2 Secrets to Being a Great Kisser

Being a great kisser can enhance your sex life beyond imagination. Imagine being able to give women orgasms from the way you kiss, or to have her so aroused that she orgasms with a few strokes of her clitoris or as soon as you begin intercourse.

Kissing alone can have a woman aroused in minutes and nearly ready for sex without any foreplay. It is also an excellent way to build sexual tension partially because of the variety of ways it can be leveraged and the heightened mental aspects.

Kissing serves as a proxy to your sexual skills. Women judge a man by how good his kisses are, very rare is a man who kisses horribly and then proceeds to blow a woman's mind in the bedroom. The way you kiss is proxy to sexual skills because the same principles that make a great kisser also make a great lover. Paying attention to her and calibrating, communicating with your body, conveying passion, and creating a strong emotion connection are all characteristics of a great kisser and a great lover.

Secret #1

Realize that kissing is an exchange of emotion and a form of communication, not simply mechanical lip action to turn her on. Let that mentally marinade and then go kiss your lover with it in mind. Begin by teasing her with a few "almost kisses." Women intuitively understand the language of kissing and teasing says all the right things.

Secret #2: Listen to Her Lips

The second secret to kissing is to begin with mimicking how she kisses you and then transition into your kissing style. As your faces draw near each other, touch her lips as lightly as possible and allow her to lead the kiss at first in order to sense the following:

1. The amount of pressure she is applying

2. How are her lips pressed against yours (i.e. wide, slightly parted, etc.)

3. The intensity of her kissing

4. Her lip and/or tongue rhythm

Don't focus on kissing her just yet, focus on how she kisses you and echo that back to her for now. She has a model of how a perfect kiss is supposed to be and you are exploring that model by demonstrating with your lips that you are listening to and understanding her. After following her, begin to take the lead but continue to pay attention to how she responds to the changes you make.

Take the lead by breaking the kiss and slowly begin again but suddenly increase the intensity. If she begins to follow your kissing style, you can be sure that she feels or desires to feel a strong sense of connection with you.

Kiss with your entire body; want nothing more than the kiss in that moment. Enjoy the sensation of her lips on yours and always be sure you are synchronized in your kissing.

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