The Dark Powers Of Sexual Magnetism

Many people have no idea what sexual magnetism is all about. It's all about the dark energy and the person who is allowing it inside. The more dark energy you let in the more your sexual magnetism will grow. The energy from this is so strong that it can literally hypnotize any person you want. It all starts from the fact regarding how badly you want to connect with your magnetic energy. Once you crave the desire, there are many different ways to tap into it. Hypothetically speaking, sexual magnetism is pretty much like an invisible border. Each person has this invisible border around himself or herself. Those amongst us who are living ordinary lives are those people who don't dare to go anywhere near this invisible border of theirs.

Many people in this world want to be sexually magnetic but fail to understand how to. They are too caught up thinking that sexual magnetism is all about a person's physical aspects, his social status and the crowd he fits into. Finally there is one other kind of people who simply go out to have fun without having any expectations in their mind related to attracting someone yet they somehow manage to. These are the kind of people who so strongly desire sex that they automatically end up building this energetic sexual magnetic field around themselves that strongly attracts any person who comes in contact with it. Such people program themselves before heading out telling themselves that they are not going to meet anyone and they release all these expectations to the Universe. What happens is that it comes back at them in a way that they still meet someone.

You might have noticed that in life when you want something so bad you still can't get it but then suddenly you forge trying for it and it just lands there in your lap. That is exactly the theory that works in magnetism. Some people have become so accustomed that they know for sure that if they act in a certain way they will definitely attract many people. These people have such strong dark energy in them that they aren't even aware of it but just know that they possess the power to attract others. Therefore sexual magnetism is something that occurs very deep in one's unconscious level. It is often termed as an uncontrollable force that needs to be regularly fed.

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