Strange Vagina Products

It is strange enough for men to know that a woman's intimate region needs a special kind of wash. Now imagine a man's reaction to these strange vagina products that have even provoked baffled reactions from the ladies. Here are some of the most creative and even the weirdest products created especially for a woman's intimate regions.

Bikini Line Genie

Protect your labia minora and clitoris during shaving! This little thing is used to tuck you labia minora in place between your labia majora. The Bikini Line Genie will protect you labia minora, clitoris and vaginal opening during shaving. On the label, it says it will reduce shaving time to just 60 seconds. What do I think? Don't rush when you're shaving your crotch.

Betty beauty

Did you just dye your hair and wish that the carpet matched the drapes? Betty beauty will solve that problem for you. Available in a variety of colors including auburn, brown, blonde and even fun colors like hot pink, aqua blue and lilac if you're feeling a bit adventurous!

My New Pink Button

Now your vadge can always look flushed and in the pink of health with this genital blush. Apply on the apples of your cheeks... I mean the outer lips of your vulva for that healthy pinkish glow.

Sama Douche

This product from some unknown manufacturer in China promises to sterilize your vadge. Why anyone would like to sterilize their vagina is beyond me... to store food?


No more camel toe! Remember that video of Katy Perry singing "Firework" in a Victoria's Secret fashion show? We don't want that, do we? Cuchini solves all that.

The Tinge

Again, another invention that will save shaving time because we are always in a hurry when we shave. This device doubles as a vibrator so you can masturbate while you shave. That's right; it's a vibrator with razors on top. If you're wondering whether this is safe... well, try using it with the Bikini Line Genie, cross your fingers and hope for the best.


Genital toupee if you don't want to show your real pubic hair. Apparently used by actors and actresses for those intimate moments on screen or maybe by first time lovers conscious that they have missed an appointment with their pubic hair dresser.


Ever been jealous that guys have the convenience of peeing almost anywhere? This device will really come in handy during long road trips.

"Maybe You Touched Your Genitals" Hand Sanitizer

We are guessing normal hand sanitizers will work, don't you think?

Vulva Original

Now this one isn't for your vagina but this really deserves a spot here. If your man cannot get enough of your womanly scent, why not give him a bottle of it? He can enjoy the scent of your femininity anytime anywhere with this vagina scented substance (it's not perfume).

Before we proceed, as not to offend anyone with the misuse of terms, let us clarify that vulva and vagina will be used interchangeably as more people are familiar with the term "vagina" to refer to the external area of a woman's genitals. We know that vagina actually refers to the internal, but in this case, vagina will refer to both the vulva and the vagina.

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