Amazing Morning Sex

You know that amazingly hard wood your man gets every morning? Well it is there for a reason. Studies show that a guy's erection can be noticeably longer and harder when he is asleep due to nocturnal penile tumescence or NPT. It's not really known why NPT happens and it doesn't necessarily mean that he is having a sexy dream but you can use that to your advantage. Since guys wake up with a raging erection and testosterone levels are at its peak in the morning, give your man the best pick me up by giving him action down there first thing in the morning.

You may worry about bad breath and eye glue in the morning so you could either get up before he does and freshen up before giving him some action or you could keep the essentials in your bedside drawer.

Other than condoms, lubricants and toys, you may want to keep some breath fresheners and moist towelettes as well as a bottle of water next to your bed. For breath freshener, you may want to try non-mint ones since you'd be putting his thing in your mouth. Unless he likes the cold, minty sensation you don't have a problem, if he doesn't, you could try Altoids since they are made in different flavors like tangerine and raspberry.

Towel off your morning glory from your eyes, have a drink of water and pop a breath freshener to get rid of overnight mouth odors and you're ready for amazing morning sex. Don't worry about your hair, its fine; the rumpled look will work best.

You can start by slowly caressing and kissing him all over while taking off his underwear. Try not to wake him while doing this. When you have his pants down and his morning wood exposed, you can start to pleasure him orally, if he wakes up at this point it will be a nice surprise for him. Allow yourself a sheepish giggle if he gives you a "woah" look.

And that's how you initiate morning sex and start to benefit from his incredibly hard morning wood and increased testosterone levels. Even though guys don't often wake up horny, they feel particularly energized after a good night rest and therefore have more energy to pleasure you. Also, when they see an erection, most guys won't ask themselves why they have it; they see it, they see you and they think "better not let this go to waste!"

Not only do you benefit from his harder and bigger than usual erection and his incredible stamina, but you also get an incredible work out that will boost your energy and jumpstart your metabolism for the day.

Start by being on top and switch to spoon position, dog style or variations of these two styles. These "from behind" positions are the best morning sex positions since the two of you won't be all up each other's faces.

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