Wide Open Spaces: Sex In the Outdoors

Not all people are conventional believers when it comes to getting their groove on. Mixing it up is the spice of life, and some people like to get that spice out of the house, In the lovely great outdoors. If you are now thinking of the movie, Great Outdoors, start thinking of your sexual preference naked and wanting on a blanket in a meadow. Now that's where your mind should be! Sex outside can be an all new experience for you, with compelling new sensations enticing your inhibitions and heightening your pleasure. So where are some of the places you can really experiment with sex outdoors?

When knocking boots outside, you need to remember the old realtor's motto: Location, location, location. Railing you sweetie within visual or cochlear radius of a playground or school is highly unadvised, but if you feel like throwing a blanket down on a secluded Moore, hill, mountain, or dune there are a few things you should think about first. Location! Highly populated or family oriented areas are a definite no-no, as they generally lead to public embarrassment, criminal charges and family shame.

Mounds of pine straw are not as innocent as you would think, they contain a plethora of blood sucking nibblers that you don't want around your business, and soft sands are not as lovely when they find their way into your lady's carnal canal or under your foreskin. Water, especially warm water, may seem like a romantic notion, until you both contract a yeast infection from thrusting water into places water isn't meant to go. Do it ON the hot tub, or beside it and then hop in, also, don't screw in a geyser in Yellowstone, deer and bear and various other wild life drink from and piss in this water!

Go for a meadow, secluded dune or isle, uninhabited mountain top or the hood of your car in the middle of nowhere to mix up your nooky routine. Wherever it is, please bring a blanket to avoid sand, bugs or other undesirable things creeping up your business. Make sure you won't traumatize small children, get arrested, or banned from any place you frequent on a regular basis, and don't forget your lube! This is about heightening your sexual experience and should be done with some respect to the environment and those in the vicinity. Enjoy yourself, be safe, and please do not get arrested.

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