Great Ways to Tease Him

Looking for ways to excite your man? It is easy when you have the right tools. Some people think that in order to really excite your lover is to by cheap, sexy lingerie and wear high heels and lipstick, but you honestly do not need all of this. Most men love the fact that their girl does not need any extra gadgets to enhance her beauty and get him off; they love to think that all their girl needs to get him horny is herself.

Men are extremely sensitive in many areas including: the back, the neck, the stomach and inner thighs. It is highly important to know where your man's super secret sensitive areas are, because you can definitely use this to tease him. When you are in the mood, lightly stroke the back of his neck, and work your fingertips around his body, being sure to hit those sensitive areas. A major turn on that works hand in hand with this fingertip method is using your lips and mouth to get the job done.

Once you feel you have done enough work with your fingers, turn to using your lips. Kiss him gently on the lips, work your way down his neck and stomach, and if you want to get a little crazy, try to unzip his bottoms with your teeth and mouth. This will definitely make him think that you are about to go down on him, but do not give him what he wants just yet! Be sure to leave his pants unzipped for a few moments, and then tell him that it is his turn.

Have him unbutton, or take off your blouse, and surprise him; do not have a bra on underneath. Take his hands off of you, and undo his pants even further, being sure to take his member out. Lightly play with him, and use your breasts to caress him. This will blow his mind! Now comes the even better part; licking!

With his friend stiff and ready to go, stop working with your breasts and go back to using your mouth. Work with the tip of his penis using only your lips, and then begin to slowly lick the sides of him. The cold air hitting his member will shock him, but the wetness from your mouth will keep him hard. Place him fully in your mouth, but only once, being sure to fully lubricate him. Then, it's his turn to tease you! Have fun, and happy teasing!

Teasing may seem a bit mean at times, especially because it drives men crazy when they expect sex and are not instantly gratified with it. You should try not to approach using the tease to get your man aroused just to cut the night short and give him blue balls. The tease should really be used with the intent on eventually having sex and enjoying and extending foreplay and love making.

"Blue Balls" can be an uncomfortable and potentially painful experience for a man. As all of the pressure builds up to eventually explode in orgasm which does not occur, the body reacts slowly to alleviate the pressure causing what feels like cramping in the lower abdominal and testicle areas.

It is all about the right amount of teasing to get your man off. If you can build the pressure to the point of orgasm then slow the activities and a couple minutes later bring him back to that point, his orgasm will be that much more intense and enjoyable. What I am getting at is balance is important. Give your man the right amount, but not too much teasing to optimize the sexual experience for both him and you.

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