Things To Do With A Naked Man

When your man is in the shower, or just got out of the shower and he only has a towel wrapped around him or anytime when he is naked, there are many things you could do to take advantage of that "birthday suit" moment.

1. Accost him by standing squarely in front of him and grab him by the shoulders so you have his full attention. Without a word, whip off his towel if he has it on, and slowly undress yourself. Let him visually feast on your nakedness for a change. Usually, undressing during sex is hurried and frenzied that he doesn't have the chance to stare at you in the nude. Don't do this if he is in hurry to go to the office, because chances are, he won't stop at just staring...

2. If he is in the shower or is just about to take one, join him for some soapy, slippery make out session. Start by washing him and letting him wash you. Make the experience as sensual as you can to make the shower feel like a sexy ritual rather than a necessary task for removing dirt. Don't think that what you are doing is cleaning each other off as that can remove the sexiness of the deed. Focus on the sensations instead, the feel of the warm water on your body, the feel of his body on your slippery hands...

3. From behind, wrap your hands around him for a seemingly innocent hug and some kisses. Have a bottle of lubricant ready so could give him a hand job from behind. If he asks what the lube is for, slyly give him a "cat that ate the canary" grin and touch his penis. Slather it with lube and while standing behind him so that the position of your hand is exactly the same way his will be if he were to be masturbating, start stroking him. Kiss, lick, suck his dorsal area while you are it to give him sensations that he doesn't experience on his own.

4. Keep him naked and suggest that you want to have a banana sundae. Prepare a bowl of ice cream and slather him with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. After taking a bite of ice cream, lick, suck and kiss his body to give him that incredibly delicious cold sensation. With the insides of your mouth cold from the frozen treat, give him a blow job to drive him crazy.

5. There is something touching and romantic about slow dancing with your partner. Now imagine you are doing that beautiful act skin on skin. It may sound corny, but there is almost something tantric about this type of activity, and chances are it will quickly lead to great sex. So put on some of your favorite slow jams and get nice and close to your naked man for a new experience. If that doesn't do it for you then there is always bumping and grinding.

There is something raw and masculine about a man when he is stark naked, but also so vulnerable. If you can make him feel strong and manly when you pleasure him it will excite him that much more. A man will quickly overcome any insecurities about being naked when he realizes his appeal to you. Unlike women, most men seem to overlook their naked insecurities very quickly.

The key to keeping sex interesting is to regularly mix it up. Try different creative activities and surprise your partner with new methods and techniques. Variety is the spice of life after all. This applies to bedroom activities too. You can role play, try different locations, positions, and techniques the sky is the limit!

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