How To Masturbate For Women

When it comes to knowing how to pleasure themselves and masturbate, women can have just as much fun and enjoyment doing it as a man does. You may think that women don't masturbate, but you would be very wrong! It is actually something that is great for women to do so they get to know what turns them on so they can better be able to tell their partner when they are going to make love with them.

But just how should a woman go about pleasuring herself? It seems that all a man needs to do is hold on and rub himself the right way, but it's a bit more difficult for a woman to masturbate to a climax. But once you learn, it can not only be a relaxing and pleasurable thing to do if your lover is out of town or maybe he is a soldier deployed overseas and you aren't together, but it can also teach you things you can do together once he is back in the picture!

First, it's a good idea to have a supply of lubricant before you set off to masturbate. You should also have clean hands and cut fingernails so you don't hurt yourself. It's a known fact that if your hands are dirty and you touch your vaginal area, then you could introduce some bacteria and cause a nasty bladder infection and that's no fun at all!

The special part of a woman's body that she really needs to learn how to pleasure is the clitoris. A woman's clitoris is similar to a guy's penis and in some ways it actually does look like a tiny little penis. It has a hood and the button to "push" is the tiny little sensitive area under that hood. When you gentle rub it, first slow, then gradually faster and with more pressure, it starts to swell just like a man's penis does and the hood will come up over it. By that point, you should really be starting to pant and sweat and feel good if you have done it the right way.

If you get enough pressure and motion going, it's possible to make yourself come by hand, but if you have a vibrator, it can be even more intense and pleasurable. You can get special vibrators that have little "wings" on them that are made special to vibrate and stimulate a woman's clitoris. These can be used on yourself, or your lover can use them to masturbate you to add some spice to your love making sessions.

That's another thing to remember. Mutual masturbation can be very sexy! Plus, a lot of guys love to watch their woman masturbate and you wouldn't believe how much it can turn a guy on to watch her go for it and pleasure herself! Plus, if he watches, he is bound to learn what makes you get turned on and that can only make your own love making sessions even better!

Besides the clitoris, you can learn to gently stroke and rub the folds of the vaginal opening, or rub and pinch your nipples and watch them grow hard as well. Just because the clitoris is the organ that ultimately brings you to climax, there is no reason to ignore your other bits as they need attention too!

All in all, masturbating can bring a woman pleasure and can even bring excitement into a relationship. For instance, if you are away from your lover but you both have access to a webcam, it can be super exciting for you to masturbate while he watches! That can get you both going so when you are able to get back together you are in for a hot time in the ole bedroom for sure!

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