Sexual Performance - Key to a Happy Relationship

Sexual health is an essential matter if you want to enjoy a better sex life and stay healthy overall. Being sexually active puts you at increased risk of many sexual implications that might become a roadblock in your relationship, if you do not care to maintain a balanced sexual health. A preconceived notion about sexual health is that it is all about protecting yourself from STIs/STDs.

I am too old: Sexual health does not concern me

Most men and women in their 40s tend to believe that sexual health is only for young people. This thought might have been originated from that some elderly couples cease to have sex after they are in the age group of 40-50. But the fact is that maintaining sexual health can give these elderly couples ample chance to enjoy sex even after a certain age. The penis is the ultimate weapon or tool that can do wonders even for men older in age and enable them to enjoy sex to its fullest, if maintained in good health.

The fuss about sexual performance

Every next article in the male health or sexual health column on the internet gives a list of remedies or natural ways to improve sexual performance. The market is flooding with sexual enhancer products that promise to help you increase your sexual performance. But is there a solid foundation on which this fuss about sexual performance is created?

Experts suggest that as sexual performance is related to sexual satisfaction; it really does matter a lot in a relationship. If your sexual performance is not satisfactory enough for your partner, it can cause a lot of emotional and psychological problems in your relationship. Sexual performance culminates a number of things, it is not just about how longer you last in the bed and keep the action running on. The size of your tool, sexual stamina, libido, and the strength of your erectile function are some of the essential of maintaining sexual performance.

For women, the size of your penis and the time you take to climax matter the most. Usually, women take more time to reach climax than men, so it becomes essential for men to be not too fast and too furious in the bed. Slowing down and taking deep breaths can introduce a brief interruption to sexual activity, which can help to control penile stimulation. This gives enough leeway for men to last longer by delaying ejaculation. Men take about 5-7 minutes to reach sexual climax while women take about 10-15 minutes. Men suffering from premature ejaculation or low sexual stamina are rated as a poor performer by women. The verdict doesn't change if you have a penis smaller than average penis size or if you have erectile dysfunction. So looking at the broader picture, sexual performance does matter a lot.

S for Size - S for Sexual performance

For men, penis size does matter as it is primarily associated with confidence. A man with bigger package will always be greeted with amazement whereas one with smaller penis can become a source of laughter. But when you are okay with your size and don't care about pleasing your woman in the bed, this makes hell of a difference in your confidence around your partner.

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