Sexercise: Connecting Sex and Exercise

Dear Zumba: your services are no longer needed. Why, you ask? Because working up a sweat with your lover is much more fun. People seem to forget that the best and often most effective form of exercise is the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket. Sexercise is (thank goodness) sweeping the nation, and people everywhere are rejoicing, repeatedly. Whether you are rocking out the Kama Sutra's waterfall or Indian headstand positions, going missionary or even strip-teasing for your lover, sexercise is rocking its way back to the top.

Strippers have always gotten a bad rap, but now you can have all the sexy moves and outfits, but rock out the pole in the privacy of your own home, for your own entertainment. Strip-aerobic classes teach women to be confident and comfortable in their own skin, all while getting one hell of a workout, and learning new ways to tease your lover. What a combo! So by all means, mount that pole into the joist bracing, and get to twirling (and sweating!).

Good ole fashioned baby-making, or practice runs, have long been the cardio of choice. All you need is something to stabilize your or your lovers body on, lube, protection, and possibly a cigarette or ten afterward. A fridge to raid and a shower are also helpful, but get down to brass tax, rip off their clothes with your teeth, and pleasure the bejesus out of yourselves. Now give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work, assuming you have the energy.

Average sex or strip-aerobics not good enough for haute you? Grab a Kama Sutra, and let's see if you are still singing the same tune after an hour of "The Waterfall" or "Indian Headstand." Sure, maybe you're fit as a fiddle, fantastic and have great balance; but how does all that measure up to the tantric power and carnal lovemaking of the Kama Sutra? You may have difficulty walking tomorrow, and if you don't, in all hopes, you lover may. Just remember that face planting and blood are not romantic, so throw down a pillow, or grab a cushy stool to keep from Grestky-ing your face, please!

One of the concerns about considering sex an exercise is its typical duration. Sex normally doesn't last more than 15 minutes so think about some techniques that you can prolong the experience and really get a great workout. Two birds with one stone in other words. Not only will the sex last longer resulting in more pleasure, you will also b extending your workout. Enjoy sexercising tonight!

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