Benefits of Giving Her Great Sex

It would seem that this topic does not even need discussion, but statistics I have looked at recently say otherwise. Why would you want to give her wild, orgasmic, white-hot sex? A better question would be why not? The following tenets will motivate you to improve your sex life no matter if you have been consciously or unconsciously ignoring it. This article is mainly directed towards those who are oblivious to their female lover's actual sexual satisfaction.

Drastically Reduces the Chance of Her Cheating On You

If she is experiencing great sex with plenty of orgasms, variety, and emotion then there is little reason for her to look elsewhere for gratification. Her sexual needs are most likely met. Become her best lover and know that she will never forget you. Great sex causes us to turn a blind eye to bad issues in the relationship for a while. If on the rare chance that you separate, know that she will crave you. It's hard to forget someone who can completely satisfy you sexually because they know your body better than you and constantly give you different types of orgasms.

She Will Crave Sex More Often

The simplest way to make her want sex more often is to give her great sex. Rare is the human being who only wants a great thing once. Improving your sexual knowledge and skills will cause her to desire more of these mind-blowing sexual experiences with you once she knows that you can give them to her.

Great sex doesn't simply mean having sex in new positions, new location, or toys. It means giving her a variety of strong emotional experiences. Strong emotional experiences can drastically enhance any new positions, toys, or locations you try out. Dirty talk can be a great way to elicit strong emotions and arousal.

She Will Be More Open to Experimenting With New Things

Think about it, if she knows that you safely give her mind-blowing experiences, when you mention something new she will trust you. She will even begin to bring up new experiences she would like to have.

Having a woman's sexual trust is the result of safely and pleasurably giving her new sexual experiences. Giving her different types of orgasms, mastering the tease, and learning vulva/vaginal massage are all things that implicitly let a woman know that she can trust you with her sexuality. She will feel your nonjudgmental attitude towards her sexuality and begin to open up and share fantasies and turn-ons that you never knew she had.

Learning how to please a woman sexually is one of the greatest things you can do to improve how you relate to women. Sexual confidence is something that all women notice and are attracted to.

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