3 Ways to Tease Her and Drive Her Crazy

One of the marks of a great lover is how well they entice. How well you create anticipation can influence the strength and duration of her orgasms. For powerful orgasms through oral sex, teasing is vital. Orgasm is practically guaranteed if you can tease her masterfully before you even touch her vulva and clitoris.

It is fairly common knowledge that women loved to be teased and the longer you tease her, the more intense her orgasms will be. The tips below will show you how to build anticipation that will drive her crazy. The things to keep in mind while teasing her are: go slow, pay attention to her responses, and move from slow to fast.

Dual Stimulation

While kissing her, rub her back slowly at first and increase the firmness as the kissing becomes more intense. Press her into you. After kissing for a while, slowly lift her shirt and caress her lower back in a circular motion; alternate between kissing her lips, neck, and the area where her jaw meets her neck while doing this. The aim is stimulate two erogenous zones at once. This works especially well during oral sex because all erogenous zones seem to amplify the pleasure she feels from her clitoris.

Massage the nape of her neck and then begin to kiss her breasts and nipples while you pin her arms above her head with your free hand. Alternate between soft kissing and hard passionate kissing; this contrast is what arouses women. Apply the principle of contrast when you are stimulating two spots simultaneously. Create a contrast stimulation pattern. For example, stimulate one spot slowly and the other one fast. Then, rub them at the same speed simultaneously. Finally, stimulate the spot you were rubbing with its opposite speed.

Talk Dirty to Her While Teasing Her

Use dirty talk to describe what you are going to do to her, and then actually do it. Give her commands or get her to repeat certain phrases by telling her to "say it" or "tell me." Whisper the dirty talk in her ear with a dominant tone of voice while either thrusting very hard. Women also love the contrast of rough dirty talk and slow sensual thrusting.

During foreplay, use dirty talk while stimulating her breasts and tell her to imagine that her breasts are her clitoris. Then slowly and very lightly brush over her vulva with your other hand. Dirty talk is an excellent way to immerse her mentally in the sexual experience. Arouse and make love to her mind first and her body enthusiastically follows.

When she is close to having an orgasm, tell her "not yet" and ask her how bad she wants the orgasm.

Sweet and Slow Torture Thrusts

Place the head of your penis on her vaginal opening, and give her very small thrusts and then pull out. Each time, give her a bit more than the last until you are fully inside. Once you are fully inside, don't thrust, but press your pelvis into hers with the same rhythm and pace as CPR. Tease her to the point of frustration, until she is almost angry then bring her to the brink of orgasm and stop.

Whisper dirty things in her ear as you thrust into her, describe how she feels to you and tell her how naughty she is.

Bring her to the edge once more before asking her how badly she wants to come for you. Tell her to cum as you vigorously (or use a feather-light stroke) but carefully stroke her into one of the best orgasms she will experience.

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