the start and get along so well. However, no matter how hard we try, sometimes things just starts to cool off and we begin to wonder what has actually gone wrong.

And before you knew it, a distance is created separating you and your partner. Sometimes, we pretend or find it difficult to admit that things are falling apart, probably because of the great value we place on the relationship and the love we once shared with each other.

It is important you realize that this is indeed happening and find a solution to it before it becomes impossible to revive. This is the time you must look out for signs that could be responsible for this situation. A troubled relationship is the one that will make you feel as if you are in long-distance type of affair even though you and your partner may be staying next to each other.

There will be this invisible force separating you from your partner that is hard to lay your fingers on. You begin to keep secret from each other. Again this will in fact create more distance that could indicate you have mentally decided that the affair is ended but cannot tell it to the other. The easiest way to identify a troubled relationship is one that hardly has any more sexual life and thrills. But unknown to many the root cause of such problem is the absence of sexual thrills in the relationship. A blissful affair is a product of sexual satisfaction. Partners that enjoy sexual harmony stay together.

When you could not even remember and think of the last time you made love to one another or probably wanted to, it is a sign that the relationship has failed. It is natural for a slow or dry spell to occur occasionally in a relationship, but when you entirely do not feel any desire for your partner or even try to work it out, then that should tell you that something is very wrong.

Even though, occasionally, the two of you may perform some sex as your obligation to each other, there will be something missing. A passionate kiss that would indicate real, genuine and untroubled love.

What you must do to Revive the Relationship

The first thing you must do is to try hard to resuscitate the healthy sex life you once had, putting your pride aside. For any relationship to survive there must be the spirit of give and take,. You must cultivate the spirit of selflessness, willing to give without asking for anything in return.

Make sure your sex life does not become routine, but before you try any thing new, you should discuss your boundaries. You will probably find out that there are quite a few new and exiting things you can try within those boundaries.

Change your location by going away for a weekend, away from work, your kids and routine. This can be a great opportunity to spice things up. For some couples it could be fun to enjoy sex in an unusual or public places.

Remember that half the fun of sex lies in what happens before the physical part.

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