Great Dates That Will Lead To The Bedroom

A woman decides if she's going to have sex with you within the first few minutes of a date so it's important to make sure the date is appealing to her interests. Don't get me wrong, men need something appealing too on dates; but a genuinely interested man will worry more about the woman he's with rather than his interest level in a date activity. Finding something your date can be passionate about is a great start! Some people are the typical movies, popcorn, and cuddling types who will gladly follow you back to your apartment after a in-the-dark kisses. While others need more caress and time to decide if you're bedroom material; this means uniqueness, imagination, and creativity may be the key to ensuring your night ends with a bang; instead of a fizzle!

-- If your babe is a partier, then get into the party scene. A little alcohol will loosen everybody up and make lust fulfillment a bigger possibility. Plus, if your date sees you interacting well with others while keeping your interests in her, she'll be head over heels and ready to make the commitment for a late-night tryst. We're not talking full-on college keggers, but a nice casual party with friends or a local costume/wine-tasting party advertised in a newspaper could be your ticket to bedroom success. Remember to be thoughtful and attentive throughout the night. Flirtation and teasing is far more seductive on a date than just being flat-out perverse.

-- Think your place! Or an extremely nice, very upscale hotel room if you have a roommate. The location usually implies the intention but having a romantic evening isn't all about sex, even if that's one of your goals for the night. Cook a nice, healthy dinner for your date. That's right. Cook! No eating out or ordering in. When you prepare a meal, it shows you're taking the time to make a lasting impression. We give you permission to order amazing room service though if you've opted for the hotel idea. For dessert, try a bottle of champagne and chocolate fondue with strawberries. It's a sensuous way to wrap up the eating portion of your evening while having personal conversations that could lead to intimate physical contact. Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac which means you'll both be in a loving mood before too long.

-- Hit the dance floor! This is a classic date that will get almost anybody lucky. Women crave seduction so slow dances are ideal for the mood, although the club scene works well with daters who are into the usual bump and grind. Your bodies are pressed tightly together, staring into each other's eyes or nuzzling necks, you're swaying and before you know it, your bodies have responded to each other in a very sexual way. A woman can tell how you'll make love by the way your body moves against hers. She wants fluid motions and rhythm, not mad-dog humping brutality! After dancing, invite her back to your place for a night cap and before long, you'll be doing the horizontal mambo!

If you're interested in sex with your date, then it's crucial to get to know them first. The third or fourth date is when you should probably start implementing your bedroom savvy techniques. A one night stand will only get you an angry date who hoped for more, unless both of you are on the same page. Don't extensively talk about sex unless the subject comes up and let the best of your personality shine. Dates that end in sex are usually passionate, hot, and very personal.

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