The Best Sex - Position By Position

Not only are complicated sexual positions, well, complicated, but they are also strenuous and distracting.

When you and your partner play bed twister, you often slip back to the tried and tested when climaxing or nearing climax. This is because the simple positions are the most effective in bringing your partner to climax. Complicated positions keep your focus away from enjoying the actual sensations, taking you out of your orgasm zone.

There is a reason why certain "simple" positions are bedroom staples; it is because they work. Here are tips on mastering the two classic positions to up your pleasure meter.

Slowly burning the CAT missionary

Missionary position (girl on the bottom, guy on top) has its many advantages.

One of the best things to do during missionary is putting a pillow under your back to help your body become more arched. When the back is arched, the penis hits the G-spot even better because of the angle (remember that the G-spot is located along the underside of the belly or roof of the vagina) and this also allows for deeper penetration. Raise your legs up towards your shoulders, as far back as they can comfortably go, keep the legs open. With your hands, hold on to the back of your knees to support your raised legs. This position increases sensitivity as it hits the G-spot and cul-de-sac. Sometimes you may even feel the head of his penis when you touch your belly. Keep your bodies close to each other.

Once this position has sufficiently stoked your fire, (don't hurry because this is a slow burn) you will feel the urge to stimulate your clitoris. While keeping the thrusting rhythm, lower your legs and keep them straight while raising your pelvis and clenching your butt muscles. Have him lift his pelvic bone upward so that the lower portion of his abdomen (base of penis where pubic hair grows) is stimulating your clitoris. This is called the coital-alignment-technique or CAT. With slow, smooth, rocking motions he should be able to penetrate you while stimulating your clitoris. Move with him in order to get the sensation that will help you peak. Doing kegels and moving your hips slightly up and down to meet his thrusts will give you an orgasm that is truly mind-blowing.

The Lazy Doggy

When doing it from behind, it is very important that you keep you back arched and butt raised for deep penetration and surefire G-spot stimulation. One advantage of this position is his or your freedom to reach over and stimulate your clitoris. But don't just stay in all fours, slowly slide your knees down and lower yourself on the bed until you are lying on your stomach. Keep your back arched and your butt raised so he can continue thrusting in a slow sensual motion. He should prop himself up like he is doing pushups. Not only does this kind of lazy doggy provide increased stimulation due to more friction but you can still continue pleasuring your clitoris in this position either with your fingers or by bumping and grinding on your faced up palm.

These classic positions are not limited to what is mentioned here, you will have to experiment to find out what will maximize the pleasure you and your partner receives from each. So long as you stick to the fundamentals feel free to explore with different speeds, degrees of penetration, and breathing techniques.

It is a good idea to set the stage as it were with the appropriate lead ups and foreplay. I encourage you to think about what is on your partners mind, and communicate what feels pleasurable with each other.

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